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  1. This can't be right.

    Agreed whole heartedly, but that Edler thing, i mean Jesus Lord cant you hit the net at least once??
  2. Jannik "Stone Hands" Hansen

    Yoohoo, Clutch, werefore art thou...
  3. Benning on Vancouver 1040

    LOL.  Take anything, and i mean anything Pratt says, and do the opposite.  There's your truth.  
  4. TSN 1040 Interviews Sept. 16th - Benning, Linden, Prospects

    +1 Same. Really curious to what this young man can do.
  5. [Report] Dan Carcillo announces retirement

    Ill never forget that epic scrap with Rick Rypien years ago. All the best to Dan in his retirement Now real life begins Dan. Your Chapter 5 endeavor is long overdue.
  6. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    Yes, Mr. Kane will pay somehow for this alleged transgression. We all do pay with some currency of some kind in life. We will soon see with Patrick Kane how he pays his. Either money or time spent in prison?
  7. Josh Ho-Sang Sent Packing

    Hells ya. With bells on, so to speak
  8. Carl Neill Talk

    15 shots? PP time?
  9. Russians Have Deployed Nuclear Weapons to Syria

    Well here we go. Check to you Obama et al. If true, considering all the disinfo, is gamesmanship by the Russians I mean, they are there to help the west combat ISIS. That's if the west is actually targeting ISIS.
  10. Yep. Stewart is the one I'm most intrigued about. Size, nasty and showed some goals during the rookie camp earlier in the year.
  11. What rules would you change?

    Yep. This.
  12. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Good conspiracy theory. I humbly add that Desi is Jason Botchford in disguise.
  13. NHL players who have a case to be better than Gretzky

    Mario for all his statistical greatness cannot be considered as one of the greats, for moi, simply because the man was a Grade A douche. Beating upon guys like Bobby Carpenter and Gary Lupul, calling the NHL a "garage league', throwing his bags at the bellboy in hotel lobbies etc etc Sure, numbers are great. Personality wise? forgetabouddit...
  14. Is there room for Rockin Ronnie?

    Who? Ron Sedelbauer? Sure throw him in. We could use his 40 goals.
  15. The Edmonton Oilers win the McDavid Sweepstakes

    Imagine this Scenario: At the Hallowed halls of NHL Front Office, New York City US of A. Bettman: you had ONE job Daly, ONE frickin J.O.B!!!!!!!!! Daly: Sorry, Dark Lord!! We shall fire, nay, eliminate the entire Lottery staff!!! Bettman: Christ! You better, now how in HE double hockey sticks do we fix this?? Daly: I dont know , my Leige...may pull a Lindros?? Bettman: Shut up fool... Daly: OR...we fold Edmonton, move the team to Vegas and the Cup stays below the 49th ?? Bettman: Hmmmm Daly: Yes we DO have those Photos of Katz for futures... Bettman: Kiss my Signet Ring!! Daly: Yes, My King!! Slow fade to black...