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  1. This might be a blessing in disguise for the canucks. A few weeks will give injuries time to heal. And they can look for a better coach.
  2. snucks

    Fire Green!

    I wonder about the entire coaching group. Now granted there have been injuries. That, though, might be partly because of the coaching. It is obvious that the goalies and many of the team are not ready at the start of games. Everything comes back to the coaches, always, that is the way it is, they are responsible. I don't think this team was ever meant to be defensive and they should not try to be. Sitting on leads, or trying to come back after I'st period let downs is not how they should play. They should always be attacking. One also has seen this bunch play some real good games, but since losing Markstrum and Boeser, along with Pettersen and Hughes being attacked every game, the coaches might be having trouble motivating the team.
  3. The Canucks should almost never try to sit on leads and try to shut down the other team. They are better when attacking. They are relying on goal tending too much. I don't believe Green is a great coach. This team needs to skate to win. I don't think Green is much better than WD. Benning is also mediocre as a GM. Markstrum and a couple of star quality players have kept the Canucks in the playoff hope. That is what has kept the fans in the building. Brink back Burke !
  4. To me Green is not much better than WD. This current group of coaches don't seem to react well to game situations.
  5. Canucks D men have gotten too reliant on their goaltenders. For a quite a while they have gotten away with puck watching in front of their goalie. The coach has also gotten away with the status quo. Apart from Hughes the D isn't mobile enough. Canucks often stop skating and just watch the other team, and they obstruct their own goalie. As always its tough being a goal tender for the Canucks.
  6. Another thing the team needs is some tough guys to protect them. What happened to Ferland ? I don't think this team will remain well enough to reach the playoffs; they are just not big and tough enough.
  7. There is enough talent to do much better. When the team gets a lead of one or more goals they somehow seem to play different. The team needs to have more freedom to play their game. They have good goal tending so should never try to play shut down or sit on a lead. They need to skate and not worry about defense. When the Oilers got Gretsky they did not sit on leads, they just tried to out score their opponents. That is the way this team should be playing every game. They can score lots of goals to but they need to skate and shoot. Maybe a coaching change is needed but who ?
  8. Those were penalties a veteran should never make, particularly against a team like the Oilers. That must drive JB crazy. The Canucks were in that game but the penalties did them in.
  9. So they blew a 6-3 lead in the 3rd period when they had come back from a 2 goal deficit in the 1st period. This tells me that coaching told the team to play defense in the 3rd instead of continuing to play offense. This team has great goal tending but the D is very weak. Green seems to favour sitting on leads. The game was lost because of some D standing around puck watching. The best defense is strong offense but Canuck coaching has always stifled attacking minded players. When the oilers had Gretsky they got scored on but they overcame that by scoring lots of goals. The coach is still learning to coach in the big league, but he needs to let the team attack. I
  10. Have they honored Alex Burrows yet ? He was a key player for several yrs. He was a leader in many ways. Didn't he help slay the dragon ?
  11. Why did they not have Gaudette play in the OT. He was hot in that game. Most coaches reward hustle and play like that. It was a real let down in the OT after watching Canucks tie it up late in the period. The guys that can skate should be in the OT. I don't mean Tanev. OK they started Horvat to make sue they got the puck but Pettersen never got a chance and he is the best in alone on the goalie. He and Hughes are perfect for the 3 on 3. So the Canucks have some real talent, skaters, etc but the coaches are not at the same level.
  12. Some of the players know whats wrong. In the Chicago game Boeser was skating miles because he knows what is wrong. So does Pettersen.
  13. I don't think this team is as good or tough as the 1994 team or the 2011 team. It is better though than many of the other years, and great goal tending is a big reason. I think coaching might be a weakness the players can't overcome. As well there are some players still on the team that are getting huge money for poor performance. That is a management problem. Why did they sign Ferland who had just started to play better but had a history of concussions? Did they know about that or what? Anyhow the season start has been good but its early.
  14. Benn would probably be way better than Edler on the power play. I also don't like Edler "goaltending" as he often does, blocking our goalie's sight. The drop pass on power play was started because Canucks were having trouble gaining the blue line. I also think it was created for Edler to enable setting up the Power play
  15. Where was Pettersen last night on the 3 on 3 ? On the bench. Why, Pettersen is a master at deeking out the goalie. 3 on 3 gives him lots of space. He and Boeser should always play together. Actually Green should be asking Petey what he thinks. The Canucks are going to stiffle him or have him get hurt slammed into the boards or ice. The refs don't protect him like they protected Gretsky. Its a shame to see this type of coaching with players like Boeser, and Pettersen, and even Hughes. These guys have high hockey IQ and need to play their game. The coach needs to adapt and help them to achieve their potential, not restrict them or have them get injured playing his game.