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  1. Canucks have Doug Jarvis now too.
  2. What does, young, fast, high character group, mean ? It means stay out of trouble but be fast and young. That is an unreal proposition in todays NHL. Does Trevor think, they don't need to be tough, and if soft, the refs will treat them better? Does he think the NHL has had it in for the Canucks ? Though he will never admit that, I think he does. Hopefully they will add some big mean guys to protect the rest, and not leave everything up to Virtanen.
  3. Well although not in the Canucks division a better Canadian team might be Winnipeg. There isn't much to look forward to in the Canucks except Tryamkin and Julevi, but they say they are going to make Julevi stay with London knights.
  4. WD is known for wanting to bring young players along slowly. How will that work when they see how well Julevi can play ? Some players are ready right away in that they understand the game better than their coaches, its just in them. A problem might be for the Canucks is that they still don't have much in the way of policemen or protectors for the rest. Some NHL teams however have whole teams of tough players. I really think WD is not the right man to coach this team as it rebuilds which is what they need to do since the Sedins are all but washed up, nice guys that they are.
  5. Yeah the Canucks have let some good ones get away over the years. Edler though is stuck on the team right.
  6. I think there are too many cooks and if there are not drastic changes in management it will be years of mediocrity. It seems to me they don't even want a tough gritty team. They want a fast skating play making team. We saw what happened in 2011 but management did not learn from it.
  7. I don't buy into anything the Canucks are doing . It has perhaps occurred to some of us that the present coach will stifle any new comers and veterans alike. I think the choice of the present coach has been a problem. Maybe D Jarvis can take over soon.
  8. Yeah, ho hum. It seems like the Canucks organization is worse than underwhelming. I thought the coach was about their worse problem now I think the whole ship and crew are sunk. The players are probably not the worse part of the Canuck organization.
  9. I believe Vegas will fail and its too bad they didn't expand to Seattle and Quebec city. Quebec city has a brand new arena. They would fill the rink in Quebec, and Seattle would also. Vegas will be worse than Phoenix.
  10. I wouldn't get exited about Canucks anything as long as Linden, and WD are involved. The team still has no identity. WD will mess up the good players and still has his favorite to put on the ice. When will everyone finally realize WD is a minor league coach at best. Glad to see at least one of his assistants gone though. Its really too bad the GM didn't pick the coach. Linden messed up and maybe the owner did hiring Linden.
  11. Willie played the crap out of Vey. The Sedins weren't happy with things and the coach is running the ship. I am not the only one that could understand WD's coaching.
  12. The problem is Trevor Linden. Benning can get some good players in but they still have Willy and his Vey. Linden will not fire the coach he hired. The owner will not fire Linden and the team will not do much better because every team in the league knows how to play the Canucks and their coach. A couple of injuries and it will be another bad year.
  13. Too much passing. Shoot the puck more.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if McCann couldn't stand WD and his Vey. I think there is plenty not said about WD and think he stifles young guys and some veterans. I don't think he is a good coach.
  15. The present coach doesn't seem to want rookies. He is always reluctant to give them enough ice time till they have gone through his process. That process is a process that stifles rookies who actually need ice time to get used to the league. This could be why the manager is trading away draft choices. It will not be a good year as long as WD is behind the bench. He can go back to the minors where he can "bring along players slowly". He can take his Vey with him too.