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  1. * Intro Song(s) *

    Although I have no problem with the "We are all Canucks" song, I did an edit of the 2011 version of the U2 theme, with the ending of the song put up front. Enjoy!
  2. Yeah saw those, but was waiting for Bob Mckenzie, or one of those dudes. Thx Ari
  3. Heard on the 1040 and Mcletchie, that the Pens have gone to Kris Letang to see if he will waive his NTC. They have requested 15 teams... Waiting to see if one of the big boys will break the story on twitter. But that was out today on the Moj's show,. Take it for what it is...A rumour at this point
  4. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    I think if the situation was the same, AV would of reacted the same way.. The intermission antics, maybe not.
  5. Watch Messier storm in demanding to be on the team,
  6. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Iain MacIntyre ‏@imacVanSun 6m #Canucks silent, but @LouisJean_TVA reporting Alain Vigneault and top assistants Rick Bowness and Newell Brown have been fired.
  7. Canucks Memes

  8. Canucks Memes

    What you didnt like my "Jesus picks Devils in 7" pic?
  9. Canucks Memes

    While I commend LA on winning the Stanley Cup - I thought I would post this picture as LA have moved way up on the 2012-13 NHL entry Draft and drafted twin players picture hosting
  10. Canucks Memes

    Still think kings will win, but couldint help but make image host
  11. Canucks Memes

    I realize I might of jinxed the Devils (In my own mind I guess) But I just had to make it. image host
  12. Canucks Memes

  13. Canucks Memes