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  1. idk, missed the game because of work. From what I've read it sounds like typical City vs. Barca; red card, not wearing the proper cleats, key players playing poorly.
  2. well that was that. hopefully better against Barca.
  3. Sure. but I was referring to City's team selection/formation. This isn't the selection that has had City flying through games this season. Nolito wasn't available because of suspension. The only difference was Stones/Mangala and Bravo/Hart. I'm not saying that spurs played badly just that it may have been a different outcome. Also being blessed with Kolarov's best Richard Dunn impression didn't hurt spurs either.
  4. Sorry but spurs have only really beaten a depleted City from last season. KDB is so key to City's attack, he was really missed today. Any thoughts on Rose?
  5. how can you confuse ex- *Nsync member Joey Fatone with that guy?
  6. Sterling played great today, Aguero ran like crazy. Great result.
  7. Always wish Balo the best, such a legend. 1-6. another Manchester Derby away for City in the League cup Oct. 24.
  8. No. Dinho is way too special for them to even try and find someone like him. I mean yes a midfielder with some type of defensive awareness is a basic conponent of most teams. I just think they have to live all of the fall out.
  9. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! @thejazz97 you see this game?
  10. It has to be approved by something like 30 regulators so it likely won't be approved as is. I don't think that commodity prices would rise at the same rate as inputs if the canola seed market became basically a monopoly. BASF has clearfield canola, but I could see them picking up more of a market share from Invigor and Roundup Ready.
  11. Here is a map I made because those maps aren't the greatest, the 1st didn't even show any water bodies. I included Bismarck because in the vox article you posted it mentioned that the pipeline crossing the river was supposed to be much closer to there. If you look at google maps there is a huge section of Reserve land to the west of the river. There aren't any major centres for quite a way. As for your statement: you could just go somewhere near Maidestone SK, that spill on July 20 that spilled somewhere between 200 000- 250 000 L of crude oil into the North Saskatchewan River. Three cities have just been given the ok to start pumping water from the river again. It didn't get many headlines outside of the province because imo there weren't enough people effected, this is the same concern that the people protesting have. Water is needed for life but it doesn't seem to matter as much as profits and stock prices. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/crews-dig-up-breached-husky-pipeline-cause-of-oil-leak-still-unknown/article31214098/ http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/husky-oil-spill-melfort-north-battleford-prince-albert-north-sask-river-1.3765654
  12. that's why I said he should've made it count, that player smith, pushed him first then pushed Sterling in the face. Imo smith should've been sent off too, he was already on a yellow.
  13. Great today apart from Nolito, really gotta make it count if you're going to use your head like that. KDB, what a wonderful play maker.
  14. On Wednesday Bayer announced that it planned to buy Monsanto. Most of the basic coverage has only mentioned that Bayer is a pharma company and have neglected to mention that Bayer has a pretty substantial sized crop science division. Another thing that is getting a lot of attention is if Monsanto will keep its name, I know some on here get pretty worked up even just mentioning Monsanto, but i think the bigger and more valuable name (imo) is Roundup Ready/dekalb. I don't think those names will be going anywhere. For me this potential merger raises 2 very big concerns and that is compition - this merger would take a huge amount of competition out of the canola seed market; and motivation for company profits over the affordability of production and consumption. Will this increase the cost of production to the point where producers look to other crops, possibly Camelina for even a small portion of their acres? Who knows there is a lot up in the air. I'd like to know your thoughts/concerns on this proposed merger and any fall out from it being approved. Or just the general consolidation of the Ag input market. For a bit of background this article does an okay job of setting up some of the hurdles this merger will face in getting approved and some of the pitfalls. http://www.vox.com/2016/9/14/12916344/monsanto-bayer-merger a couple key quotes for me are: the new company would become the largest agribusiness on the planet, selling 29 percent of the world’s seeds and 24 percent of its pesticides. Last year, Dow Chemical and Dupont agreed to combine their crop science divisions, and are waiting on US and EU regulators for approval. This year, the China National Chemical Corporation got the okay from US regulators to buy the Swiss seed company Syngenta in a $43 billion deal. the three biggest companies that will emerge (Bayer-Monsanto, ChemChina-Syngenta, and DowDupont) will sell 59 percent of the world’s patented seeds and 64 percent of all pesticides. Here is a list Bayer's crop science products available in Canada: https://www.cropscience.bayer.ca/Products.aspx