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  1. is this bjb gerg

  2. Waiting for the Horachek domino to fall.
  3. A series of tweets from @GregBallochST : Lu has had some differences with the coaching staff since the start of the season. Doesn't agree with certain technical adjustments. He's finally standing up for himself because he knows he's not in the #Canucks long term plans. Lack, on the other hand, is a wide-eyed rook Lack gives the team a better chance to win" is an excuse. He has 9 career wins. This whole situation is a punishment for He's still developing as a goaltender and will do whatever is asked of him. Lu has lost respect and is simply playing for his teammates. Lack is being rewarded with more starts. It is a slap in the face of Luongo. And worst of all, Lack is caught in the middle of a situation that he wants no part of. Fans are now divided again and there is controversy. So, basically, because Lack is being more agreeable (since he's a rookie), Luongo is being 'punished' by having his starts reduced according to this guy. I dunno if that's a stretch what he's reporting, but again, where there's smoke...
  4. They have a few. But hey, let's just keep playing blind because of your hatred of them
  5. How can you classify beyond stupid? It's like when Bill Nye got boo'ed because he dared to suggest to a bunch of Texans that the moon reflects sunlight and doesn't produce it. If someone reads the bible and takes it as black and white, they're going to look pretty dumb. If they read it and actually understand its meaning and relevance to your point, then they might actually be worth talking to about it.
  6. I recommend Rickard's, it's amazing.
  7. They traded for Kassian who has been taken into police custody for fighting at bars. I don't think they mind if someone cheated on a test.
  8. As well, Steve Michalek (their backup) was off the roster for a similar thing in November. I don't know if it's from the same exam, but he's now in the USHL I think.
  9. Yea, purely my speculation is that they all had very similar answers on that take-home exam and they launched that investigation, saw they're all on the same team and just put 2 and 2 together.
  10. From an article I just read: In August, the university launched an investigation into students who enrolled in a government class for allegedly plagiarizing answers or inappropriately collaborating on the class’ final exam, which was take home.
  11. Max Everson, Patrick McNally and Mark Luzar have all been removed from the Harvard roster. — Joe Meloni (@JoeMeloni) December 10, 2012 Looks like he's been removed from the roster entirely. Meloni is saying it could be related to academic dishonesty and he's not the only one. Pretty curious case and where does that lead them for the rest of the season? I'm sure you can't transfer to another university without being redshirted for at least the rest of the season. Juniors, maybe?
  12. 30 years old and I'm still getting it. Yes, necessary bump. It was posted into someone's status update so it's kind of relevant thread again. Gogo
  13. You need to get over yourself. Regardless of whether you're right or wrong, that's an incredibly arrogant thing to say. As for the 'timing' issue, I don't know how you can't see that taking a penalty at the end of a game is no worse than at the beginning. Having 55 minutes to make up for a power play goal against is a lot less ominous than having five minutes. The chances of recovery is so much worse. Using the "team should have built up a lead beforehand" excuse is just grasping at straws. On a similar scale, it's one reason why Morrison was loved here, he was able to score a lot with the game on the line. He thrived in tie/one-goal games. Whereas, a guy like Demitra was at his best when it was 4-1 There are reasons why certain guys are trusted to be on the ice late, taking penalties at the end of the game wrecks that trust. If you actually think that what you said is actually true, maybe you should rethink your original statement that I bolded.
  14. Be-eh-eh-eh-eh