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  1. Im betting Draisaitl gets 10 that would be 30 million on 3 players. bring out the cuffs
  2. 3 years 5 mill i dont want him doing well and cashing in on a 1 year deal, it gives him more per year than he worth on a 1 year deal and if young guys start coming up, in 3 years if he is worth more since we will have more $$$ do to entry level contracts. if he doesn't pan that money wouldn't hurt us if he playing 3rd line or even a buyout. His talent is worth a shot.
  3. i would guess its because gillis got greedy again. his supposed patience (i call greed) has cost us more then once. that or our owners are way way way to involved and that can be nothing but bad for us.
  4. if he doesn't go they are idiots. and i am very tiered of hearing Aquas are involved. sign the paychecks and GTFO
  5. lol this is kinda late but np =]

  6. ♣♥♣happy birthday♥♣♥