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  1. He still has his clip board though, clutched tightly under his right arm.
  2. The problem will now be one for WD to figure out how he can stifle new guys on the team . Kind of get them used to his clip board strategy. Got to edge any new guys in slowly ya know .
  3. The whole organization is a bust, not just Benning. The Erickson deal was a huge mistake. Now they have traded away some old character guys. Not much left and not much coming for several years. The management, or better yet the owner, needs to take a look into the future because it only has Horvat and not much else. Maybe Aquilini should seek some real hockey advise from Brian Burke, or Scotty Bowman.
  4. Benning is mediocre at best. Linden also mediocre as president. The owner also seems content with his team so what can ya do. I feel sorry for Horvat a more than decent player stuck in Canuck la la land.
  5. Its true, Burrows was one of the reasons I kept watching the Canucks. Now the guy that interests me the most is a guy Willy doesn't like to play too much, Tryamkin. There isn't much exiting about the Canucks any more, and a lot less after this trade. More empty seats I guess. Its sure been a disaster since 2011. Burrows will maybe finish his career on a winnner. Good for him, a big loss for Canucks.
  6. Yeah this team needs to get bigger and meaner. A better coach would also help slightly.
  7. Trouble is we keep getting players no other teams want, plus we have some tired twins, and Edler. Erikson was a real pickup , no ?
  8. There is no substitute for size. The Canucks could have had to large guys playing D but have botched it. The biggest problem with Canucks is management over thinking it. They are not genius's that for sure. Put the C on the player that deserves it (Horvat) bring Pedan on the D and things will start to fall into place but the Sedins could also be split up at times. Another player that can do it all and is miss used is Sutter.
  9. The "TV TIME-OUTS" are too many and too long. This is good though, because WD doesn't like to use time-outs.
  10. What ever happened to Pedan ? Yeah Edler is still Edler. The Sedins though are tired I think. When are they going to give the C to Horvat ? The biggest problem is WD and his "game plan". He is awful at adapting to game situations. He tries to stick to his crappy game plans. The goal tending is the only thing good about this team right now. It is boring and the crowd has less volume than the yelling refs.
  11. Even with a coach like WD they win some games or are in some games but imagine if they had a real good coach. They would probably be near the top of their division. WD is liked I think so nobody is identifying his deficiencies. Its amazing how quiet broadcasters or commentators are about this guy.
  12. Pedan should have been playing all along this season. What the heck is WD doing relying so heavily on the small guy Stetcher who is skilled and smart but can only do so much. Pedan is not favoured by WD it seems but neither was the Tryamkin. WD has no clue. He just goes by his clip board plan. You can even see how he clings to his clip board. WD has screwed up more games than the players. The players have won some games in spite of the coach.
  13. Well Pedan would have been better than Edler last night I'm sure but WD prefered Edler. He doesn't want too many big guys on his team. He wants to go according to his trusted clip board. Edler has decent size but his defence is seriously lacking. Miller saved WD's butt last night. The sad part about the Canucks are; there are some good parts, but right now the worst parts are; the president, GM, and coach.
  14. Don't want to many big guys on the D it might screw up the chemistry.
  15. Management could care less about this forum. They are content with a few empty seats and like their coach.