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  1. Rogers arena schedule

    Thee Rink availability is attrocious this week Apr 14th - Concert Apr 15th - Game 1 Apr 16th - Concert Apr 17th - Game 2 Apr 18th - Concert The ice for Games 1 and 2 is definitely not going to be in the best shape it should be. I think Canucks S&E needs to be more aware of this when booking April/May/June events. I know these shows are booked 12 to 18 months in advance but they have to know when potential playoff games will be
  2. Canucks Summer Summit 7/8/2014

    Just gonna bump this as it is tomorrow. Anyone have any good questions they plan on asking. As a STH I believe when the ticket packages came out we were told we were being charged for 45 games again instead of 44 (because of the Heritage Classic last year). However, it looks like we only have 3 pre-season games this year so the total should only be 44 again. I believe we are being charged for an extra game and I am going to question them on it as prices weren't supposed to go up. I'm sure the answer I'm going to get is that the packages are based off the regular season games only and the Pre-Season are complimentary or something of that matter. Also, I'm still in need of a 5th ticket. If anyone out there can no longer attend or can't use all of your seats, please DM me. Thanks Guys
  3. Canucks Summer Summit 7/8/2014

    I'm not so much a foody as I do want to see what changes they will be making. I'm hoping there will be some better options available. I am with you as well though in terms of seeing an on-ice product that is uptempo and entertaining. Last year was very painful to sit through most nights. Improving both on-ice and off-ice items will go a long way in changing that experience.
  4. Canucks Summer Summit 7/8/2014

    The Canucks Summer Summit is coming up shortly. Who here is going? If you are, what questions do you plan to ask the new regime? I'm personally looking forward to trying out the new menu items for the Arena next year. THanks everyone and looking forward to hearing the potential questions that you want answered.