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  1. I love how you can make a diagnosis based on a watching a video. He's right, don't give first aid, don't try, in any way, to give anyone medical treatment.
  2. Except they aren't, unless you are a willfully ignorant moron. Not a one of those has any real signifigance if you are familiar witht eh actual facts. You, like most right wingers, choose not to be, even when it's been shoved in your face. Fact, global cooling was one study in the 70's. A thoroughly debunked study. The only reason you know of it is $&!#ty science reporting.
  3. That bull$&!# has already been addressed and and at least portions of it, I debunked. You will continue to ignore that, because confirmation bias is all you have. Heaven forfend you let reality touch your thinking.
  4. Yes, you are. Like everyone right winger, you believe only what you want to, reality be damned.
  5. It's world news daily, not a single quote has any crediblity. There is no guarantee they are real. You just want this bull$&!# source to be true, like every &^@#ing right winger, you don't care about credibility. You don't care about the truth. As long as it fits your world view, it must be true.
  6. http://realorsatire.com/worldnewsdailyreport-com/ May not be satire, but should be.
  7. Not to the same degree. Plus the loony left isn't the base that gets politicians elected. Green party supporters(you know anti-vaccer lunatics) don't decide the democratic nominee. The looney's on the right run the party, the loonies on the left are marginalized.
  8. No one cares but people who would never vote for her anyways. I'd rather her vp or hell, anyone down the chain of succession then a lunatic. And his lunatic supporters can &^@# off.
  9. Of course she is. Do you know anything about how charitable foundations work? Most of them turn tidy profits for their founders. That's how the system works. There is no such thing as charity, there's bilking the middle and lower classes so the wealthy get wealthier.
  10. These are the perfect arguments. They are the arguments that let you know who has an unreasonable bias and can't be taken seriously. I want to hear more of these opinions so I know who to ignore and who shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  11. No. It's typical right winger lunacy. They don't have reality to fuel their crazy bull$&!# hate so they make $&!# up.
  12. No, I don't. I'm not basing it on assumptions of them, but drawing based on our current existence and the various research weapons on the horizon. Based on that one can conclude a violent species won't advance beyond that to interstellar travel. We are not ready for genetic warfare. That $&!# can destroy us utterly and I fear the day they finally succeed. Things are a bad enough as is.
  13. It's called logic. Do you have any idea what's on the horizon in terms of warfare? Do you think we have any chance of getting past genetic weapons without a serious shift in our cultures? Because we don't. They aren't nukes, they are easily hidden and transported. If some nutbag gets a hold of one, that's the end of human civilization. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If technological growth outpaces cultural growth eventually you will destroy your species.
  14. That might mean something if they weren't fictional. Real life isn't a t.v. show.
  15. No, it's not. You are projecting humanities foibles elsewhere Any civilization advanced enough to be a threat would have gone through the pressures we are facing right now. You don't make it past that while retaining violence and bigotry. With those technological leaps you would destroy youself if you don't also advance morally.