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  1. I think if the situation was the same, AV would of reacted the same way.. The intermission antics, maybe not.
  2. Iain MacIntyre ‏@imacVanSun 6m #Canucks silent, but @LouisJean_TVA reporting Alain Vigneault and top assistants Rick Bowness and Newell Brown have been fired.
  3. What you didnt like my "Jesus picks Devils in 7" pic?
  4. While I commend LA on winning the Stanley Cup - I thought I would post this picture as LA have moved way up on the 2012-13 NHL entry Draft and drafted twin players picture hosting
  5. Still think kings will win, but couldint help but make image host
  6. I realize I might of jinxed the Devils (In my own mind I guess) But I just had to make it. image host
  7. "So what do we do with all these "Mike Gillis is God" shirts?" "Sportscheck Tshirt sale - Mike Gillis is God" shirts 50% off
  8. "Don't worry Canucks Fans - Leafs nation hasint seen a Cup since 1966-67" *OFFICIAL* "Canucks hire Dan Cloutier to be goaltending coach"
  9. gif hosting