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  1. We should have taken Tkachuk
  2. Say whaaaaa? According to CDC he was cancer in the dressing room. I could go either way, but I see more value in centres than wingers.
  3. Canucks accident free for: 2 games. Seems weird
  4. Everyone says Loui checked out last season, but I'm pretty sure when he was playing with Pearson and Bo he actually started scoring. And somehow after the trade deadline he checked out, when he did his most damage. If that's the case then what happened to the rest of the team last year?
  5. They in my opinion are the best tasting plant based burger. I had an impossible whopper and the carls jr beyond in las vegas, and I prefered the carls jr a lot more
  6. I can't tell if this is a pre-season line up, or the majority of the Oilers actual roster
  7. DS4quality

    Shotgun Jake

    I'm waiting for cannabis beer
  8. The thing with Jake is his speed can't be ignored. He is very fast and his speed was the direct cause of 2 goals tonight. I also liked Teves game a little more than Rafferty's, both players are gonna be decent, and possible call ups this year. Good to see screwy Loui pop one in tonight
  9. FINALLY the final piece of the season good deal on Boeser
  10. That lob pass from Petey to Ferland was AMAZING!!!
  11. I think with all of the current signings happening, Boeser will be signed soon. 2019 RFA's Werenski Zacha Provarov Marner McIvoy Boeser Point Rantanen Laine Connor Tkachuk Konecny As of now I hope it's a matter of term rather than dollar value, McIvoy and Werenski, are sweet deals value wise, but are they comparable to forwards? One of the remaining wingers has to set the market value
  12. Wait! Canucks fans turning on their own players? I've never seen such a thing.
  13. The odds when I was there in las vegas last week were 75/1 for the cup and 64 or 69/1 for playoff odds