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  1. Non of his team wanted to help him either. Very sad !
  2. Well the attendance will really drop now. That is the second shot Boeser has taken in the last couple of games. The first one stung him pretty good but he came back in the game. Were other players trying to slow him down, because there is nobody in the league today that can shoot a puck like Boeser. He really desrves to be on a better team that can protect him. It was probably inevitable he was going to get hurt on this weak Canuck team. Why couldn't it have been Edler instead or Gaunce.
  3. This Team Has No JAM!

    If I not mistaken the upper management of the Canucks planned to have a fast, and skilled team. They don't want Vancouver to be hated anymore. Can you believe that ? I guess they want the refs and other teams to like them. Well they do like scoring 6 or 7 goals on the Canucks
  4. Yeah It looked like he did it on purpose. Only an idiot would do such a dumb thing possibly injuring an opponent. There was no reason to do that other than stupidity, but its Calgary. Now we have lost one of the few good things left about the Canucks. The officials in the NHL these days are real bush league. Play should have been stopped.
  5. This Team Has No JAM!

    There are still a few survivors of the 2011 Stanley cup final on the current Canucks roster. That team was broken bad and management has yet to repair it. The idea that the new bunch were to be fast and skilled but stay out of the penalty box is dumb at best. Management and no one else is responsible for what we are seeing on the ice. Another point that keeps coming up is the question; "why do Canucks grab so many European players?" Amazing when the Captain tells us he thinks Boeser is the best natural goal scorer he has ever seen. Boeser is American born. Canada also produces some great players. Maybe the Canucks should stop scouting Europe and build some grit into the team. It was dumb to just hope Dorset would protect the rest.
  6. This Team Has No JAM!

    The guys that had some jam are all injured. Whats left are the jam tarts. It should have been evident that this team has not been tough for years especially after the 2011 cup loss to Boston. That team had some toughness but management then decided what is needed in Vancouver is a skilled and fast but not tough. They wanted to stay out of the penalty box. Now with all the injuries and Edler trying to play goal in front of his goalie the fans better not expect any wins. Brock Boeser will not be able to save this bunch . Feel sorry for Green he is left with not much.
  7. Disaster ahead ? Lets share our thoughts

    The best players seem to be the ones getting hurt. Who will be next ? Maybe Brock Boeser. The team is just not tough or big enough.
  8. Canucks Defensive Depth Chart after 3 games

    The D is not big enough or tough enough. It is amazing that management thinks they will be fine with that group. What the heck was wrong with Pedan ?
  9. Fans at Rogers

    Well the team isn't expected to be in the playoffs are they. Can't blame the team , or even the coach. Imagine if the draft lottery had of been luckier for them. Imagine Austin Matthews on this team. The Fans have seen maybe one super star in all the years since 1970. They have seen a couple of good coaches, and been to the final 3 times, but its been almost 50years. Remember when the Rangers met the Canucks in '94; the Rangers were complaining about not winning a cup for 40 years. This looks like the least likely team of all the Canuck years to exite fans. Management has really missed the boat. For many years the Canucks had filled the building, but they have missed out on getting stars that are winners. The idea that they are going to be a fast skilled team is suspect when they have to play against much bigger meaner teams. 2011 should have taught management something.
  10. Canucks Defensive Depth Chart after 3 games

    Pedan should still be on the team but..................
  11. Ring of Honor: Bertuzzi or Burrows?

    Is Harold Snepts in the Ring of Honor yet ?
  12. the "C"

    Why does Sedin still have the "C" ? I think a captain should be on the ice more than on the bench. Why not Bo ?
  13. Why do you watch?

    Boeser is one of those rare players that is exiting to watch. Why does Canucks management always do this to young guys. Are they afraid they might make a mistake ? Must they always try to impede their progress ? Is it that a young guy might out shine the old has beens ? If you have a player that was good in the pre season why sit him out the 1st 2 games. I was hoping we had enough of the Willy D kind of coaching but now I am not so sure.
  14. The curious case of Brock Boeser

    It is what the Canucks always do. They want to manage these young players. It seems even if it screws up a line or two, teaching or managing the young guys is job one. This stifles players and they know there are other guys playing regularly that are not producing. To me the second game was a far cry from the first, by the whole team. It is quite early to second guess the coach, but maybe he is mostly concerned about the media, and him asserting himself as the coach. I think the Sedins need to retire and open up a couple of spots for younger players. Anyway its early, but I think Boeser should have played last night.
  15. As it has been in the past the Canuck organization seems to be just winging it and knows the fans will come anyway. Of course the lead ups to 1994 and 2011 things clicked. '94 they got screwed but 2011 they got there but weren't tough enough. It doesn't look like they got much tougher. Has anyone noticed how well Kassian hs developed ? duh ! They sure blew it with Tryamkin didn't they. Carry on Trevor.