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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the music Hugemanskost. I am not entirely sure whether he plays multiple instruments, as I myself just begun to discover him. He has played the piano since childhood. Prior to this he's actually more renowned for his artistic directions in a few music videos like Lana del Rey's "Born to Die" and this other Katy Perry one I don't know the name to (I don't listen to her lol). I have listened to his whole album once, and repeated some tracks I like at first listen, but "I Love You" isn't one of them. I think the track doesn't really live up to those epic tracks he released prior. Woodkid's having an international tour, too bad Vancouver's not one of the places he'll be going (Montreal is the only Canadian city he's visiting). The closest place from Vancouver he's playing is Hollywood. But I agree with GrainWetzky in that the album is rather thematically homogenous, which is good if you happen to really like the style. For someone who isn't in love with the album, he/she might find it boring. This also brings up how he'd make it should he release a 2nd album (i.e. how he'd wow his fans after all this). Something tells me tho he won't have a 2nd album though. He also has rather weak vocals, so he'll have to work on that if he wants to continue as a singer.
  2. Hey thanks for commenting! I know eh? It's got a bit of everything, yet I find it rather refreshing. It's rather exhilarating with the percussion. I do agree with the guitar, especially the end of the track. The track just ends a bit empty I feel. His album is more or less similar in style. Here is another one from the debut album.
  3. guys should try out Woodkid. New artist from France, English album out this week!
  4. no problem..you too!

  5. thanks for your bday wishes! Have a nice day!