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  1. Canucks Coach Willie Desjardins comments regarding his current state with the Canucks
  2. 1987 88 oilers 005051854

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  3. Return of the Edmonton Dynasty

    Immediately following the bingo style raffle to choose which team would get to pick first in this years ever talented NHL draft, Edmonton Oilers fans were calling in on the local radio stations. They were shocked. This team and this organization has had so much luck and misfortune smashed together, in recent years. They just plain sucked, got great draft picks, then sucked more. The Oilers didn't have the best chance this year of claiming the 1st overall pick. Not even the second best chance. Yet the horseshoes haven't fallen from there derrières. Edmonton has seen 1st Round draft picks from recent years: Eberle - 2008, Hall - 2010, RNH - 2011, Yakupov - 2012, Nurse - 2013, Draisaitl - 2014. So when I tell people that Edmonton deserves Connor McDavid, they look at me like I'm stupid. You don't think they deserve Connor McDavid either? I live in BC. Canuck fan my whole life. I was 10 years old the last time the Stanley Cup was won in Canada, when Montreal won it for the last time in 1993. History. I've seen Detroit, Tampa, Carolina, Chicago, Rangers, Bruins and Kings win the cup. Kids aren't getting to see their teams in Canada win the cup. That's like being a blue jays fan. But if any team deserves retribution for having to give away Wayne Gretzky for the good of the game, it would have to go to the Edmonton Oilers. Together we have seen what its been like for the fans in Northern Alberta. All the draft picks in the world has not helped that team succeed. Not yet. But for some reason the cards are falling into place in the self proclaimed "City of Champions." Something is happening here that doesn't happen often. A generational player. A Sid the Kid, a Steve Yzerman, a Jonathan Toews. Connor McDavid. Could he be the Greatest One? McDavid will wear the same oil drop that Gretzky used as his cape. Not that there are any comparisons there. If a Wayne Gretzky was going through the system now a days, we would all know about it. By the age of 10, Gretzky had scored an astonishing 378 goals and 139 assists in just one season with the Brantford Nadrofsky Steelers. By age 13, he had scored over 1,000 goals. So no, McDavid is no Gretzky. Now all that remains is finding a coach who can play with the chess pieces Peter Chiarelli decides to fit on the board.
  4. How Do You Win a Stanley Cup?

    How do you win a Stanley Cup? I asked Trevor Linden that in Penticton, when the young stars were playing the week before NHL training camp opened up. He said, "Build a playoff team, then get them through the regular season." Well, the playoffs have been confirmed. Now we see if this team has what it takes. Here is how the lines will look, heading into the postseason: Because we do not know when Zack Kassian or Brad Richardson will return, we still need to factor them into the lineup for next week. 1. Sedin - Sedin - Burrows / Sedin - Sedin - Burrows 2. Higgins - Bonino - Vrbata / Matthias - Bonino - Vrbata 3. Dorsett - Richardson - Kassian / Kenins - Horvat - Hansen highlighted means currently injured 4. Higgins - Horvat - Hansen / Matthias - Vey - Dorsett Where does Kenins fit in once Richardson and Kassian return. Maybe Kassian and Kenins take turns in and out of the lineup. On Defence, Alex Edler must be with with Chris Tanev. Edler is at his best when he has a solid stay at home defence partner like Tanev to cover his mistakes. 1. Edler - Tanev 2. Hamhuis -Weber 3. Bieksa - Sbisa What do you think the lines should be? Have your say below...
  5. standings march 15

