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  1. Bang on... it's always the bandwagoners that act the most disappointed. It's comical
  2. Also makes sense to play Luongo, and let him get his confidence back... hopefully he can heat up soon
  3. @Pinhead.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. I love Grabner, but no... just, no
  4. lol, you always post the easiest ones
  5. it's Boucher... trust me EDIT: Proof: Same pads, and an Itech helmet with black cage.
  6. Brian Boucher
  7. he only played 6 games... 2001-02 season
  8. Jacques Cloutier
  9. Martin Brochu
  10. yep
  11. This is kinda weird... An action figure commemorating one of the most disgusting freak-accidents in recent sports history Who's the goalie?
  12. Jason Muzzatti
  13. ^ Halak
  14. Mika Noronen