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  1. Boy those Northern Pipeline commercials sure make it seem stupid NOT to build it lol. C'mon! do it for the children!

  2. well, its all for fun, those who take it seriously are nuts....well besides me

  3. oh thank goodness, because I was kidding when i said add me to that list

  4. I will sue you for rep if you start to profit from my thread! hahahaha j/k

  5. I took you will be sorely missed

  6. Your name is awesome. :D

  7. hey

    When is av gone ?

  8. I added you to the Official Wagoneer roster, congrats dude! now spread the love!

  9. yo man, congrats! you are officially a WAGONEER!!! now spread the love man!

  10. yo man, congrats! your officially a Wagoneer!

    now spread the love homie!