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  1. I have no problem, we just gave up a 2nd round pick for the guy i'd rather see him play this year and say yay/nay on him instead of just squandering that pick. It's not like a 1 way is a non movement clause.

    So send an 'asset' to the minors and just cut the salary and call the other teams bluffs (ie LA and Richards). We just got the lowest return on a fairly young goalie off anything this year, so in laymans terms - we got the worst return on our asset this year and if we go seeking if we don't pay the least we just got worse.

    Holy crap why didn't we just keep him for that price? So if Miller gets injured this year time to pack it in ?
  4. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    Thanks for the way you articulated this by the way, by the way I appreciate your point of view - it is concise, and explained well (I am pretty sure the rambly guy picked it up from what you said as it was the only point I could really see him making) I agree, you never know how long things will take that is the risk, but you are mitigating risk by drafting higher. We could in theory be perfectly fine with the prospects we have now it is just higher risk. A large point being overlooked is the Sedins aren't cyborgs (maybe), they won't be good forever. What the hell would this series be like without them? Team needs to be proactive not reactive. It may take 2 years, it may take 5, but we were going to be bad anyways and I believe we have a good core of youth to work with now and if we make sure we have 2 more good years we will be a good team. If we gamble it and pick in the middle it significantly lowers our chances. Sorry I shouldn't have made the business school comment - I will just say one of the focuses of my job is financial analysis/reporting for leadership in a large company and they do not always look year to year, there are different strategies at play and most are long term. The way you are portraying it is very hypothetical in the way the real world works vs what you read in your textbooks. On top of that, sports teams are sometimes managed with a personal touch as generally, sports teams are not the most lucrative investment.
  5. Changes needed

    and at least one of those coaches we ousted is doing fantastic right now, so agreed not coaching - it unfortunately is time for a shake-out/rebuild type situation.
  6. Summer - I am not sure. I think it's really time to sell-off and he should focus on guys with 1-2 years left on their contracts. I think if you can get peanuts for them you move Higgins & Dorsett as they have multiple years left on their contracts and I could see McMillan type players doing everything they are. As much as I hate to say it I think you try to do the same with Alex Burrows, he has been a heart and soul Canuck but maybe a team would take a flier on him as it's time to alter the core. I don't see a lot of action in the summer, esp with all the NMC/NTC clauses that were thrown around. I think later in the year you try to move Hamhuis, Bieksa & Vrbata on a deadline type sale. Don't think we would want to move them in the summer. Plug the holes with our seasoned youth (not the fresh picks) and see what they are made of.
  7. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    You never had any credibility. You ramble like you are drunk and bait and switch your argument at will. You don't bring up any points nor bring up any supporting facts except your opinion. I simply cannot believe you don't see how two years of being really bad exponentially helps a team. You do realize that a) the top end talent is in the top 5 picks (even if it isn't generational) and that you pick 1st, and 31st, and 61st so you greatly reduce the risk associated with drafting/being lucky. Your Horvat comment was one of the dumbest things I have ever read, and I still don't know what the hell you are trying to say... the nearest I can gather is you don't think we can trade off our old players, be bad for a few year well we get our youth some play time, add some additional chips and plug the gaps because ownership won't let us because the non 'hillbillyburbs' people in Vancouver that are into hockey, they will find an alternative as opposed to 'hillbillyburb' cities like Toronto. You just don't seem to understand some of us like hockey enough to go see a hockey game - and hey, even Toronto wins 30 games a year. As said, ownership can derail so I agree with that, it happens. Regardless, we will start to slip. Sedin's are still our best players and they came from top end picks and are getting near the twilight. This is completely pointless, you win. Let's do nothing.
  8. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    Well it's all I have when you are rambling. Your argument isn't even cohesive and you are tripping all over yourself - the nearest I can gather is your stance is do nothing, ownership won't let us cause finance, we will be fine. You literally just contradicted yourself - so a two year tank isn't enough but not tanking at all is? So let me be blunt, what the frack are you trying to say here buddy?
  9. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    You said that once already - I seriously have hit a point where I don't know what you are trying to convey beyond the basic point - look sorry if you have been rattled. Fundamentally, your point is fair - ownership could completely derail a rebuild due to finances, I understand and accept this. You have to remember these are billionaires playing with millions in revenue. Look at this article - Look at the year prior to growth on the Canucks. What other hockey are people going to spend their money on in Vancouver? If you are implying that all fans are band-wagoners I think you are underestimating the intelligence of many people. Do you think Toronto is financially successful due to the quality of hockey they have been putting on the ice?? Anyways man, as opposed to repeating stuff at each other agree to disagree - I think the team should enter a 2 year tank type rebuild instead of transitioning from 7th to 9th place next year.
  10. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    Why do you and that other guy keep coming back to economics assuming it takes 5 years to rebuild ?? Are you both business students reading out of text books or have you never actually invested something in your life? We have pieces..... you shut it down for a year or two and those two years should net you great assets, clear out the cap and develop your assets and get bargains. Suck for those few years but you are FAR more profitable in the long run. How do you run your business - from year to year or for long term return? Deep playoff runs do absolute wonders for season ticket sales/hypes. Bo Horvat came from a top 10 pick we traded for from an asset which took about 10* years to develop or so (edit - year was right, I just can't math) Yes I would go, I wouldn't shell out $10k for season tickets but I wouldn't do that anyways. I would go to a few games for the joy of going out to the event.... I've been a Canuck fans through several era changes, I expect the suck, it is natural.
  11. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    You don't have to tank forever... but you want a few good picks. Sure, whatever excuse makes you happy to settle into mediocrity. Edmonton will be bending us over in a few years now that they have cleared out the old-boys club. Let's have this discussion then.
  12. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    Oh god not you again........ Some of those teams perpetually suck, agreed. Many can't afford to keep their talent due to management issues. If you can't draft, you can't draft. The fact you list Toronto is absolutely hilarious they just RECENTLY threw in the towel and are the biggest example of who not to be. The rest of your arguments are totally off - Look at NYR's roster (just go look) and look at how successful their drafting is and routinely NYC pulls in big FA. Have you even looked at Anaheims' roster with regards to the position their players are picked in? LA DOES HAVE HIGH PICKS do you know who Drew Doughty is? Holy crap man I really wonder how you have not eaten the freshness packet in beef jerky.
  13. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    Well, regardless, if that's the way we do it we're going to end up sucking ala Toronto in the long run anyways. I hate to be the bringer of reality here - but people age - it's inevitable players get old. You aren't going to win in a cap era through free agent signings.
  14. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    Thats not how a team rebuilds... I don't think you understand how it works. The goal isn't to finish 10-7 each season, the goal is to get some top end talent to support your nucleus. Look at Chicago. Look at Pittsburgh.Look at LA. Look at us (where did we get the Sedin's from?). Look at pretty much any successful team. They all have top end, top 5 picks on their teams. I don't think you understand how this works - so point proven.
  15. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    I think if there is one huge positive team-type take away from this series it is that - Kassian may be frustrating when he doesn't show up and looks lost sometimes, but he is young, has glimpses of great talent and at the very least would likely have put Ferland in a bodybag. We should not give up on him.