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  1. If season is cancelled, does the league make a new lottery? Equal odds for all? Which means Oilers get Lafreniere... Nooooooooo
  2. I wish we would just hold a lead and not play for a tie!
  3. Saskatchewan is testing a treatment right now... They heard the season was postponed and was like "not on our watch"
  4. So what happens to our cap hit, if the league resumes and all our players are cleared to play? I guess Lievo could go on a conditioning stint in Utica? But I'm guessing Tanev likely won't be ready when(IF) the season resumes. These are just my assumptions.
  5. You wouldn't like what happens when I cheer for opposition teams... They win!
  6. Didn't get to watch the game tonight (your welcome, every time I watch they lose) but uh What happened to Tanev? Does Tryamkin replace him temporarily
  7. That last minute was frustrating avto never put the puck towards the net with 30 seconds left
  8. This will look worse when we don't make the playoffs and Toronto drafts ahead of us... We'll all come back to Columbus
  9. I'm not gonna get down on the team, but I think I'll study up a bit more on the upcoming draft.