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  1. DS4quality

    Is it time to come to grips with reality and start thinking tank?

    It was obvious Edmonton was tanking. I went to so many games where they just stopped skating and playing. They didn't address their defence and haven't to this day. Also I really like Carolina's celebration. People should be allowed to celebrate and have fun. Attendance is up in Carolina. I'd love it if our team finally kicked that old boys club out and had some fun. Call them anything you want but they make a lot of money and are challenging norms, something more people should be trying.
  2. DS4quality

    Is it time to come to grips with reality and start thinking tank?

    Truthfully Canucks should play to make the playoffs but won't because they aren't there yet. A 3 game winning streak should be necessary
  3. Being competitive is hard when it feels like no other teams want to play competitive either. I don't think this team should make the playoffs, but it's not the end of the world if they do. As for Schaller, I think it benefits the Canucks keeping him for the playoffs because there is very little trade value right now and he's better than Utica right now. The guy has played a handful of games and everyone wants to throw him to the wolves. It took Erik Karlsson half of the season of playing most games to find his groove.
  4. DS4quality

    [REPORT] Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner

    Anyway enough about E.G., I'm happy to have Sautner back on the team and look forward to seeing him in the line up. Too bad it didn't work out for Guillame
  5. DS4quality

    [REPORT] Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner

    I'm 6'1 195 average build
  6. DS4quality

    [REPORT] Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner

    I agree with you, and I'm not asking him to fight everyone or to chase punks all over the because he shouldn't have to. But boy wouldn't it be nice if he played dialed in with a bit of snarl. I guess I expected him to hit more than he does, like that first game this year where he cranked Dube and broke Hamonic's face. I'm not even suggesting trading the guy because I honestly think he could turn it around or be useful at playoff time. But I'd like for him to have a reset, maybe watch Biega's work ethic and perhaps send more messages to other teams. I actually thought he played better against Anaheim after the fight, but he was meh against San Jose not bad just meh.
  7. DS4quality

    [REPORT] Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner

    The thing is if Guddy was a deterrent Matheson wouldn't have tossed Petey in the first place. All those shots to stecher and motte where he turned a blind eye would not have happened. There's no real deterrent in the NHL anymore. Guddy isn't that good of a player. There's no offense or defense just a guy who might fight but won't hit.
  8. DS4quality

    [REPORT] Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner

    I'd like to see the d without Guddy, for just one game at least.
  9. DS4quality

    Pettersson or Bo

    Is it so crazy to think that Petey would centre a line with Horvat and Boeser? Horvat could crash boards and free some space for them. That being said I'd slap the C on Karlsson when we sign him in the offseason
  10. San Jose gets away with a lot of interference
  11. The Zach attack giving some life.
  12. Marky gives us a chance to hang, but we gotta bury one.
  13. Was Laine the actual fortnite 1st rounder?