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  1. Whatcha listening to, Punk?!

  2. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

  3. Work life blanace

    yeah, I don't understand why emails can't be left for work hours... It's nice to hear that some people don't have to deal with this and makes me think I should start looking for a different job. More structured hours, no one contacting me after those hours, sounds lovely.
  4. Work life blanace

    yeah I have a work phone, it's the worst. Not only do I have clients calling me, but also my boss. I never feel like I'm ever free from work.
  5. Work life blanace

    Is it a joke for you? Does your work hours resemble what you were told prior to taking your job?
  6. what to do if someone you know is suicidal

    nice, info to pass along. most important thing is to get them into the ER, how ever you can manage it. If there's a hospital with a psychiatric ward try and go straight there it can be easier to get in/ be transferred there immediately. just tips from personal experience.
  7. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    I'm not a tactical wizard but I'll describe burnley's tactics as go to hockey moves, tons of pressure, good forward and back check, good transition game. Don't think City are still very good at facing a team like that and with injuries, def not. They were able to grind out a draw. good on them. Sterling's miss is bad but not the end of the world. A much needed break now, and then back at winning again. Hopefully.
  8. maybe...at me closer to the start
  9. thanks for hosting al. this was prob one of the more fun games ive played in a long time. cheers to everyone who played.
  10. guys help who should i vote for im going to fall asleep.
  11. i mean it is but its also a standard answer.
  12. so did you make that up about PM