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  1. Lmao get off it, smark.
  2. You can tell Brie is getting help from D-Bry. Missile dropkicks off the second turnbuckle!
  3. Does he have a name?
  4. You can discuss things you don't like. Believe it or not, people do do that. Music, shows, movies, people, etc. And tbh, I sort of get a kick out of Tangelos getting mad cause I don't like his fav show.
  5. Nice to see this dude gets good. I drafted him as well.
  6. Pretty much this. I was so excited for the Wyatts debut but then WWE had nothing for them. Maybe if you watched them in NXT, you'd be excited for this feud too. Nice to see them actually getting real feuds. This match is sort of about that. They've done nothing for so long and needed important feuds, so now they get top stars and it's interesting (for me at least). Plus Harper is cool. "Yeah, yeah, yeah"
  7. It's hard to take the problem into your hands when it's so hard to check a guy that just skates around. You must be a douche in the game.
  8. How else are you gonna be able to take those guys seriously if they just keep feuding with each other? Everyone just gave up on the Wyatts, but can you blame them? Pretty hard to make an interesting feud out of randomly attacking Truth and Kofi and Miz and crap like that.
  9. That's the one!
  10. Lol it's effective in killing time, but a douche move. Do you watch hockey? Do teams ever get the lead and then just rag the puck around for ages in their own zone?
  11. I usually play HUT in the day, and I just smash teams. Playing at night now against only teams that have bought players with $$$$$$$$$
  12. Oh man. What's next? A parent's basement joke?
  13. Yeah, no chance in hell you're over 11 or 12. You get excited to see guts being eaten and I need drugs. Fanboys will fanboy.
  14. Paul London just had a really entertaining match with someone. But he botched the ending
  15. Lol if a show bores the hell out of you, that's not a valid reason to dislike it? Unbelievable what you say sometimes.