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  1. New Copyright Infringement Laws in Canada

    I got one of these "Notice of Abuse" emails from Telus about someone downloading the newest Hobbit movie. Found this funny since Telus isn't my ISP and I haven't downloaded the new Hobbit movie.
  2. Johnny Canucks Logo

    Here's what I think the Canucks logo should look like. Did these up today when I saw the Horvat training video.
  3. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    And why would Lu waive in NTC to go to Calgary?
  4. BCHL Thread

    6-2 Cowichan Valley after 2 over Spruce Kings. 94 PIMS after 2, 3 fights, 8 game misconducts, 2 disallowed goals for PG as well.
  5. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    does anyone know if there is a roster/game update for EHM 05 after this year's trade deadline? Also is there anyway yet to get EHM 07 without buying it like you could for 2005 yet? or is that impossible?
  6. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    is there anyway out there to get EHM 07 for "free" like there is for EHM 05?
  7. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    does anyone know where I can get the roster update for EHM 05, so I can have Luongo but not Bulis and Chouinard?
  8. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    can anyone else help me get EHM 05 other than zergcraft? I sent him a PM a couple days ago but he hasn't replied.