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  1. Official Wireless Thread

    Freedom was terrible. I live in coal harbour and my reception would be spotty. I use an S7. Anytime i would go to Richmond or North Vancouver, it would get worse. They're cheap, for a reason.
  2. The Travel Thread

    Here you go. example 1. trains from gatwick to London blackfriars under 11gbp one way AIRPORT/LONDON BLACKFRIARS/03/07/17/19/00/Leave After//////Leave After/1/0// gatwick express to Victoria coach station for about 18gbp one way Depending on where you are staying, these two sites will help you decide which is the best train to catch. You can buy your ticket ahead of time, and use the same payment card and the reference number to collect once you arrive. IF you miss your train, then you can still use the ticket for the next one, so no stress there. Here is the Eurostar information the ticket is an any belgium station via Brussels. It could be useful for a nice quick stop over if you have not been before. It can be a good excuse to try some damn good belgium beers and take a free walking tour of the city. Once you made it to Amsterdam, you could look at a cheap flight back. The flights right now are about 30gbp each for one person, one way. They arrive in Luton airport. Now when you get to that airport, you have to take a shuttle to the train station, which costs 2.10. from there you need a train ticket which is about 15gbp AIRPORT PARKWAY/LONDON/19/07/17/14/00/Leave After//////Leave After/1/0// When you are looking for a place to stay in london, make sure it is in either zone 1 or 2. those zones share the same fares for the tube and are the closest to the city. If you are are a Lord of the Rings fan, there is a bar called the Grapes in Limehouse, it is owned by Sir Ian Mckellen and has his Gandalf staff and other items to see in the bar, It is also about 500 years old. So it is a cool pub to see with some damn good english ales. I personally would recommend the sky garden on a clear day, it has some of the best views in London and you can get a good but expensive meal in the bistros there. It is located in the Walkietalkie building (its the locals name for it) Shoreditch is also a cool area to walk around in. Very hipster but many good places to eat. I wont go over the usual tourist stuff since you know that already,. I'll keep adding to the list as I remember stuff haha
  3. The Travel Thread

    Maybe you could swing a week long french road trip? I did that for christmas a few years back and ended up in Switzerland lol. The driving is easy outside the main cities. You will be stuck with crowds where ever you go. France is one of the most visited countries in the world. But with a car you are able to just go where ever you want. Travelsupermarket website has good deals on car rentals, I have used them many times before. I am quite biased towards lightweight travel, in all my trips I have never used anything more than a small backpack and I never felt I did not have enough room. In 5 weeks in Spain or even 6 months around Asia, even in colder places like Iceland or eastern Europe, it was always the same bag. I liked getting off the plane with my stuff, not waiting for bags that might get lost. I enjoyed not having to arrive early at the airport to check my bag too. I could just walk right through security no problem. I used two compression bags that helped reduce the amount of space my stuff took, I even had a small hammock in my bag for the warmer countries when I found a beach with a few palm trees, or a park that I could hang it up at. I was not glamour traveling but I didn't want to anyways. I admit at first I was a bit unsettled having such a small bag for such long trips, but I very quickly appreciated the less stuff to carry, made for a more enjoyable time.
  4. The Travel Thread

    If you are flying into London via Gatwick, it is cheaper to take the regular train into the city and avoid the Gatwick express. the times are not much different (30min vs 45min) and you will save about 12 gbp. Most trains from Gatwick will stop at either Blackfriars or London bridge, some will be direct and others you will need to change. When you get to the train station at Gatwick, pay attention to the board. Look for a train that goes to either Blackfriars or London bridge. Some will go to London Victoria, but unless your accommodation is in west London, your intercity commute will still take a while. If you are flying into Heathrow, you can take the regular tube for about 4 gbp. If you are going through stansted, either the train or bus (I prefer the train). Also, the London tube caps daily fares at 7 gbp per day, so you can ride all you want and once you hit that 7 gbp cap, the rest of the rides are free. I lived in london for a few years so I got pretty used to finding the best way from the airports. Heathrow was always the cheapest to get to and from, but i found Luton airport and Stansted always had the fastest moving immigration lines. Heathrow and Gatwick the slowest (be prepared for an hour or more wait) the Eurostar gives you the option for a trip to Belgium with a 24hr stopover in Brussels. I used it once on my way to Brugge and arrived in brussels around noon. i spent the day looking around and then departed for Brugge the next day around 11am. From Belgium it is only a couple hour train to Amsterdam so you could do it all via rail. hope that helps with europe haha
  5. The Travel Thread

