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  1. There is a difference between being put first and equality.... Most of the posts I have read by you claim to be mad about a loss of equality; however they come off sounding like you are upset about a loss of priority. The loss of priority can feel like oppression, but it is not. It may be hard to feel this, but know that it is not oppression. There is a legitimate attempt being made for equality which means that there is going to have to be some give and take as the people who were previously oppressed or discriminated against are given full opportunity to compete on a level playing field, talent that was once viewed as good enough might not cut it any more. In a systematic view Anti- white racism does not exist. Anti white bigotry does. There is no need to legitimize the feelings that there should be an all white nation, nor the idea of white supremacy. Have a pity party and be done with it. These feelings are like the kid who grows up playing tier 1 hockey because his dad's the coach and doesn't get drafted in the Bantam draft because no one can see any talent in the kid. There's been a false pumping of the tires, it hurts, but that's the real world.
  2. vintage has the most all time. is this going to start a trend of random threads just for +'s?
  3. which side is meant to be the white supremacists? Are you saying that the US anthem is a statue of a Lee? Are obscenities meant to be "Black Lives Matter!" or "hail hitler" ? This is not the smoothest analogy.
  4. Sure. but that's not who was in your pic. Like I said there has been a lot of good work done over the last 20 years. And no UVF/UFF are not angels. Still out painting the curb red/white/blue and flying their flags. The Orange men still march have very large bonfires that damage property. I just worry about a mentality that isn't totally dead and brexit. Now enough offtopic chat in this thread about foiled bombing in the US.
  5. no not sensitive brit. the folks you showed have very few similarities to those from 1916. They imo have more in common with a street gang or the mafia. the black and tans were not kind to my family either. I don't accept murdering/bombing your own countrymen/women or Irish folk as a way to freedom. I don't believe in marching to celebrate past victories either. These ideas make people zombies. It is not hard to see. Neither side came out smelling like roses, but the hard work that has been done over the past 20 years could all go down the drain thanks to a bunch of people who want to "take back control of their country" yet they control other countries that aren't real thrilled about it. Partition wasn't meant to last this long. Maybe one day it will end.
  6. and you'd call them freedom fighters? Zombie.
  7. no last week they did not have much good to say about the riders. Very happy for Ed Gainey! 4 int. 1st Rider EVER to get 4 in one game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. pls. learn about the mentor of mr. wall. mr. devine as to the financial situation of the 90s early 2000s for the province. pls. look at gth, regina by pass, cabon capture at boundry dam as wastes/ wrecking the finances of the province. not to mention the lack of planning for oil being less than 110...105...90....80... oh we're in debt over 1BILLION DOLLARS. there is still only slightly more than 1M ppl in this place. what a mess.
  9. Not surprised by this at all. There's been speculation since the budget or maybe even Feb. that he would step down. The NDP are in their own leadership race now so makes sense that he would go now when everything is up in the air. It's also getting to the point where scandals are coming out. Deals that were made under his leadership are looking bad and it's probably going to get worse. It's just sad that most people in this province didn't understand how the saskparty balanced about the last 5 budgets by using two different sets of books. I'm scared for my province and what will fall out. makes sense. hope the dirt comes out in time he can't wreck the country like he did my province.
  10. pls. don't talk about vinny. Everything is fine. I don't really care about preseason prognosticating. All I ever feel (for any team I support.) is this is going to be the year. Every year. Some how this team is going to pull off this season and win. Even if logically I have no idea how, sports is magic and something will happen.
  11. lol, I don't live in Regina or Saskatoon (anymore) but yes I do occasionally listen to country stations for the Ag news. There are a lot of really nice spots in this province just the musical preferences of some residents leaves a lot to be desired. Yeah, I would agree about the Weeknd and MJ, except for whatever reason, I like the Weeknd more.
  12. Really like the design of the new City kit for this year. Saw the shirts in a sports store when I was in Dublin. I would say that the pic earlier makes the second look more purple than it is... more of a red wine/maroon colour irl. Also saw a very nice Celtic FC store there.
  13. me too. I think I may have had a small crush on him then. I like the weeknd some new bruno mars and the odd other song from the folks you mentioned in your previous post. I wouldn't say that much if any of this music is life changing or soul feeding (which to me is what the greatest music does.) but it does help pass the time and make doing tasks at work feel slightly more pleasant. I listen to pop/top 40 radio mostly because there is only so much horrendous "classic" rock music and "bro" country I can listen to without wanting to punch something.
  14. It's really only partly BB but it's enough for me to make switching to android a happy experience. on a slightly different note; has anyone seen those iphone ads talking about security-gives me a very mac vs. pc vibe of early 2000's... is that because of BB? a thing I forgot to mention in my review is that normally on android when you install an app it lists the permissions the app wants access to. If you aren't okay with those permissions there isn't a way to disable overreaching requests like location or access to contacts, when it's not needed. With Keyone it will ask after the app has downloaded if you want to give permission for that app to use those type of things and you can deny access. Also with Dtek it will notify you if a certain app is accessing parts of your phone excessively. Which for me really interesting, handy and reassuring.
  15. Really enjoying the new vic mensa.