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  1. How Dustin Byfuglien's contract affects the Canucks

    I'm pretty sure Hamhuis would re-sign with the Canucks in a heartbeat.  I know everyone says they want to win a cup when they play that's the 'obvious' goal of every player.  But sometimes, players just value other things more: being close to family/home, playing for the love of the game, collecting a pay-cheque, etc... Another person who comes to mind is Shane Doan, i doubt he truly believes he'll ever win a cup with Arizona, but he's already made it quite clear he's never leaving.  This is where I slot in Hamhuis, he loves playing in his home province he loves the team, and IF the Canucks were to trade him to a cup contender, i'm fairly certain he'd waive his NTC for the reason of helping out the Canucks as much; if not more, than the chance to win a cup.  Some guys just have different priorities.
  2. Elephant in the room - Hank and Danny

    Phaneuf was traded today. no one is untradeable, but it doesn't make sense to trade the Sedins they're not just eating cap space, they're still contributing significantly both on and off the ice.  You need guys like that, in other organizations you have guys who brought one aspect or the other, the Sedins bring both for a young developing core.  
  3. The goalie situation.

    The Canucks not being able to score has nothing to do with the goalies.  Besides the main point of your post was the Canucks putting all their eggs in a single basket, no they're not.  They have options, and you're completely ignoring the fact of drafts and trades that will happen while we're still developing the goalies that are already in our system. Goal-tending is not and has not been the Canucks problem since Cloutier was here.  And to those who point to 2011, it doesn't matter if Luongo lets in 1 or 11, it's still a loss when the team scores 0. The mentality you have is exactly the reason why Vancouver has the rep of a goalie graveyard.  And yes i'm late to reply, but I had much better things to do over the long weekend 
  4. The goalie situation.

    Are you kidding me with this?  Both are still under contract for one more season after this, Miller likely to be traded while Markstrom resigned and both goalies you mentioned (Bachman & Caanata) more than capable of backing up during the current transition while Demko continues to develop, and likely makes a slow transition to the NHL over the next 2 seasons and you're taking this as a negative?  The goalie position is honestly the last thing on the Canucks to be uncomfortable with, try looking at our d-line or a top tier forward core (after the Sedins are gone) before you worry about our goal tending situation.  Can't even put more than one puck in the net against the worst team in the league playing their back-up (and yes i'm counting the 0-3 in the shootout) You have a very strange definition of "all eggs in one basket" but the Canucks' current goal tending situation is definitely not that. 
  5. Canucks D Hamhuis nearing return [article]

    But that's why you offer a shorter term, the Canucks are more than 3 years (in my opinion) away from being real cup contenders, and in that time, you need vets to be good examples and mentors for the young developing D.  It's why it's so important to have the youth forwards in the lineup now to see how the Sedins handle themselves, they're still getting the job done.  And while Hamhuis has lost a step, he's still very effective on D and that's a good example for Hutton, Pedan, Subban, etc... some people think that a rebuild can't happen until you dump every vet that you have, but that's just ignorant, the rebuild is already happening, and you want vets who still get the job done and are still effective, around for the young guys to learn from.  Just like Miller signing a 3 year deal to give time for Lack; and now Markstrom to become the goalies they are, you need solid D in place to buy time for Hutton, Pedan, Subban, and the other prospects to become the D-men we hope they'll be one day.
  6. Ok so for those of you who know this place and have been there.   Did anyone else facepalm when coach WD used a fork to eat that steam bun or am I alone in this?  I think I yelled at the screen when I first saw it "put that fork down, you're doing it wrong!"   
  7. Lol are you kidding me?  New Town Bakery has been a staple for like 20 years.  Steamed Chicken Buns, Steamed BBQ Pork Buns, and for those who like sweet, Apple tarts. those are just my favorites but i'm sure others have their own.  
  8. As entertaining as that would be, the Sedins play the game with way too much class to go tit-for-tat on a play like that.
  9. [Article] The Sedins Just Keep Answering the Bell

    It's not the stuff on the ice that he doesn't get, it's the trash they deal with when the game is over that he doesn't get.  And i'm right there with him.  
  10. [Article] The Sedins Just Keep Answering the Bell

    No no, more like Gollum
  11. Dorsett practicing with the twins in WSH

    If someone claims him good!  Then we won't have to worry about seeing him back up.  He's not getting re-signed in the off-season anyway.
  12. Dorsett practicing with the twins in WSH

    Meh I don't mind, Dorsett actually has pretty decent hands so I don't see much of a difference between Burrows, Hansen and Dorsett really.  I mean Dorsett probably more gritty than them both, but anyone who plays with the Sedins is not going to be asked to carry the puck, it's get on the forecheck quick recover the puck, pass it to the Sedins and then get in a shooting position near the front of the net.  
  13. The Curious case of scratching Andrey Pedan.

    Well think about the business model that the owners follow.  The Aquillinis are in real estate, they maximize revenue in relatively short periods of time and that's what they're doing with the Canucks.  The Sedins will always keep the Canucks competitive so long as they play, and that's why they also went out and got Miller rather than just going with Lack and Markstrom.  I know people hate on JB for picking up Miller but if you stop and look at the bigger picture, it's without question that the owner's marching orders were to keep this team in the hunt for the playoffs rather than a full rebuild.  Very few teams can rebuild on the fly, Detroit has been pretty successful, but still when was the last time they won a cup?  It takes a LOT of time to do it on the fly and not everything will pan out, there will be many many years of mediocrity and that's where the Canucks sit. JB's play right now is in expiring contracts, by getting rid of players like Garrison (in JB's first year here), getting Prust and dumping Kassian, not really talking about renewing Hamhuis, Vrbata, etc... he's keeping the perspective that this team is in the hunt for the playoffs and come FA time that's when he's going to go hard after the players he wants (i.e. Brandon Sutter).  His hands are pretty tied at the trade deadline cause of all the poor contracts previously signed by MG, so any big moves he does make are typically going to be in the off-season, at least until he's gotten rid of all the contracts he inherited. 
  14. Daniel Sedin - Low Life

    Well I doubt that'll happen while the Sedins are still here (realistically), so you're implying they'll never get the respect they deserve?  Probably true.
  15. The Curious case of scratching Andrey Pedan.

    You and me both, but the sad reality is, the owners want to get to the playoffs because they want that playoff gate revenue, even if it's just for 1 round.  That's the harsh reality that the Canucks leadership face, so every decision they make is impacted by that, and for that reason, I wouldn't expect too many vets shipped out all at once.  I'm glad they've made a firm decision with Higgins, but it won't be until closer to the trade deadline before we see anything else I imagine.