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  1. Too bad Tryamkin wasn't happy and left. Now they have signed Pedan to a one yr deal. They could have had 3 huge D men.
  2. Yeah get rid of the VANCOUVER on the present jerseys and we will be happy. Keep the alternate stick and rink jersey.
  3. Of course everyone is optimistic about next season. The new coach however might end up being a scape goat for the rest of management. Hopefully management will help him rectify the mess they have created. I have always wondered why proven goal scorers with other teams come here and can't score anymore. Look at Vrbata and Bonino for example. Another thing is why did Canuck management get rid of some of the gritty players they had going into the 2011 cup final ?
  4. It really doesn't matter who Canucks draft. They couldn't keep Tryamkin here.
  5. Have you ever listened to Tony Gallagher ? He is brilliant. One thing Gallagher points out is how they always take goal scorers and right away try to get them to play more defensively. Then they forget how to score. Smart teams don't do that? Let them score. The defence can be learned eventually.
  6. The Canucks should hire Tony Gallagher. He seems the only one that can save the team. It seems they are set on hiring a coach with no experience as a coach in the NHL. He is just another x player. How many x players are Stanley Cup winning coaches ? What sucks is that they angered Tryamkin enough to leave. Aqulinni should listen to Tony Gallagher. He makes a lot of sense
  7. It is time the Linden experiment ends. Hopefully they do something very soon regarding a coach. They need to have a plan if that is possible where all the management are on the same page. The Linden years are a bust . The team hasn't had a good coach since Pat Quinn and Roger Neilson before that. Crawford comes in below that. The team has catered to Naslund, Luongo and the Sedins giving them the "C". How well did that work ? Just years of dumb moves by management in Vancouver. Still they put lots of fans in the rink at exorbitant seat prices and its such a shame because right now the future looks bleak for this rudderless ship of fools.
  8. The next coach should not be handcuffed by the owner or president or GM. The coach and GM need to decide direction and the owner has to be on the same page. This idea that the team was going to be a fast skilled team was flawed from the beginning. In todays NHL you need to be big and tough and if you have some skill and speed it helps but first you need to have everyone from the owner down on the same page. Its obvious the team needs to revamp its management and direction.
  9. Last year Vrbata was a dud. This year it was Erikson. Why these 2 can't score on this team is amazing. Vrbata got around 20 this year with Arizona. Then there is Edler who seems to have vision problems etc. The Sedins need to retire, they had their day. So there are still a zillion problems with this team. Obviously they need a tough coach and one who is not afraid of players or owners or the GM . Basically the Tiger had a pretty good assessment of the current Canucks.
  10. He still has his clip board though, clutched tightly under his right arm.
  11. The problem will now be one for WD to figure out how he can stifle new guys on the team . Kind of get them used to his clip board strategy. Got to edge any new guys in slowly ya know .
  12. The whole organization is a bust, not just Benning. The Erickson deal was a huge mistake. Now they have traded away some old character guys. Not much left and not much coming for several years. The management, or better yet the owner, needs to take a look into the future because it only has Horvat and not much else. Maybe Aquilini should seek some real hockey advise from Brian Burke, or Scotty Bowman.
  13. Benning is mediocre at best. Linden also mediocre as president. The owner also seems content with his team so what can ya do. I feel sorry for Horvat a more than decent player stuck in Canuck la la land.
  14. Its true, Burrows was one of the reasons I kept watching the Canucks. Now the guy that interests me the most is a guy Willy doesn't like to play too much, Tryamkin. There isn't much exiting about the Canucks any more, and a lot less after this trade. More empty seats I guess. Its sure been a disaster since 2011. Burrows will maybe finish his career on a winnner. Good for him, a big loss for Canucks.
  15. Yeah this team needs to get bigger and meaner. A better coach would also help slightly.