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  1. Peter Forsberg Plays Undercover, Pranks Local Team

    Pepsi did this with Kyrie Irving pretending to be an old man named Uncle Drew.  There's 4 or 5 videos they are pretty funny:    
  2. Perhaps, but that's not exactly how labour law works. The employer doesn't actually need a reason to fire anyone (but you would need to prove defamation to sue). The only question is one of severance - if you are let go "for cause" (such as stealing, or breaking a code of conduct), then no severance is warranted. If you are let go for any other reason, then you are owed severance based on years of service, age, and how likely you are to find another job. This applies to non-unionized jobs, as collective bargaining usually covers terminations and disciplines for union staff.
  3. Part of the issue here is whether or not being 15 minutes early is mandated or suggested/recommended by the employer. (Clearly in this case, it was mandated and is now being compensated) But the question of whether or not you should just come in early or not boils down to how much you value your own time vs. progressing within the company. Because clearly if the company values people coming in early, "go-getters", and people who put in face time at work, these are the types of people who will get promoted, get raises, and get better assignments/projects. This is true whether we like it or not, no matter if we feel that is morally wrong. That's just life, and the questions then become: Do you care enough about progressing with this company? How important will a reference from your manager be? Research suggests that despite how we might feel about our employers expectations, the early bird does usually get the worm: Well actually, at least those who are perceived as being early birds, get the worm (how good are you at faking it?): Bottom line, despite how unfair it may seem, it is usually in your best interest to be early and do more than the minimum. Not only for promotions within the company, but to build your reputation as conscientious and hard-working. Or at least, get really good at pretending to work hard
  4. True - and those clauses are becoming more common these days in the world of social media. Either way, the people who are "shocked" that someone could lose their job over something done off work hours, don't actually understand how our labour laws work.
  5. Just to clarify a common misconception about terminations - the employer can actually terminate people without a "reason", or even a stupid one like being 5mins late or whistling while you work. The only question is if severance must be paid or not. Exceptions of course to those in a union where the collective agreement dictates how/when terminations can be handled; and also cases of discrimination (such as race or gender), which usually ends up in court. If you are let go for a justifiable reason, such as not showing up to work, stealing from your employer, or punching a co-worker, you can be let go immediately and no severance is warranted. If you are let go for any other reason, then you are owed severance based on your years of service on the job, age, and how likely you are to find equivalent work. This discussion reminded me about that recent Hydro One employee who got fired for the FHRITP incident. While he cannot fight the actual termination, he will probably get a severance payment (or can go to court to get it if he is not offered one by Hydro One).
  6. Jacob Markstrom sent down to Utica = Miller is back

    If Calgary wins both games in regulation or OT, and the Canucks only get 1 more reg/OT win, then: Vancouver and Calgary would be tied in points with 99 Calgary would have 42 ROW Vancouver would have 41 ROW So Calgary would finish 2nd in the Pacific. To clinch 2nd in the Pacific, our magic number is 1.5 2 wins (any) by Vancouver 1 win (any) plus an OT/SO loss by Vancouver 1 win (any) by Vancouver plus 1 loss (any) by Calgary 1 OT/SO loss by Vancouver, plus 1 regulation loss by Calgary, or 2 OT/SO losses by Calgary
  7. Million Dollar Canadian Baby

    While being pregnant is certainly black and white, being classified as a high-risk pregnancy for premature delivery is not. There does not seem to be a reasonable medical reason to assume that at 6-months pregnant, the woman could have expected to give birth during the vacation. Just like being at "high risk" for a cardiac event does not mean you can assume that you would require emergency surgery, as opposed to PCI or medical management. But sometimes patients who have an MI do require immediate/emergency CABG, and that to me would be the point of insurance. In any case, the family will not have to pay this bill. It will either remain unpaid, or some combination of Blue Cross / the Provincial government will settle it.
  8. Jack Johnson declares bankruptcy

    More details on Jack Johnson's story here, from the Columbus Dispatch:
  9. Million Dollar Canadian Baby

    Two things: 1. Despite our system covering Canadians "for free", foreigners who require treatment in Canada are also charged very high amounts for healthcare - not quite as high as the US, but the sticker price would still shock most Canadians. The average cost for a stay in the NICU in Canada (which is where premature babies generally go) is about $10,000 per day. A 2-month stay would cost easily upwards of $600,000, and that doesn't include the costs for the mother requiring hospitalization as well. If you are not Canadian, you will be charged; 2. The family in the story will not end up having to pay the medical bill. The hospital will likely try to go after Blue Cross for the payment, but they won't really be able to touch the family or try to sue them. Medical non-payments are fairly frequent in the US, which is part of what contributes to their high cost.
  10. The I Support BC Teachers thread

    Of course there are some individuals that would. But out of 40,000 teachers, do you think enough would support a no wage increase deal, because it is better for "the kids"? I truly doubt it.
  11. The I Support BC Teachers thread

    Come on now ron, you know better than to let facts get in the way of a discussion. After all, this labour dispute was 100000000% about the kids, right? Not even remotely about the money! For the record, I don't have a problem with teachers asking for more money - they can and should negotiate for an increase. Just stop trying to disguise it as all about the kids, when it isn't. Yes, fighting for better class size and composition is absolutely admirable and as a parent I support that. But, admit too, that a wage and benefit increase is just as important. Although anectdotal, I asked my family members and friends who are teachers, if they would be happy with a deal that gave them all of their class size and composition requests, but no wage or benefit increases. Every one of them cringed..... but admitted they would not have approved such a deal.
  12. Oh, totally agreed - if you re-read my post, I did state that the reports say that a teacher with 10+ years of experience has an average salary of $80K. Not that the average salary of all teachers is $80K. Take this with a grain of salt, but here is a recent news story on the average salary of teachers in BC: In any case, I dislike the use of averages, since as you say, it includes all teachers, of all experience levels. It isn't particularly meaningful, and averages can be spun in different ways by both sides to "make" their point. There are likely very few individual teachers who actually earn the "average salary" as it is calculated.
  13. Well, they may not have been lying, depending on how much that particular teacher earned. According to statscan: To be in the top 15% of earners in Canada, you need to earn about $70K - $75K Macleans magazine published a calculator a few years ago as well (albeit this calculator is from 2011): I understand of course that a new teacher would not be earning $70K per year. But published reports do show that with 10 years experience, average teacher salary is about $80K. So for this partuclar teacher, if they were in this range, they wouldn't necessarily be lying about where they fall compared to the average Canadian. Now, having said all that, it's completely irrelevant to me. I don't care what someones salary is compared to a national average - what matters is, are they compensated fairly for what they do. It doesn't matter if that means they are in the top 10%, 50%, or whatever. Just compensate them appropriately.
  14. BC Lions

    BC Lions President guarantees a victory this weekend - and if not, free tickets to a future Lions game for all those in attendance:
  15. Season Tickets for Canucks

    I actually did get asked to move a few years ago. My original seats had a single next to it, and someone wanted 3 seats in our price range. They can't force you to move, they can only ask / provide an incentive for you to move; in our case, there were a pair of seats in the same row (and price), but actually right at centre ice. Plus they gave me 10% off for that year. I would have moved just for being at centre ice alone, but the 10% was an added bonus.