    Flights are cheap, if you stay with carry on luggage only. That is my strong advice. I would recommend flying to Pisa, see the tower and then take a mini road trip or bus to Cinque terra and go hike the beautiful coastline. Afterwards you can take a bus or train to Venice and see the city there. The Dolomites are not too far away as well if you like the outdoors. Paris, if you have not been before, is awesome but a bit overwhelming i think. My first time was not too pleasant as the constant scams got tiresome. However several more visits and it has become one of my favourite cities in Europe. The area around Bastille was particularily nice. When I say carry on by the way, I always used an Osprey kestrel 48l bag and I have never had any problems with it. I have been on well over 80 flights with it and never once was it questioned. I used it for short 3 day trips all the way up to 6 months long around Asia. I reckon you could do the same with similiar in Europe.
  6. The Travel Thread

    If you are heading in the summer you will get to experience the midnight sun, 24hour daylight. This will be quite handy when it comes to driving. You could easily drive the entire country in the 7 days. I did the same thing in 6 days in January, was very easy and beautiful driving. I did camp in my car the entire trip, -10c at night but it helped save on costs. You will notice quickly how damn expensive Iceland is. Expect to pay over $3/litre for petrol for example. On top of that, most car hires charge nearly double in the summer months due to demand, hence why i preferred both times I visited to be in the winter. In Reyjavik you can do all of your food shopping at the Bonus stores, they will have all you need. There are a few outdoor shops too so get a couple 250g canisters of gas and cook your meals on the go. If you forget something, you can stop in Selfoss (assuming you are driving southeast first) and they also have a Bonus to shop at. Outside of those two towns, you will be hard pressed to find another place for decent shopping. Any other meals will most likely be at gas stations until you hit either Akureyri or Egilsstaðir in the north. I highly recommend taking a hike in Skaftafel national park. There is a beautiful waterfall and a bit further into the park you get some lovely scenery of the mountains. In vik there are plenty of things to do from the black sand beach to the plane wreck and a couple massive waterfalls. Continue up the east coast and you will pass the glacier lagoon and get into the lovely and desolate northern part of Iceland. mvyrtan is very neat lake and there are some cool activities to do.there is a hot spring that is underground and was used for a few of the scenes in Game of thrones. It is free to go inside, though you are not supposed to swim in it. The western part of Iceland has many stunning coastlines and spending a day in the Snaefellsjoekull national park is well worth it. Since you will be in the summer, more of the highlands will be accessible for you unlike the winter, so there are many more hikes and overnight trips to consider as well. Where else are you going in Europe?
  7. The Travel Thread

    Abbotsford is boring. Sure there's a flea market and a wave pool. I've been traveling/living abroad almost 4 years now. You should try venturing beyond.
  8. The Travel Thread

    I've been twice now. Both times in the winter (January) and loved it. Every night that was clear we had the northern lights come out. I highly.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND renting a car instead of most packaged tours. Only tours I would recommend would be for anything dangerous...IE ice climbing or glacier trekking. I've been around the entire country so please let me know if any specifics you like. Yes the blue lagoon is pretty, but imagine drunk English tourists wading around with beers.. Meanwhile there are equally fabulous springs either free or a short drive from Reykjavik.
  9. Contact Lenses

