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  1. only an absolute tool would complain about Alex Burrows. What he does on and off the ice, and what he brings to this team for a measly 2 million per season is nothing short of amazing. The only explanation for a thread like this, is it is started by someone who doesnt follow the sport of hockey let alone this team. to bad you can only minus a post once
  2. what are you watching? He didnt assume it bounced out front!, HE DOESNT KNOW WHERE THE PUCK IS AT ALL! looks like he even steps on it and still never knew
  3. yes im sure you can find lots of clips of other players making mistakes but this thread is about the supposed reason bieksa is a leader, not other players. The op just added a bunch of clips of him fighting as examples of how he is a leader, and that clip is how i see him leading. Fighting is not leadership, like so many others have pointed out, if thats all it takes give rypien the C And also why suggest how others should word there posts? my post will reflect my opinions, why would you think my posts would reflect yours? that one clip more than says what i wanted it to, i dont need more clips, it doesnt matter to me what the date it was, and seriously? your informing people how credible there posts are? now thats funny
  4. fruit juice leading by example
  5. did you read my post before your reply? Nope I said ehrhoff had half of bieksa's carrer total in goals last year alone. does that have anything to do with games he played for other teams, or games from other years? again ... Nope Do i need to look at stats more closly as you put it? Nope If for some reason i wanted to compare stats between the 2, which i didnt, then last year is the only year even possible for that. At the end of this year you can compare it as well, and Ehrhoff will outscore and outplay Bieksa yet again
  6. your welcome! He should have atleast 1 fan! dont get to attached, if for some miracle he isnt traded this year, he sure wont be signed here next year. Only reason he made it this far was mitchell, and now that he is gone they are trying to have hamhuis babysit him enough is enough
  7. We have plenty of offense from our D with Ehrhoff, Edler, Salo and if healthy Ballard and Hamhuis will get near if not more than 40 pts by the end of the season. bieksa however wont score 40 points. You can blame it on injurys if you like, but he has play 286 NHL games and has a grand total of 28 goals. Ehrhoff for example had half Bieksa's carrer total last year alone. Bieksa is a career -19 player with 489 minutes, not much of a offensive defensman, not even when he played forward!
  8. they day will never get here when ill complain about someones spelling, even if you spell words wrong everyone can still make out what your getting at most of the time. typos are not something new. we are not writing school essays here, im not spending 20 minites properly capitalizing letters and playing with spell checkers. there are some sentences that go on forever like that one, and it didnt make sense.
  9. yeah every player makes mistakes, and the point is that when a player makes mistakes over and over and over there the one that is talked about!! no one mentioned Ehrhoffs or edlers few mistakes? Considering everyone makes mistakes, when you have only a few, your not mentioned as much as players that have multiple mistakes every single game. How is that not obvious? Whatever few mistakes Ehrhoff made will also be more than made up for with his play and how many goals he will score! Bieksa scoring in the last game of the season doesnt really make up for his play "the herd had chosen Bieksa for vigilante justice - and he was tried and convicted and any error, or perceived error that he made was just piled on, while the errors of others are ignored." <--- Im not buying it was a conspiracy, everyone can see who is playing good or bad from watching the games and its bieksa clearly playing the worst.
  10. do you speak english? you clearly dont understand it, and definatly cant write it. i see you used the word video games, you should stick with them.
  11. you dont make any sense. when alberts plays like garbage (or SOB, or whoever is/was playing bad), they are the ones who are singled out. Do you know what singled out means? it doesnt mean blame one for anothers play, like it seems to mean to you. Bieksa isnt singled out, the players that play like crap are pointed out, and he is the one playing like crap.
  12. yeah, he isnt a leader on the team, the word does start with "L", but the word is Liability! first off you should take your own advice and "deal with it" if you dont like people calling it what it is. yay you have attached a few clips, still doesnt change the fact that BIEKSA SUCKS!!! He is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy overpaid and has single handidly lost so many games for us i dont see how a few fights are supposed to make him a hero. We dont need what he brings to the table, just that simple. HURRY BACK SALO!!
  13. mitchell is expected to be retained