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  1. I'm down with those, Aside from #5, all of the rest are pretty damn obvious.
  2. Yeah, agreed. I was there for the 70s and 80s We will never be THAT terrible.
  3. InstaClassic...gotta stahp reading Canucksdotcom with a mouthful of Coffee.
  4. Woah Woah Woah there. Pavel was defending himself, i watched that series against Dallas, Churla had it coming. Hatcher was mudering Bure all series. Someone was gonna get the elbow.
  5. The Caps will win it this year, getting past that dreaded 2nd round and finally exorcising that dreadful first year of the franchise, whatwazzit 8 wins???!!!
  6. I'snt this what the old time hockey people were saying years ago? Take away the fighting, impose the Instigator penalty and watch the twos (slashing,high sticking etc) go sky high? Be good to see if there is any statistical correlation.
  8. Cant wait for the Google Translate on that 1...
  9. BOOM! Down goes theeee... But yeah, we've been trying to trade Edler for years.
  10. Oh, and I wanted to post one last time on this thread before its archived.
  11. So long Mr. Burrows, it was great watching you develop into a great hockey player. Versatile and able to do whatever the team needed. We will miss you. Man o man, my girls were just little ones when you came into our lives, how tyme flies... Godspeed Alex, and good luck in Ottawa.
  12. Conspiracy thought #1: This is the rebuild by stealth that others have been referencing. Benning has been told my Aquaman, in not so many words, "we are a playoff team" yet, Benning, knowing better, does the player/game management thang...Willie has been told, Trevor is on board. They just hope they don't get called into Aquaman's office anytime soon.
  13. well, there ya go. This is what shoulda been written but noooooooo...some Eastern a##hat click-baitey goes all off tryna impress his buddies.
  14. Build from the Goalie out. Our D is the youngest in the League rn. We shall see what these 2 different philosophies engender for results . 3 To 5 years down the road