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  1. You are probably right. I might be over estimating his base and maybe the US just isn't ready for progressive politics yet.
  2. I watched the whole debate. Bernie grilled Biden a bit on past history, but didn't land the knockout punch. Biden did enough, to probably end the race by Tuesday. The question is can Biden get Bernie's base to vote for him in the general. What I find interesting in all of this is that if Bernie is the nominee, he'll get his base plus the "vote blue no matter what" crowd. If Biden is the nominee, he'll get the vote blue guys, but can get Bernie's base
  3. So next week's debate is interesting. Tulsi has 1 delegate which means she technically should be allowed to be there, but she won't. Also instead of the candidates standing on a podium, they will be sitting down. The biggest change is that questions won't come from moderators. Instead they will come from the audience. I'm not sure what I think of this.
  4. Petey has been struggling. Losing puck battles and pucks exploding off his stick
  5. Mack needs to stay. The guy just hustles and is physical. Perfect bottom 6 guy. When everyone is healthy, Loui needs to sit.
  6. Yeah I've been thinking about this too. We keep hearing Bernie's base is the young people, but when it came election time, they all disappeared. I have no idea what happened.
  7. The scary thing is that I think the DNC establishment knows Biden has no chance against Trump, but they rather have Trump for another 4 years because it'll be the same ol same ol when it comes to the Neoliberalism. They also get to spend the next 4 years to trash Trump. A lot of the DNC establishment is more worried about their own bottom line than actually putting up a viable candidate. A Bernie nominee could potentially mean wholesale changes for everyone.
  8. Liz is a fake progressive and her staying in is just pointless. She can't even win her home state. There's still the big prize which is California coming up tonight.
  9. DNC is gonna do what they can to screw Bernie. Didn't they learn from pushing Hilary last time? If they push Biden and he becomes the nominee, Trump is gonna eat him alive in the general.
  10. Kassian was awesome. The bit about him and Bieksa fighting each other in the elevator was hilarious.
  11. I'm a jumbo fan. I love it when he gets cranky. Pretty decent fighter too when he has to