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  1. I am almost surprised Vintage didn't make this thread first.
  2. I hate it when we score this many goals. Takes forever to scroll through the first post of the PGT.
  3. I'll be more disappointed than the day I got married if we lose tomorrow. Make me happy again boys.
  4. I think this thread is directly related to the legalization of Marijuana. Today we see first hand how the new laws have put this potent drug in the hands of children and the fallout are poorly thought-out trade discussions. Thoughts and prayers.
  5. Her being more submissive to friends and colleagues makes her feel bad? or it makes you feel bad? Is she upset that they take advantage of her, or is it your perspective that she is taken advantage of? If you are projecting your sense of pride on her, you are not really focusing on the main issue. You're intentions to keep pursing this I am sure come from place inside that wants to protect and help heal her. But from experience, those can only be helped that want the help. If she is unwilling to change and is content with the consequences, then you should leave. That is if it is as much of a deal breaker as you make it out to be.
  6. A 4 goal lead in the 1st period is not something I feel comfortable sitting on with this team..
  7. Post Quality: 82 Awesomeness: 71 Humor: 56 Typing Speed: 91 Intelligence: 69 Meme-posting ability: 79 Overall rating: 74.66
  8. Why don't you just keep hiking? Walking is a great way to get exercise. Take this guy for example. I mean, you would have to take some time off work, but hey why not!
  9. I really want the team to at least make the playoffs this year. Get that taste of the big show. Even if we drop 4 straight in the first round. They'll come back hungrier. Maybe Brown and Green can ask the other playoff teams coaches for some advice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Watching the Star Wars prequels...Can we hope Disney remakes these? 

    1. Rubik


      Unpopular opinion here: I saw those when i was little (i was born in 92) and those movies were like the best things ever. Now watching it as an adult i get why people hate those so much, especially I and II, but still, can't help but love them, it's just nostalgia for me.


      But of course the original trilogy is far more superior, just wish the prequels would receive more love.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Lucas was brutal for dialogue. Really Revenge of the Sith is the only decent one.

      Someone should have worked with Lucas and made the story better, and provided better motivations and

      improve the characters. 

      Anakin needed to be a sympathetic character, one that the audience identifies with. So that when he turns

      it's more dramatic and tragic. Instead we get a pouty, whiny character. That one wonders what Padme sees in him. 

      Portman and McGregor tried, but they could not rise above a sub-par script.


      To be honest. Rogue One, A New Hope, and Empire Strikes Back are the only ones I really like. 


      Much like Star Trek, Star Wars is dead to me now.