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  1. Crosby should have been nominated for a selke. He's consistently a top scorer who makes everyone around him better
  2. 35 games at age 25 vs 70 games at 19/20 years old. Grapes is just a raisin who doesn't like anyone who isn't Canadian
  3. I could see Calgary being a force next year, but Avs weren't going down 2 years in a row
  4. I kinda thought Calgary looked soft all season same with the lightening. The thing is in a 7 game series you have time to expose the flaws you wouldn't in the regular season. This is why I hope Canucks draft a big fast player
  5. Until tonight Smith was amazing for Calgary. But Johnny/Seanny have been invisible while McKinnon/Rantanen have been dominant.
  6. Pettersson - A Horvat - B+ Boeser - B Roussel - B Pearson - B- Leivo - B- Beagle- C Motte - C Virtanen - C- Gaudette - C- Goldobin - C- Eriksson - D+ Schaller-F Spooner-F Granlund-F Stecher-B Edler - B Tanev - C+ Hutton - C+ Schenn- C Biega-C Pouliot-F Gudbranson *- F- - or G Not enough info: Hughes (projected A) Baertschi (was a Sutter (was a C) Saunter (C ish) Teves (C ish) Brisebois (C ish) McEwen (C ish) These are my own personal rankings of how I felt they played. Most players still have a lot of upside I feel like the defense got a little better when Guddy left. I like the guy, but not on my team.
  7. boy, I always get mmy hopes up but FA must not be greasing Bettman's lottery balls enough
  8. Petey Brock Bo Marky Quinner - tier 1 Leivo Pearson Roussel Baertschi gaudette Demko Edler Stecher Tanev- tier 2 Sutter Beagle Eriksson Biega Schenn Virtanen Motte Granlund Spooner Hutton Goldie - tier 3 Rafferty, Teves, Juolevi, Macewen, Gaunce, Some money to burn next year and possibly a top 10 pick. I am looking forward to next year. Things I'd like to see next season: Brock Bo and Petey hit 30 goals Hughes Calder nomination A 4 game winning streak More shutouts for us Less shutouts against us And one of Hughes, Kakko or Byram
  9. I thought he had an ok game. Made a couple decent plays but coughed up the puck as much as pouliot and looked a little lost in the defensive zonep and got hemmed in a few times. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because he has not been involved in a full practice, but he'll need some work this offseason
  10. I want Petey to get one more goal this season, is that too much to ask?