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  1. I think the Danes will be up for the challenge. I especially can't wait to see how Eriksen and Kjaer will do against the big boys!
  2. oy, who's the girl on your sig? she's fine

  3. Killa's probably right. This guy is saying that it's Manchester City that's going to be coming here for a friendly on July 25th. I'm not able to find anything on Google News, MCFC's site nor their Twitter account. We'll find out if this is true tomorrow. Source
  4. Maybe April 10th vs the Dynamo? Salgado is currently on the US U20 team. They have some games coming up so he'll probably be playing in those.
  5. Peter Forsberg isn't in this one...
  6. Yup, it's for sure. Sucks for the Finnish team and fans. He's the focal point of their offence. Yup, no problem!
  7. I'm not a part of this draft, but have been lurking to see how it's shaping up. Granlund is actually a no go for Finland. He's out with a concussion. Just telling you that so you don't get screwed over by picking him when he's not in the tournament.
  8. True by Spandeau Ballet Thanks to Modern Family. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R1GCwIeCd8
  9. I sim through every day. If it takes too long to sim through each day, you can set how specific you want the sims in under "Details" in the Options. Also, that keeps your save files smaller too.
  10. Thanks, Nucksfan9!

    That was an awesome moment for us fans and Willie. Was even better when he called Toews to ask if he was OK. Hopefully Willie will get another chance to play in the NHL. I think he's the type of player that says if he's ready, he's ready. Some team should (and will) take a chance on him. Wishful thinking, but maybe he'll re-sign with us for one ...

  11. i just watched your sig for about 10 minutes, nice.

  12. This is what I do: Where I scout = Russia, Czech, Sweden, Finland, Canada, USA, OHL, QMJHL, WHL. All are set on intensive, between ages 14-17, and no ignore well known. A few months before the draft, I send one scout to scout players eligible for the draft. Oh yes, I have one more set to scout the next opposition. This usually gets most, if not all, the teams in a single season. That way, I still have the scout page on each player that has played in the NHL... well almost all of them.
  13. Woah weird! Maybe another glitch in the game? Same here, it's just too much work to try and find out who it is. Yes, the players do grow after being drafted. That's when you compare their height and weight. I think there's a few years before they're regenerated after retiring. So you should just focus on playing the game instead of looking for regens during the draft. Make sure you have scouts deployed all around the world. That way, your draft day will become easier. They give you recommendations.
  14. All you gotta do is check their height, weight, and handiness. Sometimes I'm not 100% sure which regen it is, but it's usually close. Also, look at who was inducted into the Hall of Fame.