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  1. my utter amazement, the most violent society on Earth is worried about hitting or fighting in hockey. Blows my mind every time
  2. Jesus, i LOLed so hard. Gotta stop eating and reading CDC at same time...
  3. Jasek will be there. Intriguing player. I wanna see what he can do now with a year in the Czech men's league under his belt. Also Zuk and Lockwood.
  4. LAWL!! Chirelli got REKD on that one. I think tho seriously, he took to long to pull the trigger. EDM has had a suspect D for a while now, GMs realise this and are playing hardball with EDM. I was waiting for more, like Larsson and....and...and Desperation is a stinky cologne.
  5. Yah 4 First overall picks in your line-up will do that for ya. 4 1st overall picks in your active line-up!! Still blows my mind.
  6. Crap Hope not. Hoping we would land him.
  7. Burkie trying to work his magic again.
  8. Pretty easy to see why with Puljujarvi dropping and people forget them picking up Benson early in the 2nd round. I think this may be the steal of the draft although they again forgot to address their team need of defence. With all the young forwards they should be able to address this through trade but they made the right choice to pick the players they did. Calgary did well by addressing their goaltending and had a no brainer draft selection. Elliot is a lot better than most think and has had the 2nd best save percentage of all goalies in the last few years. He also stood on his head this playoff and gave his team a chance to win nightly even if they couldn't score and their best scorer disappeared against San Jose. Vancouver didn't fail with their picks but failed due to the lack there of said picks. If you finish in the bottom 3 of the league and only have what 5 or 6 picks at the draft its a fail. We had 1 pick in the top 60 and it's not acceptable. Agreeing with everything management does isn't being a fan, its being a sheep. However with a draft we will not see the true winners and losers for many years to come but no matter what, Vancouver has the worst chance of winning this draft with the few picks we had. Jim may be a great scout but when you're considered great when you hit .250 at the draft you had better find some more picks. EDM didnt do s@#t. They had a great pick fall into their very undeserving lap, and they could have gotten Juolevi at 4, yah sure ppl would have bitched and moaned but EDM needs to begin drafting by positional needs not necessarily BPA. They have done it for years and look what they have wrought. Good team on paper, but you know what they say about paper... They need to address defense and goaltending, big time. Their Draft was terrible.
  9. Does it qualify as crushing it if it falls into your lap? no kidding...i could have drafted Pujarrvi(sp?) at 4.
  11. Ther ya go. We have confirmation of what a Benning team is. A pain in the ass to play against
  12. Depends. Calgary looked beatable big time last season and EDM looks good up front but no D once again. Reinhart isnt good Defense. Odd EDM didnt pick up Juolevi or Sergachev at 4. They need defense above all.
  13. They neeed defense. EDM will go nuts if they get another forward. Chychrun??
  14. OOOOOOMMMMGGG!! What just happened? Dubois at 3??