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  6. NHL Western Conference

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  7. SAT

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  8. NHL's Newest Stat

    There is a new statistical number on that they have just added, called SAT. It's supposed to rank players by how they benefit their team on the ice. It includes a players goals and shot attempts. Here is the equation they use to define this number: SAT (shot attempts 5-on-5) has the following equation: (Goals + Shots + Missed Shots + Team Blocked Shots) - (Goals Against + Shots Against + Missed Shots Against + Opponent Shots Blocked) when player is on the ice. Which is actually a bit more filling of a stat than the famous plus/minus rating system. A player is awarded a "plus" each time he is on the ice when his Club scores an even-strength or shorthanded goal. He receives a "minus" if he is on the ice for an even-strength or shorthanded goal scored by the opposing Club. The difference in these numbers is considered the player's "plus-minus" statistic. So using this new stat called SAT, we should be able to determine if a player is beneficial to his teammates while on the ice. Think of the Sedin twins. They play most of their game in the opponents end. As we have seen for most of their careers, they are more opportunistic goal scorers. Meaning they don't shoot as often as they probably should. On the flip side, they sure don't get many shots against either while they are on the ice. So they should be on the positive side of this stat. And they are. If you are interested in where the Sedin's stack up against the rest of the league, you might be surprised. Henrik Sedin is the top Canuck in the league with a total SAT score of 115. Not bad right? Compare that to the best in the league and you will find Henrik in 114th place in the NHL. The next best Canuck is his brother Daniel who sits with a score of 93. Good for 145th place. Still not terrible in a league that has had over 800 players play at some point this year. The current leader in the entire league surprised me. I know I shouldn't be shocked, but I have never given this player enough respect. Probably the fact that I am with the Canucks has swayed my emotion, and rightfully so. It's Drew Doughty who tops the list by a pretty wide margin with a score of 331. Only 3 players have an SAT score over 300. The other two players are Duncan Keith of Chicago and Jake Muzzin, who also plays for the same team as Doughty, L.A. Rounding out the top 10 players: Patrice Burgeron, Boston Tomas Tatar, Detroit Mike Ribiero, Nashville Nick Leddy, NYI Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Anze Kopitar, LA John Tavares, NYI Lots of big names on that list. Tells more of a story than some of the other stats out there. I'm still trying to wrap my head around Corsi. 7 of the worst 30 players in the league in SAT points are from Colorado. You can start to understand why the Avalanche have had such a poor year. Do you think this stat may stick around for awhile or is it just another attempt to sell the fans on numbers that don't mean much at all? Which stat means the most to you? Would love to hear your thoughts below. Take a look at all the new stats on by going here:
  9. Western Conference Standings

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    Western Conference Standings
  10. Playoffs - Mission Possible?

    3 points up on 9th place L.A. + 14 Games Left Can the Canucks make the playoffs? As we all know, this years version of the Vancouver Canucks is very unpredictable. They have beaten some of the best teams in the league like St. Louis, Anaheim, Pittsburgh, the Islanders and the Rangers. But they have lost to some of the worst teams as well. Buffalo, New Jersey and Arizona to name a few. So why do I think this years version of the Canucks can make the playoffs? Because of the mix of young and old that this team was missing the last 2 seasons. And I don't mean the young players that don't stick around in the NHL. I'm talking about the youth that is the future of this team. Yes, the've sat out Ronalds Kenins, but this team liked him enough to bring him up before Nicklas Jensen, or Hunter Shinkaruk. Kenins brings energy this team has been lacking. Bo Horvat can't do it alone. And speaking of Bo, how inspiring has his play been? I am almost forgetting that we exchanged Cory Schneider for the pick that led to Horvat joining the Canucks. Mike Gillis is somewhere saying, "I did that! I got that kid!" Frankie Corrado is in there too as part of the young core. Chris Tanev was another Mike Gillis free agent who picked up the undrafted Tanev out of school. His energy counts, and you can tell how difficult it has been for the defence without him. Makes you wonder about Nick Bonino, and how he fits into this team. Here is a guy with great hands, and great potential, but for some reason can't seem to get emotionally into the games. How often do you see him hit a player or get into the scrums. It happens at times, but he is never the one causing them. We still judge Nick when we compare him to Ryan Kesler, whom he was traded for. We did get Luca Sbisa and a solid pick in Kellan Lain. At least when Ryan wasn't scoring, he was being a jerk to someone on the other team and ruining their night. Teams do not like playing against him. He gets boo'ed every time he touches the puck, as a visitor to Rogers Arena. With Kassian, you are getting a young big body that is still developing. Plus he is not afraid to cause problems on the ice. Don't tell me you don't enjoy when he gets emotional in a game. His version of "Beast Mode" when he punched Toronto Maple Leaf Dion Phaneuf was well worth the game misconduct, which he received for not tying down his jersey. Guess what, players and fans on both teams feed of off that energy. When the crowd gets into it, the players get more into it. That's why energy guys like Derek Dorsett are so valuable to a team. Do you care how many goals he has right now? I don't. I love how he plays the game. He keeps people honest and works hard every shift. The biggest question mark of all is in goaltending. We all believe that Eddie Lack is a great goaltender. He is big, mobile and gets into position very quickly. But he lets in the bad goal once in awhile. I think all goalies do however. What do they do when Ryan Miller comes back. It's unknown if he can still handle the playoff grind anymore, if his days in St. Louis last year were any example. I can honestly say I feel a bit more comfortable with Lack in net than I do with Miller. I feel like Lack has played better overall, with less games. For now we trust in Eddie Lack and the rest of his teammates. Only a handful of games remain. Can this team make the playoffs?
  11. Benn Seguin.002

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  12. What do you think? do the Stars owe Vancouver an apology for insinuating that the Sedin's sleep together?
  13. What Were They Thinking?!

    Just a few thoughts from the Canucks team, along with Sid the Kid (aka. Captain Mumps).
  14. Richardson PB

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