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  1. I'm not a fan of the waggle too. I don't remember when it exactly it was introduced, but when I watch old tapes from the 80s, the receivers use to stay stationary at the line just like the NFL. Also QBs use to line up under centre a lot more. The one thing I don't like about CFL offenses today is that it's 90% out of the shotgun with empty backfields most of the time.
  2. In terms of top QB's, yes. You won't see any Tom Brady's, Peyton Manning's or Aaron Rodgers in the CFL. In other positions, NFL players are still better, but not as much as CFL bashers like to think.
  3. Gutsy win in a defensive battle. I have some concerns on our offensive tackle Levy Adcock. I understand they have a lot of belief in that guy and he had to battle through illness and lost a lot of weight and strength, but I'm not a fan of working him through games at Jennings' expense. In the last 3 games since he's been back, he's been a turnstile. I think he may have missed too much time due to illness and is having trouble getting to game speed. They need to address that fast. Rich Stubler's defense took away the intermediate and deep ball away from the Lions which is Jenning's bread and butter. Instead of being patient and take all the underneath stuff, they keep on calling plays that took time to develop. They need to adjust better and take what the defense gives them. Defense was amazing last night. Started out slow when Ricky Ray marched down the field and burned new wideside corner Keynan Parker who was told last minute that he's starting due to Ronnie Yell being hurt during warm up. Parker looked good after that though and even had a crucial knock down and also demonstrated he can make great wrap up tackles. Solly was a beast with 14 tackles, 1 sack and a INT. For the first part of the season, there was talk that Solly lost a step or is not the same because his numbers are down. Well since Brooks has been back in the middle of the D line and causing havoc in the backfield, Solly has recorded 10 plus tackles each game. Brooks in my opinion is the most important guy on defense right now. It reminded me of having Khalif Mitchell and Aaron Hunt in the middle during the 2011 run. Those guys in the middle don't get all the fancy stats, but if they can push the pocket, everybody else's numbers look good. Finally the Lions can get some rest after a super short week. Scheduling has been really strange this year for all teams. Games have been all over the map. Would like to see them return to a couple games for Friday night football and then another couple for Saturday. Not a fan of these weird wednesday, thursday and monday games.
  4. Lui was my favorite player growing up. I was born in 85, so I missed a lot of his career. But I do have tapes of the 85 western final and the 85 grey cup. The fake punt and run he did in the 85 grey cup was classic. As a kid, I played flag football against his sons and had the opportunity to get my picture taken with him. At that moment, I realized how awesome the guy was. He was so nice and chill. In 2000, the Lions did a open practice at Coquitlam Town Centre and I had the opportunity to bring that old picture and get him to sign it. It was a great moment. It was awesome to be able to watch him win the 94 and 2000 Grey Cup and relive the 85 cup via VHS. Another great moment was Lui's last game at BC Place against Saskatchewan, they let him do a QB sneak for a TD. To this day, I don't think the ball crossed the plane, but they let him have it. There hasn't really been a player like him since.
  5. German is a different class here. Their passing has been way more crisp all game long. Canada just seems to throw these crosses in and hopes it hits something.
  6. She's in the wrong sport. She should play hockey haha. Although they don't allow body checks in women's hockey which is stupid.
  7. I prefer to watch women's soccer. There's way less diving and rolling around faking injuries.
  8. Finally some more Donnie Yen footage.
  9. The last time the Lions had a real run game was with Joe Smith in 2007 who ran for for over 1500 yards. Before that it was probably Sean Millington. Both guys were downhill runners. Andrew Harris was never as good as those 2 guys as a pure runner. He was better used as a receiver for the QB when things were breaking down.
  10. Bure scored 51 with Messier as his centre. I can't imagine how many he would had with Gretz. The idea that Bure, Gretz and almo could have been a line, still haunts me to this day.
  11. What a resilient win. The Lions offense looked pretty inept in the first half. Riders were sending the house on almost every play and the Lions didn't adjust. It was frustrating to watch as the Lions had no response for the Riders blitz. They weren't even disguising their blitzes. Literally lining up 8 guys in the box and playing cover 0, but the Lions were still running boring vanilla spread offense. Finally in the 2nd half we saw Khari Jones adjust and started using more tight end sets to slow down the blitz and give Jennings the extra second to throw. Riders finally were getting burned playing cover 0 with Gore scoring on a busted coverage. Kudos to Lumbala on making a great block on the play. They reward him with a run play on the next drive and even on a passing play later in the game.
  12. Usually Listerine works best for me. Goes away in a week or less
  13. Agreed, but the most important thing we've seen so far is adjustments. The Wally of the past was all about we'll beat you straight up with talent and there is no need to change the way we play. So far this year's Wally has been open to change. The game against Calgary was all about adjustments. First half punts were getting blocked and our Oline was getting confused with stunts the Calgary Dline was showing. Coming out of the half, they adjusted and the oline has been playing great since especially when we need to run the ball late in the game to run out some clock. The special teams adjusted as well and Wally didn't seem to be alarmed at the 3 blocked punts and just called it being the rookies being star struck. The made some adjustments and everything is fine. The biggest change I've seen is a more aggressive defensive philosophy from Mark Washington. Is it because Wally is finally letting his coordinators doing their jobs? In the past, no matter who was the defensive coordinator, it was always the same soft zone defence and anytime we need to protect a lead, we just sit back and get killed. The most annoying was 90% of the time they will call a 3 man rush on 2nd and long and just get eaten alive. So far in these last 2 games, we've seen the defense go after them and with interesting looks. Last night I saw a bunch of times where they called a 3 man rush, but would bring in 2 extra rushers and this seemed to confused the young QB causing him to make terrible throws. Even on offense, we've seen Khari Jones use a 2 back set a bunch of times and bringing in double tight ends to bring in some more protection. Jones was our offensive coordinator 2 years ago, but we saw none of that back in those days. Many of the fans that follow the Leos for many years always believed that Wally has been a control freak and even when he was just GM, he seemed to have too much control over the coaching. Probably the main reason Tedford left because he wasn't allowed to do the things he wanted on offense. Now we see a Wally that embraces change, lets players listen to music during practice and allowing his coordinators to be a bit more aggressive. I haven't been this excited for a start of the Lions season in many years.
  14. There's always that one beer leaguer that will wear that.
  15. Defense played great and limited Hamilton to only 3 points. Ryan Phillips continues to be a ball hawk. The defense has showed some interesting looks. Sometimes showing a 3 man rush, but bringing in 2 extra rushers after the ball is snapped. Offense was so so, but punched it when it counted and was able to run the ball late in the game to run some clock down. Shawn Gore looking a lot better now playing inside on the short side of the field. Offensive line had a good game. They no longer got confused by stunts like last week. Jermiah Johnson picked up the blitz pretty well and as a whole they only gave up 1 sack.