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  1. I remember when they were just two bobble headed draft picks and Burke shook the hockey world with his aggressive move at the draft. Although they came within a game of bringing this franchise what it so desperately wants, they gave it their all and were true class acts. They owe us nothing we owe them gratitude for 18 years of doing it the right way. We had 10 years of having a chance to win it all with them..some years better than others. It was a wild ride and I got nothing but admiration. Time for a new direction and new leaders to emerge.
  2. Tryamkin gone - more ineptitude

    My bad...I did not realize they still had his rights... I know it's an emotional rant, but on a lot of the nights you tuned in just to see him manhandle all the people who have run the Sedins through the boards for the last 6 years. In a bleak season, he was someone like Horvat, you could get excited about.
  3. Tryamkin gone - more ineptitude

    ** Separate Thread: More a discussion on generational management inability/ineptitude to land a stud dman that franchises are built around. Finally a dman with freaky size, good skating, decent shot, lots of upside. Willie plays him for 13 minutes a game, Linden says they are gonna build around him..... Now he's in the KHL. He will play one year there, then come back and sign with another NHL team due to Canucks bumbling. This guy could have been our Chara....And now the curse lives on. Canucks are Undersized and soft on defense. Somewhere, Andrey Pedans agent is clapping. When was the last time the Canucks had a huge, angry, skilled dman??? Ohlund until he got injured.... Part of leadership is identifying assets and securing them. It wasn't like he was asking for billions, he just wanted to play more and help his team. He was better than Edler on most nights.
  4. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Dumb and Dumber Too - 3/5
  5. The Workout Thread

    The key to a good workout is finding a nutrition/fitness routine that fits your schedule and lifestyle. I have used many routines and fads since I was paid by my previous job (military) to work out every day. The biggest lesson I learned is that it is 70% diet and 30% activity and don't underestimate the power of "off days" or rest days to your overall goals. You CAN workout too much... My current routine (designed to be lean but muscular) is: M - 30 minute light jog Tues - Weights and Boxing - 1 hour Wed - 30 minute jog Thurs - Weights and Boxing - 1 hour Fri - 30 minute jog Sat - 7 - 10k run Sun - Day Off When I want to gain muscle mass, I add an extra day of weights to the above.. P.S. After being in many gyms, DVD's etc... you can do everything you need with a set of dumbells, one barbell and a larger sized exercise ball.
  6. The Workout Thread

    Where can u get ephedrine? in any over the counter decongestant - non-drowsy formula
  7. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    • WHEN: April 2, 2011 Doors at 6:00pm, Fights start at 7:00pm • WHO: Armageddon Fighting Championship www.armageddonfc.com • WHERE: Bear Mountain Arena in Colwood, BC, Canada Nick “The Juggernaut” Hinchliffe (17-7, , B.C. #8) Hinchliffe’s opponent at 170lbs. will be well-traveled Tyler “TNT” Jackson (10-7-1) of Revolution MMA who has fought some excellent opponents of late, like Alex Garcia (6-0, LOSS), Derek Gautier (6-2, WIN), and Nathan Gunn (7-2, Split-LOSS). Both Hinchliffe and Jackson have a striking-first mentality, which should produce a highly entertaining scrap, and there remains a strong possibility that another major fight will be added to top the card shortly. AFC5 Complete Fights: WW: Nick Hinchliffe (17-7) vs. Tyler Jackson (10-7)* WW: Derek Medler (4-0) vs. Dejan Kajic (2-0) BW: Josh Spong (3-1) vs. Dan Lin (3-1) FW: Nick Dreidger (4-1) vs. Brendan Frost (2-2)* WW: Karl Bergen (2-0) vs. Todd Mabbot (3-2)* MW: Ryan Janes (2-1) vs. Duncan Wilson (2-1) LW: Connor Wood (2-2) vs. Mike Hodgson (2-1) MW: Nathan Swayze (0-1) vs. Warren Anderson (1-1-1)* Incomplete Fights: MW: David Perron (4-0) vs. TBA LW: Tarek Gebali (4-0) vs TBA* Former Strikeforce female welterweight champion Sarah Kaufman (12-1 MMA, 4-1 SF) has her eyes on regaining the title she lost to Marloes Coenen this past October, but in the meantime, she’ll stay busy outside of the promotion. Kaufman and the Canadian-based promotion recently announced that the former Strikeforce champ will fight in front of her hometown crowd in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, on April 2 at “Armageddon Fighting Championship 5: Judgment Day.” Kaufman said she took the fight with Strikeforce’s permission and also remains under contract with the California-based promotion. “I am extremely thrilled to be able to have Sarah fight for us, especially in front of all her friends and family,” Armageddon president Darren Owen stated in an official release. “She has been at all of our events and gets the biggest ovation, and now to be able to give our fans what they really want, to watch her compete, just makes sense.” Kaufman’s opponent has yet to be determined. Prior to her recent loss to Coenen, the previously undefeated Kaufman had racked up 12 consecutive wins to open her career. The 25-year-old Canadian claimed the Strikeforce title with a February 2010 win over Takayo Hashi and defended the belt against Roxanne Modafferi before surrendering the title this past October. Back to News