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  1. What do you think of the Marco Sturm and Sammy Trade for David Booth.?

  2. Hahahaha I still remember a thread I made way back which was a letter to you when I injured Sturm in NHL 07. Good times.

  3. Haha of course, though your "Interests" don't hide the fact either. I can't believe I've already been on CDC for 5 years...wow, and you for 8!

  4. No. That is perfectly normal. mwahaha :3

    haha, really cool that you still remember me as the Sturm fan even when I've been away from CDC for so long haha :D

  5. The first thing I thought of when we signed Mr. Sturm was you. Is that weird?

  6. hello

    how are ya?

    i hope sturmy mades 40+ points this season

    where is the sabres stuff btw? hahahahaha

    greets from germany

  7. Sweet and yeah i cn not wait till the season starts in 2 weeks from Thursday when they host the Peguins i got my Roberto Luongo all ready we play in 14 days from now i wonder if Crosby will play.?ESPN Predicts the Canucks to make it to the SCF again and finish 1'st in the west how sweet is that.:)oh how is Coal Harbour never been there is it nice.?will you be Watching Canucks and oilers tomorrow.?

  8. I missed the game. I hear that Sturm had a really good game. So happy for him!!! Can't wait until the season starts and I can confirm his jersey number so I can buy it lol

    Oooo. I live in Coal Harbour. We don't live too too far away from each other XD

  9. yup i live on Pacific st.Great Pre-Season game so far Jensen and Chris Tanev played well the Tanev goal was a beauty as well as the jensen goal and Marco Sturm played good too he scored a very nice goal.Eddie Lack played good too but Manny Legace looked a little rusty.

  10. Oh cool! I don't live too far away. You live near downtown as well?

  11. I have long walks at Englash Bay.

  12. Hey! Yeah...can't wait until the season starts and to see Sturmy! XD

    Thanks for commenting on my pic haha. It's kinda old (over a year old haha) and I have shorter hair now because it was so damaged lol

    Feels like it's still summer though. Enjoy your 'long walks at the beach' (which beach btw?)

  13. 31 more days till the canucks tart there 2011-2012 Season Against the Peguins cant wait it will be a entertaing game to watch.BTW you have a nice Profile pic it is Awesome and cool.:)oh and how is your summer only 2 more weeks and summer wil be over.