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  1. I drive those types of highways almost everyday for work. Every stop sign I come up to, every junction I go through with the right of way. It's on my mind.
  2. This just keeps getting sadder and sadder.
  3. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    well that's not so true....
  4. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    omg they made a version for the raptors.( well at least the corus-on snet) prob best playoff push song ever.
  5. it looks like there is a flashing red above the stop sign and a street light on either side of the intersection, that's special for this type of intersection. Most places it would be rumble strips across the highway coming up to the stop sign. Sometimes it's only a stop sign. It's a lot different driving in the prairies than in a city. The answer would probably be it's gods plan. I'm not religious, but that's my understanding.
  6. where the trees are looks like a farm yard to me. It's common for there to be trees like that around a yard. Just a FYI. There are yards near many intersections, if you're stopped at the stop sign you should be able to see fine since the trees aren't in the ditch.
  7. If anyone wants to watch the vigil it's on sportsnet 1, west, pacific.
  8. GMO Food Just Got A Huge Boost

    Well what you've posted mentioned both GMO and Organic... I'm still unsure of your understanding of GM vs. traditional breeding programs vs. random/natural breeding... Organic isn't necessarily BS, there is a lot of regulation for crops and livestock. It can be silly when it's on a product like salt. yeah, I'm not a fan. Like many companies all that really matters is the bottom line and keeping investors happy.
  9. GMO Food Just Got A Huge Boost

    you also don't seem to get this, GMO refers to the genetic engineering of a plant or animal, traditional breeding programs are not characterized as GMO. Organic refers to the way the crop was produced mostly that no synthetic pesticide or herbicide was used, most fertilizers used in conventional production aren't used- soil fertility comes mainly from manure/compost/crop rotation. There's more to it, but those are the biggest differences. Yeah farmers have to buy GMO seed every year and pay and sign paper work for it. I know more about canola, and from my experience the monsanto/bayer market share was more evenly split. The thing with all of these companies is they use a different mode of action to kill the weeds, which is why the spray drift killed those other neighbouring soybean crops. Here's an interesting article on Dicamba fallout https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/10/26/559733837/monsanto-and-the-weed-scientists-not-a-love-story
  10. GMO Food Just Got A Huge Boost

    GM alfalfa is pretty controversial here and imo a pretty dangerous crop to introduce, mostly from a legal pov. Pretty much all corn, canola and soy grown in Canada and the states is GM, some of it is for drought or disease tolerance and some of it is for herbicide resistance. In Canola I know that there are also breeding efforts to make the oil higher in omega fatty acids, I'm not sure how much of that is being done with GM vs. trad. breeding. I don't have a problem with GM food however I do have a problem with some of the legal aspects of it for producers and the fact that the majority of effort thus far has resulted in an over reliance on a couple different herbicides that is causing resistance in the weeds they were meant to kill. Glyphosate could very well be a carcinogen, or at the very least have negative health impacts. Since it's a mosanto product it would be hard for any large scale ag related studies to go on since it controls a large amount of funding for research from universities, and is such a powerful legal silencer. I don't think that government regulation is strong enough or well enough funded to keep Canadians safe. Here is a article about PMRA http://thestarphoenix.com/opinion/columnists/0204-edit-hanley-col
  11. It will def be bittersweet to see them go. Probably the first set of players that I really remember as rookies and watched throughout the years. Watched them grow as players and people, it's been great treat. It also kinda makes me feel old. Best of luck to them and their families where ever they end up.
  12. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    well at least one trophy this year.
  13. Whatcha listening to, Punk?!