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  1. What a way to close out the year, with a complete 60 min effort up and down the lineup to jump all the way up to 2nd in the division. Woo!
  2. No 96-1 come on now, you want that last win on home ice don't ya?
  3. I can't wait to have that energy Rousell brings back in the line up, Motte too. Virtanen and Schaller can take some notes on how to play in the bottom 6 and start finishing checks.
  4. Lol yea I just wanted to get a better understanding from that point of view is all.
  5. You're missing the point of the original info I was looking for in the thread, I said there are some people who are pissed that JB couldn't find a solution or a way to make it work for Loui for Lucic, I just want to know why are they pissed and what are their reasons for thinking that Lucic coming here would've been much better for the Canucks than simply keeping Loui (which is where I'm at).
  6. Yep that's right, I mean, I'm with you, in my personal situation I wouldn't walk away from that 4M lol, but I mean that's speaking from the context of my situation lol. But It's not completely out of the question he would walk away after this season. And I don't want to believe that Luongo did it as an F-you to the Canucks, I do believe he wanted to go out on his own terms rather than wasting away as an LTIR memory. But that's the thing you never know what's going on in these guy's heads. The most likely scenario I see playing out is after this season, Loui gets his signing bonus and he goes home to Sweden and signs for a contract to play in Europe for similar money. Which i'd be super happy about. Edit* - Similar money as in, to make up the 4M he walked away from not the 6M/year similar money.
  7. Well same reason why those stupid "this math problems stumps everyone" posts keep coming up. Math is hard for some lol. Fine not hard...deceptive.
  8. Luongo just walked away from 4M to basically sit in the press box..actually he would've been on LTIR so he could've at been home on his couch collecting pay cheques, so to say it's fantasy is just false. I didn't think Loui would retire this season, this coming off-season though after he gets his 3M signing bonus +1M salary and only has 4M left, I can see him walking away.
  9. AAV isn't the money he's actually being paid, he's only due to earn 8M over his remaining time here. Yea but that's you, a vet like loui would hate going to the minors, riding buses, no luxiries. If you had 54M in the bank, and you were asked to go do a job you hated for another 2 years for an extra 8M, would you do it? Or would be like..nah i'm good with 54M see ya later.
  10. Yay finally found someone who wanted the trade to happen lol Ok cool, why would you have liked that trade to happen though? Just trying to understand the reasons behind it. No judgement just trying to understand :D
  11. Let's dream big Alf, maybe he'll retire mid-season when the Canucks send im down to Utica! lol.
  12. Well the only way they can get around it is if Lucic agree's to waive his NMC, that would allow the Flames to leave him unprotected.
  13. Another possibility could've been David Backes out of Boston, Eriksson had some of his most successful years playiing there and there were rumors of some discussions going on there. Kyle Okposo is another option, he's got an extra year over Eriksson, and Eriksson's ability to play a solid defensive game could help Buffalo as they're lacking in that area while Okposo has been on a steady decline and now dealing with recurring injuries. Anyway, as bad as Eriksson's contract is, I think people sometimes forget, every team has got a really bad contract and if Benning really wanted to move him, I believe he can, I just hope he won't because whatever is coming back would likely be worse. Eriksson is bad..but imo not the ugliest of ugly situations out there lol.
  14. Nope, Ericksson has a modified NTC starting next season, he doesn't have a No Movement Clause.
  15. Lol I laugh because I can see why this would be confusing to some people because 50 years after 1970 is technically 2020, but that's only if you count 1970 (starting season) as season 0, no it's season 1. Here' s graphic to better illustrate the "counting it out" proposal because seeing it is easier. Oh trusty excel, so as you can see, the 2019-2020 season is the Canucks 50th season.