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  1. Fawk, I seem to always periodically forget how good Lemieux was until I see some ridiculous in context video posted, dude was amazing.
  2. Olli Juolevi | D

    and didn't have a philosophy that was different from the other 29 teams... we are either going to be freaking great, or freaking terrible in 5-7 years. I don't think there is any middle ground anymore.
  3. Olli Juolevi | D

    Yeah but take that objectively....he's the middle of 3 dmen, it shows there is no real consensus which is my issue. He has a lot of talent though this is not a complete dud that is for sure, it is just risky.
  4. Olli Juolevi | D

    Well put ... I saw someone mention OEL on another post. OEL was insanely touted prior to the draft and even arguably better than Hedman by some GMs. A few picks later you have Jared Cowen. It's risky business unless you know the dmen is a consensus gem. Usually the sure fire dmen have a consensus about them, I didn't really hear that with Juolevi.... I do not think I legitimately heard one analyst argue that Juolevi was better than Tkachuk or in the top 5. This is a risky, risky pick by what I am starting to think is a risky, risky management team. I don't buy the story D needs longer to develop so do it now when the BPA is a very, very safe bet. Welcome though, excited to see Juolevi's development - can pray for Teppo Numminen v2.0
  5. How many points do those guys have? ' you people ' are such &^@#ing idiots, you just get fixated on youth and over value the $&!# out of them. Like &^@#... if you want to get into it Virtanen - boom or bust type pick, McCann traded for a stay at home dmen, demko is a goalie so we won't know for years, tryamkin is RISKY as well he could have stayed in Russia and COULD still go back. The point is I am not exactly sure how listing off those names shows expert drafting........ No opinion on 2015 draft picks, too young too tell. Guess time will tell overall but it's absolutely amazing how fixated Canucks fans get on their youth without objectively looking at others around the league, it's bat $&!# insane. We need young forwards just as bad as dmen right now.
  6. Selection bias? This is an impossible argument to get into as draft picks are speculative... but we again, just made the crazy move the other teams don't. We are doing that a lot. Dmen are a lot riskier, look at Gudbranson he was drafted before Fowler... usually you take them high when they are can't miss. We just passed up a pretty dynamic forward for a dmen who wasn't exactly consensus number one..... this is insanity.
  7. wow...... so Edmonton just got a steal, Calgary got a steal and we are the gamblers yet again. I literally, do not see any advantage we have over these teams in 3 or 4 years. There is a saying - if you seem to be encountering a lot of idiots, maybe you are the idiot. I feel this way about Benning at this point as he always seems to be doing the opposite the experts. A few times sure, but we are just picking up reclamation project after reclamation project, wild draft picks.... wow. Don't like this at all. Dman wasn't even the clear cut consensus #1 dman, we just reached no matter what the blind fan boys say.
  8. Yeah sorry if it's getting a bit heated, we just have slightly different outlooks on it but generally the same opinion. Agreeing to disagree, Cheers. You are right about the title thing, its pretty salty OP is clearly in rant mode but the point is kind of valid in that when do we stop trading picks regardless of the return - the sad fact is in a cap NHL you need to hit some home runs as the skill parity is so close otherwise. I truthfully can admit I don't know if JB is a genius or a fool right now but I do think he has a plan, only time will tell which one it is.
  9. Why the Gudbranson trade is a great trade

    It shows birthdays on profiles............... Nice try though I do remember him (Murzyn) as with all players on the 93-94 run I can say I agree 100% on that sentiment that is what I like too. I think you need a big strong dman to clear things out. How we got into this though it isn't completely black or white as CDC tends to make it. In reality, both teams could end up winning by making their teams better. It's a very volatile trade though, it could blow up on either team. He could turn into Andrew Alberts and McCann Naslund (stretching to sensationalize my point, but just showing $&!# happens)
  10. It doesn't reinforce your point at all..... The other side of that is Gillis traded away less which was your point (Nonis did Carney and Noronen). I get your point, and agree, these picks are doing more than being used for a rental player - but saying it's a 75% conversion ratio is straight up BS - you can't say just because a player makes the NHL they are better than a 2nd round pick - it isn't about filling out your roster it is about building a successful roster. I don't think you can call Baer a sure fire success either. Now to actually support your point, I do think Sutter and Gud are decent uses of the picks... but it doesn't discount my point that holy crap we are trading a lot of 2nd rounders out when Benning was advertised as a draft guru.
  11. Why the Gudbranson trade is a great trade

    Yeah I get it man! I also am not completely against this trade, but it is not as clear cut as you are describing it!!! We did not give up nothing!!! Either of McCann or the 33rd is a solid asset in a cap era, but I do understand your opinion and am not saying we got fleeced, we just don't know until it all plays out. I am, not really a flames fan though, a lot of the flames fans seemed a bit let down by him this year, said he couldn't play a lick of d. Long term, I think that will be rebuffed as he is a helluva dmen but they did give up a lot (1st and 2 2nds). I think that trade was made particularly lopsided because Boston seemed to draft like they were drunk (or so it seems for now haha.. oh speculation on hockey trades)
  12. Agreed, that is the thought right? We can hope these players are going to pan out but they are also other teams reclamation projects.. we don't really know for now but as said it's not really a great confidence booster - other teams generally don't give up without a reason, we can't just assume every player we get is instantly good - other teams have a reason usually and sometimes it is a position jam (but that also means they are letting them go before others). We just don't know, I don't have my torch out... but we are trading a lot of picks.
  13. So to start off, you have an error in your very first line - he has traded away 3 2nd round picks. Just because he gained one, does not mean it has not been traded....... so it's a total of 4 traded out now in 2 years - Vey, Baer, Sutter, Gudb. Gillis traded away 3 and one was a draft trade down in 6 years. I really struggle to understand how people think 2nd round picks are useless... typically, they take longer to develop but you see MANY quality players come from that range. You don't win cups with 4 sets of 3rd liners. Anyways, I agree overall there is no where to go but up but 4 2nd round picks in 2 years is a lot. It's all about asset management though and hemorrhaging (pick whatever word you want that does not offend you) picks is not the best management because generally you aren't searching for the barely NHL players, you want to take swings to hit the occasional home run like PK Subban or Roman Josi.
  14. Why the Gudbranson trade is a great trade

    I see how you have 10k posts in a year now. You said nothing new. You are displaying opinions as facts with capitals this time and brought up the same tilted, rebuffed stat again. I am not a stat guy, I think the trade is OK but the blindness either way (Gudbranson is a tpp tier steal!) and the other side saying McCann is a bonafied 60 point guy are both not looking at it objectively. You can't argue there are some question marks (well you personally can, a normal person wouldn't) both ways.
  15. Why the Gudbranson trade is a great trade

    See you just cherry picked some stats to try and sound smart and push your argument proving my point about how CDC polarizes everything. He also only plays about 2/3 of a season, and in the regular season (much bigger sample size right?) was 4th in TOI. 2014-2015? 5th on TOI, 2013-2014? 6th. 2012-2013? 7th. Yeah what kind of comments do they make.. "That guy sucked see him later". Get a grip what a way to make your point.... This trade isn't a steal like you think it is - as I said (please don't setup a strawman) a 24th pick and a 33rd pick are not nothing - This wasn't highway robbery. It has a chance to be a good trade, it also has a chance to blow up. I think we just got a serviceable player to help the D currently, so that is good. Make no mistake we did not just acquire a full fledged superstar, he has growing to do too.