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  1. Go look it up, Vancouver is mostly white or Asian, and only ~5% of the population is Native, Black, Latino, Pacific Islander or whatever.  Think about it, how often do you see members of the above groups here at random? If you exclude Middle Easterners as (Western) Asians, you still aren't talking about a huge number of " others".    
  2. I already have 6 other cities that I've lived in and extensively traveling for a basis for comparison. Anyway Vancouver's not diverse because there are only a handful of ethnic groups here in real numbers.   A city like Toronto can legimately call itself diverse and multicultural in the sense that not only are there a broad mix of cultures, but they actually mix regularly. "Doing it wrong" means that just about any other worthy urban culture, like say, Montrealers or Bostonians would be able to make this city far more appealling than it is now if they replaced the current residents, as is it's a waste of a great location.  
  3. Vancouver isn't laid back anymore, it's very slow, yes, but its become the opposite of relaxed and stress free, nor is it particularly clean anymore. I wouldn't call it especially diverse either when 95% of the population is either {mostly Anglo} White or some type of Asian. Besides its natural setting and climate, most of its traditional positives no longer apply, its become an ongoing study in "you're doing it wrong".  
  4. Yeah but Vancouver was never traditionally a global hub for drug and human smuggling, the sex trade, money laundering etc. It was a decidedly provincial affair up until roughly 25 years ago, now its like the North American version of Napoli where little is not touched by dirty money and its noted as a source of corruption even in faraway places.
  5. Petty crime MAY be less than the old days, assuming the police aren't simply under-acknowledging it now, but the level of serious corruption and organized crime is now ridiculous, IMO putting new age Vancouver into the same class as Chicago, New Orleans, Marseilles etc.
  6. You leave MTL out of this! Its not your typical Canadian city and they are competitive with the best as far as recreation goes.
  7. What is the worst thing ever created by man?

    Filipinos singing karaoke, easily.    
  8. I'm not aware of another area that purposely restricts the supply of housing through height restrictions and other zoning laws, to the degree that you see in the Lower Mainland.  If they actually built apartments to a decent height, and didn't allow so much valuable space to go to waste hosting crappy businesses and parks that are barely used, maybe more people could afford to live here?
  9. I own a condo in Vancouver, lived in Surrey for 15 years and have to say that the majority of Surrey and the rest of the Fraser Valley are just trashy as hell and filled with douchebags, mullets, Surrey Jacks and other forms of cultural pollution. Besides dirty girls and big box stores, what does it have going for it?
  10. L.A. has the beaches but its situated in the middle of a desert, so Vancouver wins easily on the whole hiking, camping, hunting, mountain biking, 4x4ing, doing-stuff-in-a-real-wilderness deal. NorCal is a much better, but outside of Alaska and some parts of the northeast, you're not going to find much in the way of a vast forested wilderness in the U.S. Cali's cool and all, but it wouldn't be in my top 10 choices if I could move anywhere, it's just not what it used to be.
  11. The f*ck is a green neck? ...only in B.C. Anyways if you don't like cities, why jump into a convo comparing them?  
  12. Wrong hipster, I've lived in Vancouver since before it jumped the shark. Skytrain is convenient if you're only travelling a moderate distance and your starting point and destination are close to a station. Other than certain really well serviced bus corridors, public transit here is a joke. I found it better in L.A. even though it's basically an afterthought there. Vancouver wins when it comes to outdoor activities and natural setting, hands down, but in nearly every other way its not even competitive, like comparing Vancouver to some random hick town in Saskatchewan or something.    
  13. So how does Vancouver objectively compare favorably then? Economically? No. Culturally? Hell no. Climate? Pssh! Infrastructure? Entertainment and nightlife? Convenience? Dating scene? L.A. is never going to beat the New Yorks and Londons of the world on their own strengths, but IMO its got more to offer for the average person.  
  14. L.A. is a big place, its metro area is no less than 88x the size of Vancouver's, so take it from someone who's actually lived there that I doubt you experienced enough of it to call it crap. I'll admit it's not what it used to be but then neither is Vancouver.