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  1. But it's hard to say that 99% of us would have done something else. He's still human after all. I heard he had a rough childhood too. He may have made lot of money, but he still took punches to the head for a living. Life does go on, but I do feel sympathy for him. Maybe the world would be a much better place if we all had a little more sympathy for each other.
  2. Schenn is like F this I'm doing this myself. Takes out 2 guys in the same shift lol
  3. I think fans need to understand that this is where everyone expected the team to be before the start of the season. The emergence of Petey gave fans hope, but the canucks just don't have the horses to compete in all 82 games. As soon as Petey slumps, the team can't do anything.
  4. He's kind of a sore loser and it reminds me of Kesler which is a good thing. Say what you want about Kesler, but you rarely saw him take a night off during his time wearing a Canucks uniform. I see that kinda fire in Petey as well.
  5. Love your avatar bro, Fat Gor FTW