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  1. Lighting it up with the penguins in EHM 07 Prospal Crosby Armstrong Sturm Malkin Malone Semin Kraft Asham Collins Moore Petrovicky Phillips Martin Bissonette Morris Welch Warrener Fleury Johnson Most of my team has been built through trades, except my defense... 4 out of my top 6 were free agent signings in the past 2 years (the Pens D is awful to start the game). My prize deal was a trade at the 06/07 trade deadline.. i was out of the playoffs and selling off players... i pulled a reverse thornton trade. Gonchar for Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm and Nathan Dempsey.
  2. ARGH i start career with the caps. i somehow manage to make the playoffs (5th seed baby) in the first year, i lose first round. wans't expecting much. i pick up some solid players in the offseason (cole and sundin) to solidify my roster... so i'm lookin to have a good season in 07/08. well, i manage to grab 3rd overall in conference with 104 points, and have the #1 (jokinen.. had traded to get him in the first season), #2 (ovie), #5 (cole) point players in the league, along with the #3 (eminger) d-men point scorer. Things are looking good. then, 2 days before the first round is to begin the injuries strike. all within 2 days of practice... cole, gone for 3 weeks. jokinen, gone for 2 months kolzig, gone for 3 weeks morrisonn (my #3 d man), gone for 1 week fata (checking player), gone for 1 week i lose 4-2 in the first round i needed to vent. the end. arghhhhhhhhhhh