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  1. I guess it could be used to clean stuff. Sad that for all their hot air it can only say "printed in the UK" not made in the UK. Pathetic that they are using this as a fund raiser for their party.
  2. the agreement that Boris and Leo came up with makes it so that all inspections of goods/tax/paperwork bs is conducted at the ports so goods going south won't need to be inspected again. It minimizes the land border in this context, which was the biggest threat to peace. There are still other threats but I think (hope/pray) they can be managed since Guinness is brewed in Dublin and is obviously in the republic it will be staying in the EU and therefore likely to become a highly expensive imported beer in the UK. but yeah I can't wait til the english economy is like that to go visit.
  3. my work just "upgraded" to O365. I haven't used teams yet, but from the look of it-is it just msn messenger from like 2004? (if so I can see why kids love it)
  4. same name since I joined in 2004. I'm not creative with usernames.
  5. Brexit withdrawal bill passes second reading after changes by new majority gov. This article summarizes differences in the bill and the next steps in the brexit process, up to 2024. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/20/brexit-withdrawal-bill-whats-new-and-whats-different Claire Hanna (SDLP), in her maiden speech to HOC, outlined why most in NI are still against Brexit and the genuine fear felt by many. The DUP who previously supported brexit and helped to hold up the government do not support the current form of the brexit withdrawal bill https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/brexit/northern-ireland-brexit-concerns-dismissed-by-those-who-wont-be-impacted-claire-hanna-tells-mps-38804599.html It is shocking that all main parties in NI agree on something. This NEVER happens.
  6. glad I'm not the only one. tho I was never a big poster....