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  1. I don't post often. Been a fan sine 1982. But I like the job Benning is doing. He's building a team. Guess what folks? Teams win championships. Further to that. Good teams win multiple championships. Benning is building a good team. May take another year or two, but the good team is on the way.
  2. I would be happy with Loui and Troy. Benning type of players. He has the plan to build multiple cup winners for the first time since 1970, and that's a breath of fresh air.
  3. Ok. This kid may be a good pick, but I've been watching drafts since the 80's. I followed Kamloops in their heyday in the 90's. However, tonight I'm thinking Kelowna D-man Merkley. A WHL'er d-man. The path of Keith, Edler, et. al. Grab him. basics. But what do I know.
  4. I think this kid will surprise some people. The guy paid his way to come over to the draft. To me that says a lot. Seems like a 'I will do whatever it takes to help the team' type of guy. Time will tell.
  5. I said this elsewhere. But I trust Benning's hires. I am all for people who work their way up. I like the trending upwards. I think Willie is the perfect coach for the way we are trending. After a few years of laying it all on the line, and coming up short, we need to take a step back. Now. Canucks have the perfect management team in place. In the 80's and 90's we didn't have this many prospects and Sedins on our roster. We are on the upswing. In any management group you need the people to identify talent. Gillis was ok in that department. But now. We're off the charts. Linden and Benning are Quinn times two. I'm not predicting a cup, but I like the way Canucks are going.
  6. I don't want to give up Bo or Hunter for Reinhart, but I'd love to leverage the pieces from a Kesler deal for the number 1 to get Sam. How many guys have we seen left BC and be successful. Time to pick one of them.
  7. The one thing that stuck out at me from the video was Higgins, and both Sedins are working out in Canuck facilities as Benning walks in. That's gold. That's the players you want. It seems Benning was impressed too.
  8. Lol...had to have a good laugh at that. Now replace Gilman with Bettman and Burr with Fehr, and that would be a good one too! Thank goodness Burr is locked up long term. I think he's one of the players that would take a 24 percent rollback on that piece of paper he's signing to play some damn hockey this year!
  9. Burrows is playing like a six million dollar man, not a two million dollar man. Wow! Like the feature on him on Canucks TV recently.
  10. Epic. KB has just etched a place in the Canuck foklore book of die hard fans. Ranks up there with Greg Adams. UP there! Wow!
  11. Burrows...backchecking and hitting everything tonight! Plus scores! I say we keep him!