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  1. Even though the 90s was about the trap, it was such a cool era with all these players with such big personalities like Roenick. Now it's all robots and everybody is the same and afraid to say things. Roenick and Hull was such a breath of fresh air back in those days.
  2. Yeah and I remember one year at the NHL skills competition, he lost to Tony Amonte I think who I never quite remembered to be a speed demon. I seem to remember something about Robert Kron being faster than Bure in the early 90s but my memory is getting muddy. Donald Brashear won the fastest skater one year at the Canucks SuperSkills. There's two types of speed. There's the top speed fast and the acceleration fast. Guys like Brashear probably get pretty fast once they get going, but it'll take a while to get there. Kinda like Donkey Kong and Bowser in Marion Kart. Bure can get fast really quickly from the stop position with his explosive skating techniques, but he might not be the fastest compared to other player's top speed. And yeah he was definitely the fastest guy with the puck.
  3. BC Lions coaching staff need to take note on how Ottawa's offensive gameplan against Calgary. Calgary clearly the better team in terms of talent, so Ottawa had to throw everything at them to even have a chance. Burris played quite possibly the best game of his career. The game plan was great by using TONS of misdirection and motion and this seemed to throw Calgary's defense off. It gave Ottawa a big enough lead just to hang on because with Calgary's talent, they still were able to come back from a 20 point deficit. BC coaching under Wally has always been about executing the same game plan all year along and beating teams with talent rather then scheming. Ottawa showed how valuable scheming is especially when you are heavy underdogs.
  4. No pressure on Mitchell. Everytime we send in Solly or biggie in to blitz they pick it up.
  5. The Lions tried that last time and it didn't work. Anytime the Lions send pressure, the Stamps pick it up and Mitchell just ate the defense up alive. When they don't send the pressure, he has even more time to survey the field and pick us apart. The only way I see the Lions having any success is if the front 4 has the game of their lives and can pressure Mitchell without extra men in the box. Mitchell gets rid of the ball so fast that even when we blitz, they can never get to him in time. Mark Washington has his work cut out for him.
  6. Maybe the ticket prices are different for season ticket holders, but I've always been a single game ticket guy and go to the ones I prefer. What I've noticed is that the "cheap seats" that I use to always pay for has gone up drastically over the years. Also for you, $128 all in might be a great deal for you, but people in my age group/friend circle think that even the $38 end zone seats are too expensive. Our wages haven't gone up that much over the years, but everything around us has gone up in price by a lot. The entertainment dollar is stretched much more thin these days and the Lions have to understand that. Yes, the CFL has that the stigma of being bush since the I was a kid growing up. That's nothing new. The whole NFL thing is more apparent only because of the resurgence of the Seahawks, but that's nothing new. The CFL will always have it's place and it's important not trying to be like the NFL or the NHL. It's interesting that you mention the blackout. Of all the great things Ackles did during his time, I don't agree with his stance on the blackout. I remember being a kid growing up in the 90s and all the BC Lions games were blacked out. Nobody even knew the Lions were playing back in those days. They consistently got like under 20k at the dome and back then the upper deck was opened as well. It was just a sea of blue everywhere. I remember getting cheap tickets from Safeway and then just walking over to the sideline seats since nobody was ever there. HDTV is here to stay and it definitely has had an effect on attendance, but it's up to the teams to adapt to that and try to get fans into the stadium. The TSN deal gives each team a decent cheque every year and it was money they didn't have in the past. You can't have the pie and eat it as well. With the TV deal money, it's where I think the Lions can lower the ticket prices a bit and aggressively market to the young crowd. Like I said before, the $5 kids deal was such a cool thing, but they didn't continue with it throughout the regular season. There needs to be more initiatives and commitment from ownership and not just milking Grey Cups every few years for a fat cheque.
  7. My worries about this Sunday is our defense. Last time we played against the Stamps, Mitchell shredded our defense by dinking and dunking his way down the field. Every time we tried to blitz, they picked it up. Our front 4 is going up against the best offensive line in the league. Mitchell was pretty much untouched the last game.
  8. I remember the Bobby Ackles night. I think there was like 38,000 fans that night and remembering the sports radio guys calling it a disappointing crowd the day after. I think they Lions would die to have 38,000 back under the dome again these days.
  9. Biggest reason is the organization is so out of touch with the millennials. This all goes back to the owner David Braley. You go to the games now, it's mostly baby boomers who have been fans for many years. Problem is that these baby boomers are aging and some have moved out of Vancouver due to high cost of living, so the season ticket base has been eroding for years. Ticket prices have been increased year after year and millennials can't afford it. Check out the prices they charged for the playoff game. $47 bucks for regular endzone tickets and $38 for the even more brutal upper endzones where you can't see the screen because the upper deck stretches out above and you covers it. Those endzone seats need to be around $20 and the upper endzones around $15. The Lions actually did a great promotion earlier in the season. It was children get in for $5. It was one of the best promotions the club has done in years, but they ended it after the preseason. If you watched the game on TV last night, the sideline seats were quite full because those were occupied by the season ticket base. The endzones were very empty. They should use that opportunity to attract the millennials into endzone seats. I've stopped going for years because of the rising ticket prices. When I was in high school and several years after it, I would go to about 6 games a year. I'm 31 now, work full time and I don't go to any of the games because I can't afford it. If you ever listen to Dennis Skulsky, his attitude towards marketing is "If you have a winning team, people will come back to watch". I always hated that approach because it just screams lazy marketing. So what happens when the team isn't winning? You should always be trying to market the team and fill the stadium at all times. This year's Lions is one of the most exciting teams I've witnessed and they went 12-6, but couldn't sell out the lower bowl even once this season. The only thing Braley seems to care about these days is getting Grey Cup games and making money off of that. Look at what he did in Toronto. Took over the team, milked them out of a Grey Cup, but couldn't grow the team at all because there was no effort at all. I thank Braley for saving the team from folding in the 90s, but his track record with the team hasn't been great when it comes to building the fan base. The only time we saw a surge in fan interest was when Ackles came back in 2002. 2 years later, we saw 55,000 people come out for the Western Final in 2004 against the Riders. Ever since Ackles died, the fan base slowly dwindled to what it is now.
  10. I think a lot of people think that because it's in BC Place in a controlled environment, they can attempt a long shot like that. Mccallum and Caravatta have both said that the air inside a dome is dead. The ball just dies when it hits it's peak. That was Mccallum's biggest adjustment earlier in his career when he came from Regina.
  11. Paul Mccallum said in an interview on 3 down radio that he can still kick 45-47 yard field goals.
  12. My room use to be filled with Canucks stuff. Jerseys, posters, action figures, hockey cards, etc. I eventually grew out of it and gave it all to my cousin. I kept a couple things, but I don't even display them anymore.
  13. I've always liked ST when I was a teenager. Always listened before bed time, but I have to agree. I didn't notice the bitterness that much when Jim Hughson took over for Robson, but when Shorty took over for Hughson, he got so bitter that it was obvious.
  14. I think we make too much on lines. Lines never stay the same anyways. It's only game 1. Also, Bo started his career playing with Dorsett and they actually had chemistry.
  15. Wtf is everybody else talking about? Isn't this about action figures haha. Anyways, I actually collect 1/6 scale action figures which are bigger and more detailed. I use to collect figures around 6 inches too, but ended up with too many and they never looked real enough. Check out Star Wars figures made by Hot Toys. They are pretty much the most realistic look action figures with real clothes made for the figure. They cost a lot more, but worth it and you become more choosy on what you buy.