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  1. And this is why tanking will never work the Canucks. Even if we were to finish dead last, and let's say another player of the calibre of Matthew or McDavid comes along, we will never win the lottery to be able to draft him. This is the reality of Vancouver, it's not a conspiracy, it's just garbage luck forever and ever. Professional sports dieties hate this city lol.
  2. I don't know why you all bother running the simulator, it's the Canucks, always plan for the worst possible outcome to set your expectations. With that being said, expect for the Canucks to draft 5th overall.
  3. But that's just all media these days. I think it's more of a reflection of our society and the media is just capitalizing on it. Negativity and fear, stories based on these two things get more attention in all forms of media than any other topic these days. And that's pretty sad actually. Writing positive stories or trying to focus on the positive at least would probably get far less attention than what's being written about now, so these folks gotta do what keeps them employed. Everyone is down on the Canucks, even a lot of the fans believe that pain is coming and the only dispute is the time frame of when it'll happen and for how long. Truth is the Canucks probably aren't as bad as a lot of people are saying, and aren't as good as others are promoting, but it's kinda boring to take a level headed balanced approach, so pick a side and exasperate your opposition with extreme views! Lol
  4. OMG the memories....
  5. Yea but even then, they did try to trade Hamhuis, then the owner screwed that up. Edler likely won't waive his NMC to go to any place that would get us anything of value. And speaking of NMCs, I highly doubt the Sedins would waive theirs, they've earned the right to say no in my opinion.
  6. The ever present desire to find someone who'll agree with you? Not you specifically but in that perspective of why people argue.
  7. I completely agree with you, the sad part is, it's the owners who want to maximize and milk the Sedins for whatever they can and cash in on as much gate revenue as they can. Because once they're gone, you're right, pain will ensue, I just hope that the young players JB is bringing in now will help soften that fall just a bit.
  8. Pretty much this, they are their own biggest critic, and as long as they remain in the league they will be effective, when they feel they can no longer produce at an effective level that they expect of themselves they'll retire.
  9. But that's my point, Habs and Bruins hate is the longest standing heated rivalry where the fans and the teams truly truly hate one another. I can't think of another pair of teams where that type of rivalry and hate exists. I hope the Canucks can close to that type of rivalry with another team in the next 10 years or something...that means we likely would've won a cup by then because that's where the real hate and rivalries are born.
  10. Completely agree, a team of skilled and hard working players without any actual stand out superstar "generational talent" forward. It worked in 2011, let's see if it works for the Canucks. Although I really hope Demko isn't the equivalent head case that Thomas is....boy that man was insane, i'm certain he's voting for Trump.
  11. Just remember, the negative haters are usually the loudest, I know plenty of fans of those other teams that don't actually hate the Canucks....don't really care about the Canucks either, but don't hate them. I can really only think of two teams that actively hate HATE each other and it's unanimous throughout the entire fanbase. Montreal and Boston lol. I know some would say Montreal and Leafs but I think that's more of a one way hate now because I doubt the Habs fans consider the Leafs a threat anymore.
  12. This right here lol.
  13. Winnipeg were the true winners of the lottery this past off-season. Made out like bandits jumping all the way to 2nd.
  14. I've really enjoyed the debates with you LaBamba, so I hope you don't think I'm attacking you. It really comes down to, you don't like what he's doing, no one is ever going to chance that stance, so don't try. I've enjoyed the debate to see your perspective and I get it, I disagree, but I get it. I just wonder if you understand the opposing opinion, albeit disagree with it? Having said that, back to the debate! I think you're missing the bigger picture as well, or at least from the various perspectives. The big picture from the owners is the cash in on their investment by getting as much playoff gate money as they possibly can, the big picture from the fans and the Canucks management staff is to win the cup. And all 3 perspectives disagree with one another on how to get there. So in that craziness of conflicting goals and objectives; what's happening with the team right now makes absolute sense. And a big difference between JB and Burke? JB hasn't given up 2 very early first round picks (one of which turned in to Seguin) for what eventually became a late 1st and 3rd rounder and an extra 1.25M in cap space (i'm ignoring the other picks and players in the trade because they cancel each other out). I think your comparison to Burke is extreme and all of JB's transactions have not even close to what Burke did in TO.
  15. I think your assessment is absolutely fair, and the truth of the matter is, we just don't know how good Bo is yet, Jamie Benn took a number of years to get to where he is before he got the recognition he deserves. And 3 to 4 years to contend for the cup isn't that far a stretch, I mean would I expect them to win like I did in 2011? No probably not, but I'd expect them; by that time, to give any team they encountered in the playoffs a run for their money. And I totally agree we need a franchise player like we once had in Bure. but like Bure and Nazzy and Bert, they don't always come in the form of a 1st overall pick. These guys are so young, we really don't know what we have yet, and I don't know about you but finishing 3rd last was pretty sucky lol. I just don't want 10 years of that crap. I guess when I look at our young players I have hope that we have something special in the making and I just hate the idea of sucking year after year after year with the hope that someone like a Crosby or Ovechkin or Toews or Kane or McDavid...etc comes along to be drafted, and we happen to suck that same year they're draft eligible, and we happen to win the lottery to be able to draft that player. That scenario requires so much luck and being a life long Canuck fan has taught me, luck has never favored the Canucks.