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  1. If it made for an opportunity to clean up the corrupt oligarchy and restore society, hell yeah.
  2. Yeah, what were they supposed to do, go fight the cop's battle for them? I mean its not enough that the police had the shooters outnumbered by 1000 to 1, plus a robot. Let's see one of these politicians get out there and impose their authority without their paramilitary goons backing their play.
  3. Innocent? They were members of a hostile paramilitary group.
  4. These kinds of incidents actually happened a lot more frequently 25+ years ago when it was a lot easier to get away with them, and before CCW was a common thing. If this had taken place back in 1986 or whatever I could almost guarantee you they would have found cocaine on the guy, a gun if he didn't have one already, there would have of course been no video and you wouldn't have heard about any of it unless maybe you looked on page 29 of the local newspaper. Back then most of the American general public also didn't care or would have approved, so even if it went to trial the cop would have walked for sure.
  5. I actually encounter racism more often in Canada than in the U.S, albeit if you run into racially hostile people in the U.S., they are a lot more likely to be violent and extreme, pick your poison.
  6. If I ever caught the flatbrim scum that messed with my vehicles, I wouldn't just play baseball with them. There's lines that aren't meant to be crossed. The cops should stay out of situations this, just like they stay of their Hells Angel boyfriends' business.
  7. Expecting a leader with integrity and character to emerge from the Western Baby Boomers is like expecting a peaceful Muslim to emerge from ISIS. I'm not on the Trump bandwagon, but at least his promises to audit the Federal Reserve and pull back troops from overseas are something.
  8. Corruption and waste happen in every country, Russia may be worse than many but compared to Soviet times its a drop in the bucket. Gays aren't persecuted in Russia, they like many causes are prevented from becoming a socio-political 5th column as is the case elsewhere. They're certainly not perfect, they are the best hope for the future as the West increasingly goes all gender fluid Orwellian.
  9. At least they are moving in the right direction, the West is screwed no matter if its Trump or Clinton leading the middle management.
  10. The leader of what passes for the free world in 2016, sits in the Kremlin, not in the White House.
  11. If you look on Google street view, the club is literally right next to a gas station, it seems odd that the shooter didn't make use of this fact somehow.
  12. This incident has to be the slowest police response to an active shooter since response procedures were changed after Columbine, if the timelines are correct then literally hours passed from when shooting started until SWAT finally engaged him. Either someone screwed up bigtime here, or, there were orders from above not to intervene for political purposes ala Benghazi.
  13. Some great photos here. https://twitter.com/MuhammadAli