    I've used air optic aqua monthly lenses for a few years now and they're fantastic. Buy them off the internet for much cheaper prices. Contactsexpress has great prices l. You'll save money with monthly contacts though some prefer dailies, up to you.
  10. HOT NUTS!!!! (and other holiday recipes)

    Have you tried spiced nuts but with crystallizing the sugar with the spices? It's quite easy, you heat up sugar as you would making a caramel and once it's reached about 121c you dump in your nuts and spices (best to do it all at once) and take off the stove while continually stirring with a wooden spoon until the sugar crystallizes. It may take a few tries but it's worth it. No need for any fats either.
  11. Buy broken phones off eBay, fix them and then resell them. iPhone 4s and 5 are the best for this. An unlocked 32gb iPhone 5 will get you some decent profit if all you have to do is fix the screen. You'd be surprised that people sell phones that "don't work" only to find out the charging port was dirty. I bought an HTC m8 for £20 (I live in the UK) unlocked and used compressed air to clean the charging port. It switched on and worked fine. Sold it for over £100. Mind you, there will be duds but even those phones you can scrap for pieces. Just stay away from phone job lots. They are rubbish. I always looked for phones that weren't working, typically iPhone 4s or 5 since they had good resale value and weren't glued together. The new phones are all bound with glue and you will mess them up if you try and fix them. The iPhone 5 screen can be completely removed in less than 5 minutes. Buy all your tools online, some 99% iso alcohol and compressed air and boom, small business. Then learn the breakdowns on Good luck!
  12. Haha no worries, The whole town of Pripyat was very eerie. Before we went into the town we stopped by the power plant and saw the actual building that had the accident in it. They have workers there now building the new esophagus that will cover the reactor that will contain the radiation. Before we entered the town there was a final checkpoint to go past as our guide gave them the documents we signed earlier to be allowed in. Once inside we walked around the old streets and went into the buildings they had cleared and made safe. We had walked into one room at the school and the floor was covered in gas masks and other rooms still had all the regular effects (ie chemistry class still had all their writings on the chalk boards etc) A while back a salvage team had gone through many of the buildings to extract any metals that could be salvaged so a lot of the physical damage is from the demolition processes. At one point in the hospital we stopped at the entrance to the basement. Our guide said they had sealed it with sand and dirt to prevent anyone going down there, since there was so much radioactive clothing left over from the first responders down there. He pointed out a rag on the ground that had come from the basement and when we moved the geiger counter close the alarm went off. Once we left we had to go through a scanner (very old fashioned one) that detected the radiation levels your clothing. Mind you if there was anything that was high, you would have to get rid of that clothing. All of the paths we were taken on were approved and clean for visiting. one thing to check out is the Russian Woodpecker. It is straight out of a James Bond movie..and we got to climb it.
  13. Much of the contamination was just covered up *not in terms of conspiracy* but literally covered up. We walked down the road in pripyat parts of the road not covered had high radiation compared to the new pavement which was safe. In the hospital for example, the basement had to be sealed off because it was where they stored all the firefighters clothing after the explosion. The discarded clothing in the basement of the hospital is still dangerously radioactive. when you walked through the hospital occasionally you would find an old piece of uniform from the firefighters and your gieger counter would go crazy!
  14. New iPhone series released

    I had that phone for a couple years and it is bomb proof. Still use it for traveling but now the plastic coverings on the ports have fallen off. I used to bang it on stuff just to show people it's toughness lol.
  15. Where to Buy Asian Sauces in Vancouver?

    Generally, I'll stick with a stock of (I dont know the chinese names for these sauces so my apologies) Cooking karamel, sweet soy sauce,light and dark soy sauce, chinese cooking wine, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, seasame oil and some form of chili oil/paste. my favourite chili paste is the one with toasted chilies and peanuts inside. It comes in a glass bottle with a red label and a woman on the front. better than siracha or any other condiment.