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  1. Montreal doing us a solid right now, up 2-0 on Vegas... Make dat 3-0
  2. Set up game last one before the break... Oh boy this is a big one. I hope the boys are focused because this is a San Jose team we should beat. Let's hope their minds aren't on the sunny beaches of Mexico just yet... You can celebrate after you get to first.
  3. 4-1 canucks Sharks more penalty mins Adam Gaudette scores last goal before all-star break
  4. No5-3 Jets GWG: Kyle Connor I'll say Laine (but I really want to say a tie)
  5. Listening to the game today, watched the first we looked ok. How's the second?
  6. You mean underutilized and not put into a position to succeed until his contract is 3 years in?