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  1. The Official Transit Thread

    Totally agree that LRT sucks. Very unappealing way to get new users. Waste of money.
  2. The Official Transit Thread

    The Evergreen line should be a loop which would include a southeastern route meeting at Coq central station.
  3. The Official Transit Thread

    They are taking their time.
  4. The Official Transit Thread

    Don't forget to four lane highway 99 to Pemberton.
  5. The Official Transit Thread

    SeaBus Frequency *Feb.8 to Feb.28, 2010 Olympic Days Departing Waterfront 6:01am to 10:01am 15 mins 10:01am to 12:31am 10 mins 12:31am to 1:16am 15 mins 1:16am to 2:16am 30 mins Departing Lonsdale Quay 6:02am to 9:47am 15 mins 9:47am to 12:17am 10 mins 12:17am to 1:32am 15 mins 1:32am to 2:02am 30 mins Departing Waterfront Monday to Sunday 6:01am / 2:16am Departing Lonsdale Quay 6:02am / 2:02am http://tripplanning.translink.ca/hiwire?.a=iScheduleLookupSearch&LineName=998&LineAbbr=998
  6. The Official Transit Thread

    Studies have shown that a fair percentage of people who took transit during major city events end up driving their cars more often. Translink is admitting that lineups at stations to get on and off will be very time consuming. Delays and congestion like this are major reasons why people give up on public transit. The Millenium line will be getting massive surges in ridership as Renfrew and Rupert Stations will be the key stops for events at the Pacific Coliseum.
  7. The Official Transit Thread

    The Skytrain bridge is why there are hardly any buses on the Pattullo. Why translink can't put buses on the Port Mann bridge temporarily during this Pattullo fiasco is total stupidity and ignorant. Some of these translink officials, managers should wake up and get a dose of reality as they really have no clue when there are zero buses on the Port Mann.
  8. The Official Transit Thread

    It is an absolute gong show out there no matter what mode of normal transportation one takes. With the massive increase in bus passengers, buses are running late and leaving passengers behind at bus stops. Chartering a helicopter would be the fastest way to get across the Fraser River. I know every little bit helps but seriously what are four more additional trains shuttling between Scott Road and Waterfront stations to ease the pressure during rush hourtrains going to do? Basically nothing considering those trains should be commencing and terminating at King George Station. The lack of any quick response plan shows the public that if something similar like this happens during the Olympics, we're screwed. For starters, the N19 should be going 24 hours until this mess is fixed. This 4:30 am start for Skytrain is ridiculous because it is only 38 minutes earlier than normal and there are no buses starting earlier to get people to the Surrey area stations for the earlier trains. Start the trains at 3:45 with area buses even earlier and translink better work out a deal to get some more parking around Skytrain stations. On the news, the Massey tunnel's counterflow lane is to start at 5:00 am and that too should start earlier like 4:00 and go until 10:00. Then for the evening commute, begin it at 2:30 and go until 8:00 pm.