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  1. Pepsi did this with Kyrie Irving pretending to be an old man named Uncle Drew. There's 4 or 5 videos they are pretty funny:
  2. Perhaps, but that's not exactly how labour law works. The employer doesn't actually need a reason to fire anyone (but you would need to prove defamation to sue). The only question is one of severance - if you are let go "for cause" (such as stealing, or breaking a code of conduct), then no severance is warranted. If you are let go for any other reason, then you are owed severance based on years of service, age, and how likely you are to find another job. This applies to non-unionized jobs, as collective bargaining usually covers terminations and disciplines for union staff.
  3. Part of the issue here is whether or not being 15 minutes early is mandated or suggested/recommended by the employer. (Clearly in this case, it was mandated and is now being compensated) But the question of whether or not you should just come in early or not boils down to how much you value your own time vs. progressing within the company. Because clearly if the company values people coming in early, "go-getters", and people who put in face time at work, these are the types of people who will get promoted, get raises, and get better assignments/projects. This is true whether we like it or not, no matter if we feel that is morally wrong. That's just life, and the questions then become: Do you care enough about progressing with this company? How important will a reference from your manager be? Research suggests that despite how we might feel about our employers expectations, the early bird does usually get the worm: Well actually, at least those who are perceived as being early birds, get the worm (how good are you at faking it?): Bottom line, despite how unfair it may seem, it is usually in your best interest to be early and do more than the minimum. Not only for promotions within the company, but to build your reputation as conscientious and hard-working. Or at least, get really good at pretending to work hard
  4. True - and those clauses are becoming more common these days in the world of social media. Either way, the people who are "shocked" that someone could lose their job over something done off work hours, don't actually understand how our labour laws work.
  5. Just to clarify a common misconception about terminations - the employer can actually terminate people without a "reason", or even a stupid one like being 5mins late or whistling while you work. The only question is if severance must be paid or not. Exceptions of course to those in a union where the collective agreement dictates how/when terminations can be handled; and also cases of discrimination (such as race or gender), which usually ends up in court. If you are let go for a justifiable reason, such as not showing up to work, stealing from your employer, or punching a co-worker, you can be let go immediately and no severance is warranted. If you are let go for any other reason, then you are owed severance based on your years of service on the job, age, and how likely you are to find equivalent work. This discussion reminded me about that recent Hydro One employee who got fired for the FHRITP incident. While he cannot fight the actual termination, he will probably get a severance payment (or can go to court to get it if he is not offered one by Hydro One).
  6. More details on Jack Johnson's story here, from the Columbus Dispatch:
  7. BC Lions President guarantees a victory this weekend - and if not, free tickets to a future Lions game for all those in attendance:
  8. It used to happen to me a lot when I was an undergrad student; I always forgot to add in my deductions for being a student, and the CRA added them in for me and updated my return. My guess is it is something like this, or as a poster above noted, a typo that the OP made while using TurboTax
  9. Ouch. That's gotta be it for Todd Mclellan.
  10. Yep, just got this. It's the usual garbage. What I wanted to see was something along the lines of: "We recognize we have been gouging you in terms of ticket prices for the last few years, steadily increasing prices. We will reduce prices starting next year, in light of the fact that this team will be in re-build mode for the next while" Yep, I live in dreamland most of the time, but one can always hope....?
  11. Ah, good to know. I borrowed someones set of 5 books, didn't really look into whether there would be more.
  12. I just started book 5, thinking that was going to be it - and right on the foreword, Martin states that there will be a 6th book. I don't know whether to be happy or upset at this!!!
  13. Exactly - EVERYONE cuts weight. Sorry, but singling out GSP for cutting weight and using that as a reason to not consider him one of the best pound for pound fighters is ridiculous. Everyone cuts weight, with the exception of heavyweights, because there is no upper limit. So of course, Fedor doesn't cut weight, he doesn't need to. But everyone else in the lower divisions do. I'm not sure how much time is usually given between weigh in and fight night, but if you can honestly drop 30lbs for a weigh in, and gain it back WITHOUT getting out of shape, well then all the power to you. That's a lot harder than you might think. Look, I never competed in MMA, but I did wrestle all throughout highschool and University. And even in wrestling, the ONLY time you maintained your weight to within the actual weight class limits, was for tournaments where they had a 2nd weigh-in AFTER the tournament - and even then, you were usually given 1-3kg of allowance (now, wouldn't THAT be an interesting rule to institute in MMA?).