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  1. Burrows signed his 2 M/yr contract when he was on a career high 12 goals. He did not have the resume of a 3-time 20 goal scorer.
  2. That's epic if he's on CDC while doing the business...haha
  3. Burrows is versatile and can play 1st through 3rd very well. He hasn't been great this year, but he's been decent. Can't expect too much from him...he's no Ryan Kesler. Seriously though, I don't understand how Burrows got a 1st place vote for Selke last year. There's something seriously wrong with the person who cast that vote.
  4. Burrows is one of the best forecheckers on the Canucks. I admit he's looked a little awkward with the puck the past couple games, but he's still a defensive specialist. The Detroit game was full of tips, deflections , giveaways and takeaways. I don't see Burrows looking for the pass as much as early in the season. He seems to be keeping it simple. As long as the Canucks are winning, it really doesn't matter that the HBK line isn't finishing offensively.
  5. Great season Kes! You definitely showed your skill, energy and heart this year. You are a true leader in the making and I have no doubt it has to do with the mentorship #16 has given to you over the years. Congratulations with the new baby (you gonna work on a future Canuck soon? haha) and have a great of season. I look forward to watching you play for the Canucks again next season...and I'll be sure to pick you in my hockey pool for a second straight season to defend my 07/08 hockey pool championship at work