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  1. sweet home alabama
  2. 192.168. whatever isn't your external IP, thats what you need. probably need to forward the ports on your routers as well.
  3. that IP won't work. I would try but I'm trying to figure out how to thaw out the pipes right now
  4. as many GM's as we can get.
  5. no snow. it's -30 though. snow next weekend.
  6. anyone want to play online?
  7. Your sig is sickk man! Lovee it!

  8. it's been snowing all day.
  9. I like mcm better too.

  10. that happens to me all the time Balraj Dhillon.
  11. I got the link from jimayo.
  13. This game is so stupid at times. Heatley/Malkin/Naslund dominated the league and were 1,2,3 in scoring. Then right before the playoffs Heatley gets hurt, hip flexor 3 weeks. RETIRES! anyway I won the cup again (3 straight wins, 4 straight finals) my lineup will be... D. Sedin Malkin Naslund Shirokov Morrison St Louis Grabner Tavares Hamill Dingman To. Pyatt Burrows Neidermayer Pronger (dropped Mitchell and Arnott to help make room, loss of heatley's 6 million helped a bit) Ohlund Bieksa Bourdon Ward Krajicek Luongo Vincent in some undecided order. any tips to improve the power play?
  14. No, you want it buy it or find it yourself. I know exactly where to get it too. BTW illegal activities (i.e. pirating games) are against board rules.
  15. Find it yourself.