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  1. Hehe I just had a very funny image of Cherry continuing to babble on even though they've cut and all the camera people have walked away and shut down the studio lights.
  2. Yea I agree, it'd be strange, especially for JB for what would be effectively a demotion, but who knows, maybe JB prefers to focus on player development and scouting that's his bread and butter. But like I said, just a crazy rumor, but I wouldn't mind seeing Holland in Vancouver. Detroit also going through a rebuild, why not come home and help rebuild the Canucks haha.
  3. I had heard a crazy rumor that the reason for the delay is because with Ken Holland becoming available at the end of the season the Canucks are going to go after him hard, and perhaps keep JB with the team as AGM leading player development and scouting. Crazy rumor, but hmmmm.
  4. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    The Erikson deal along with the Miller signing back then was ownership's influence that the team remain competitive, this team needs to be rebuilt, Willie D was the coach intended to help that along, unfortunately it was a case of wrong place at the wrong time for him. Ownership has finally accepted that they must go through a solid rebuild and that there will be years where they won't have the maximum amount of gate revenue. But on the other hand I can't blame the ownership group for pushing for that. Look at the season ticket sales, a lot of sports analysts have said this about Vancouver and it's true, the city will not financially support a rebuilding team. Say what you want about Toronto, but at least enough fans to fill the stadium will stick with that team through many many bad years. The last time the Canucks went through a situation like this in the mid-late 90s there were serious talks of the team being sold and moved south of the border, we may be looking at that again, so I get the angst, but you also need to recognize the very serious business consequences of going through a rebuild in Vancouver. I just hope at the end of this we'll still have a team here to cheer for.
  5. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    That's the spirit! But I honestly don't believe we'll squander at the bottom at the standings for as long as the Oilers and Leafs did, well definitely be at the bottom, but we won't setup seasonal residence like they did. Just gotta ride out the next 3ish years.
  6. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    You're right, the Sedins should be 2 line guys at this point, but that's just a reflection of the Canucks, the Sedins stated long ago they're not going to give up their spot, if the young guys want it, they better work their butts off to take it from them. And honestly last year was the first year where I saw a couple of young players (Horvat and Baertschi combined) who look like they'll have the potential to do it. The Sedins want someone to take on the mantle, but until someone takes it from them, they'll continue to play their best for this team, can't fault them for that, nor hold it against them.
  7. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    The Sedins are such a unique talent that Canucks fans have had the pleasure of watching for so many years, I've always said they will never be fully appreciated even after they're gone, but I'm glad i'm not alone is recognizing how lucky we've been to have watched them play out their careers here in Vancouver.
  8. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    30th overall. Then to break it down further, 30th overall and not win the lottery...30th overall and drop down 3 spots. It can still be worse
  9. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    Yea but the same can be said for Horvat, he's had 3 seasons of 25, 40, 52 points and he's a - player. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy too, but let's not make him out to be an elite super star player in the league. The fact that he led the Canucks in scoring last year is more of a reflection of the state of the Canucks than a credit to his ability. To lead the 2nd worst team in the league last year with 52 points isn't exactly massive leverage to demand a contract north of 6M a season. Giving him that money now will quickly turn him in to a beacon of negativity of fans, media and to a certain degree even teammates. He should be in the range of 4.5 - 5M for the next 3 years and if he truly breaks out and starts climbing towards 70 - 100pt seasons give him the raise then. In the end tho he'll probably get 5.5/year for 3 - 5 years, which i'd still be ok with.
  10. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #4

    Please tell me you're joking with this comment. To even put Lack on the same level as Schneider is a ridiculous stretch to begin with, and Demko has the potential to be better than Schneider. Let's be real here, Lack was a fan favourite because of his personality, not because of his ability.
  11. And this is why tanking will never work the Canucks. Even if we were to finish dead last, and let's say another player of the calibre of Matthew or McDavid comes along, we will never win the lottery to be able to draft him. This is the reality of Vancouver, it's not a conspiracy, it's just garbage luck forever and ever. Professional sports dieties hate this city lol.
  12. 5-4-3-2-1 Canucks pick from 1st to 5th!

    I don't know why you all bother running the simulator, it's the Canucks, always plan for the worst possible outcome to set your expectations. With that being said, expect for the Canucks to draft 5th overall.
  13. -Article- Huge if True

    But that's just all media these days. I think it's more of a reflection of our society and the media is just capitalizing on it. Negativity and fear, stories based on these two things get more attention in all forms of media than any other topic these days. And that's pretty sad actually. Writing positive stories or trying to focus on the positive at least would probably get far less attention than what's being written about now, so these folks gotta do what keeps them employed. Everyone is down on the Canucks, even a lot of the fans believe that pain is coming and the only dispute is the time frame of when it'll happen and for how long. Truth is the Canucks probably aren't as bad as a lot of people are saying, and aren't as good as others are promoting, but it's kinda boring to take a level headed balanced approach, so pick a side and exasperate your opposition with extreme views! Lol
  14. [VID] Pavel Bure - 1992 Playoffs Hat Trick vs. Winnipeg

    OMG the memories....