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  1. Bieksa and Ferkland need to square off at centre ice before this thing is over. Show the kid you aren't running scared juice.
  2. I haven't heard about any fights in the stands tonight in Calgary. I hate that stuff. Fans of both teams need to learn to have fun with it. It's a game for Pete's sake. We all know what happens when "fans" get wild and out of hand.
  3. I'd love to see the Canucks offer sheet Bennett or Gaudreau when the time comes. One of those kids would look great in Vancouver.
  4. Bieksa and Bonino both had strong games I thought. Baertchi needs to play next game for sure. I'd keep Lack in.
  5. Pedersen Neely Brodeur Snepts Smyl Tiger Tanti Gradin
  6. If Vancouver does this deal correctly the rebuild will take far less time. Benning should be able to pry away a top two line guy and a high end prospect for Kesler at the minimum. Throw in a relatively high draft pick and Vancouver should be able to skip some of the pain and suffering that Calgary and Edmonton are dealing with. It is time. Kesler is another link to the past failures and the embarrassing performances of this team and its fans. Time to jumpstart the rebuild.