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  1. Still not sure about the coach

    Green needs to tell management what is needed. He is probably going to do that and have real input because it looks like upper management thinks all will be well next season. The team is weak in all areas. They can't score. They don't shoot the puck enough, and pass too much , reluctant to give up the puck because the D is so bad. So many injuries, Why ? So Green is in a tough place. The coach is hampered by the Sedins playing out their careers. Since 2011 how did Winnepeg get to be so much better than Canucks? No body listened to Torts, thats why.
  2. I'm still not sure or happy with the Canucks coach, but this season is a learning experience for him. He must know now what needs to happen. He must in next season change what he needs to change, but he may still be handcuffed by senior management. The concept of becoming a fast skilled team which kind of abandons toughness and just tolerates injuries and bad officiating, while losing games and players, must be changed by the coach. I have not given up on Green yet, but expect a different bench boss next season. He must change the minds of upper management, and push a different direction. I think Green needs to become a little more like Iron Mike, Scotty Bowman, or Torts .
  3. Bulk Up After Season Ends

    Wrong, maybe Clutterbuck would not have been able to fling Boeser into the open door if Boeser had a little more weight. Remember Boeser was kind of shoved aside, or bounced off Clutterbuck like a bug.
  4. canucks real problem

    The real problem is the managements plan to have a fast skating skilled style of play. Without some toughness you end up with more injuries. Then the fans stop coming to the games or even watch them on TV. It is kinda sad to watch teams beat up our beloved Canucks.
  5. [Injuries] Canucks 2017/18

    It isn't the first time there has been a serious injury caused by an open door. Maybe the door opening can be re designed to lesson the serious injuries. Maybe they should have a new rule of no hitting in front of the benches. Maybe player leaving the ice need to make sure the door is closed, although in this case maybe there wasn't enough time. Maybe Brock should not be making body checks on a solid guy like Clutterbuck. I guess he was just doing what no-one else would do. Hopefully management will realise they cannot proceed with their goal of a fast skilled team. In the NHL you have to protect your skilled guys, and not have them trying to make up for the possible lack of toughness.
  6. canucks real problem

    The real problem is injuries. The team is too soft and small. Skilled and fast but not tough enough and too many oldsters. They need to get bigger or will just keep having injuries and over play a guy like Boeser or Horvat. Get rid of the old and get bigger or it will be the same next year.
  7. Stop the Sedin Hate

    Its Henrik that has not been playing that well . He has made a lot of mistakes costing the team goals against. His brother seems in better shape.
  8. They should have told him to get a hair cut.
  9. Canucks' Team Toughness

    Toughness doesn't seem to be an issue in the Canucks plans. Why is it almost every team in the NHL has more toughness or dirty players than the Canucks ? How long will Boeser last without protection. ?
  10. Canucks' Team Toughness

    The management has always supported the gentleman player types for getting the C. I don't understand why they didn't give that letter to Horvat.
  11. THE PURGE (discussion)

    Yes he is worse than the aging Sedins and Edler.
  12. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    I think Henrik particularly is tired. He gets frustrated and takes bad penalties. I thinks its time they retired. 2011 was the turning point. Canucks got rid of some grit but kept the twins. Anson Carter was their best linemate and they had some others line mates that complimented them but its time to let them go. Hopefully they won't hold up some younger players from getting on the team buy staying.
  13. Congratulations Brock

    Nice to see Brock Boeser calmly doing what he does, especially when the Canucks did not do well with the draft lottery a couple of times. This year he has made the Canucks games worth watching.
  14. Non of his team wanted to help him either. Very sad !
  15. Well the attendance will really drop now. That is the second shot Boeser has taken in the last couple of games. The first one stung him pretty good but he came back in the game. Were other players trying to slow him down, because there is nobody in the league today that can shoot a puck like Boeser. He really desrves to be on a better team that can protect him. It was probably inevitable he was going to get hurt on this weak Canuck team. Why couldn't it have been Edler instead or Gaunce.