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  1. or you know, just post in one of the various other threads where it makes sense to discuss canadian and/or us politics. It's not that hard.
  2. I love how occasionally this thread gets hijacked into talking about canada/us politics.... There's a deal to be done, it just depends on if the uk want it or not.
  3. I think you're right, unfortunately. only hope is this: https://www.rte.ie/news/2019/1002/1080724-brexit-analysis-uk-offer/
  4. Glad you found something you liked! it was a pretty random list, just whatever I thought to listen to next when I was making it
  5. the first song meh, not really what I would expect from neil young. next asia=who will stop the rain, it sounds very 80s. normally not something I'm a fan of but this is not bad. blind melon- no rain=omg this song was on the radio all the time when I was a little kid and I had no idea what it was called or who it was by! this is great! blackmail- rain= it's ok. M.o.o.n- dust=this one kinda blends with the other one into a haze of meh. Klangkarussell - Time =firstly this video is pretty cool, the song isn't that bad either. Carlito- whos that boy=just not for me. Lusine-just a cloud= this is a really nice song, I'll have to look up more stuff by lusine. there's a lot of synth/electro sounds on this mix which overall I'm not a fan of. mix is pretty cohesive imo, good work. edit: I'll give this 7/10
  6. the disgust. the shame. the utter lack of respect for an MP murdered in the lead up to this chaos. sickening.
  7. honestly feel like there is nothing worth listening to atm, hope there's something good in these mixes. It's a bad sign when I don't want to listen to music.
  8. I've never watched it. so I'll say no it's not. for whatever reason most things that are considered great by critics or the masses, I think are ok at best.
  9. I'm not too sure, but is it time to @ folks to get their mixes in????
  10. left over red lentil and shrimp curry with spuds
  11. there's the simple matter of Cambridge analitica and the illegal funneling of money to post facebook ads in the last couple days of the campaign. The leave campaign over spent and if this referendum result would have been binding they would have had to re-run it. There were so many different versions of leave and what that could mean, everyone campaigning for leave were basically just saying whatever they thought would get a vote. then there were the people who voted against just because david cameron was leading the remain side, or as a protest vote. The one thing that is very clear is that there was no plan, no thought to the practicalities of implementing this idea. no thought to the lives it will destroy. If there is a second referendum it must be made absolutely clear the consequences of the choice to leave.