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  1. Don't make fun of my city, and I wont make fun of your country... besides winning percentage is only as good as your last cup...so we're both losing on that end
  2. Thanks, but I'd rather be a putz living in Toronto (even though I'm from BC), than be from Trump-landia (you guys voted in a reality tv star)...Also, I'm a Canucks fan, not a sabres fan, although tbh I do prefer the sabres to most teams, just not my Canucks
  3. Oh sorry 2, I forgot about the time I wasn't alive in 75... Wanna talk about trolls your name is Sabres fan on a canucks site... now if thats not trolling I dont kniw what is
  4. could be worse, we could be the Sabres... Long time losing franchise with only one cup appearance. Yes it's tough now, it was tough in the 80's to early 90's, then the ughhhh Messier days, but, it can't always be bad...can it?
  5. Did you even watch the oilers this year? He was ineffective at best, I watched so many Oilers games and he's a floater at best, I'd keep Granlund in a heartbeat
  6. Again folks not a Vancouver bar, it's an Edmonton company in Vancouver
  7. I lived in edmonton during that run, and no onem I mean no one other than Canucks fans wanted us to win. I got a lot of hate and beer thrown on me.
  8. Just to clarify, The Pint isn't owned by anyone in Vancouver, it's actually a franchise out of Edmonton. The thing with Oilers fans is that's all they got...except for the Eskimos (really!?).
  9. I guess we restock the cupboards with fill in players that hopefully have some trade value, we keep adding picks and maybe trade for another goal scoring winger, hopefully we land a couple steals in the draft. I really really hope some of our prospecyts like Dahlin and Rodin are better than expected
  10. NBA is looking pretty good right about now
  11. So now we know where we stand in this years draft, and we know what that tanking isn't the answer (especially for this franchise). What do you think are the next logical steps for this team to be competitive without going through an 11 year rebuild like the Oilers and Leafs? We're 4 years in with no elite talent and by no means anywhere near achieving this acquisition. What do you think is the best course of action for this team. And I don't mean "FIRE BENNING" or "GET RID OF LINDEN," I mean like what players do we need, what prospects do we have, who are our trade-bait players, Who will lead us, and who will fall off? In my opinion: We got 3 possibly 4/ 20 goal scorers (Horvat, Baertschi, Granlund, *Boeser*) Going into next year. Maybe Rodin shines at camp again and he lights it up but that's just being hopeful. Defense minus Sbisa and Tryamkin will be a little bit weaker, but Hopefully Gudbranson can fill in the role of beast, and maybe hopefully Benning was right about Juolevi and he can step in and improve our Power Play instantly. We're still gonna be bad but we'll get another # 5 pick next year and Our new core will be 1 more year into development, with a couple smart moves we could be competing with older teams like the blues, sharks, and wild in like 3 years as we get a bit older. Hopefully the hockey god's can deliver us a gem, but the next 3 years ain't looking super hot, unless our prospects match or exceed expectations. But what do you think should happen?
  12. Joulevi hasn't even touched the ice in an NHL regular season, and you've already counted him out???? He had nothing to prove last year in juniors of course his numbers are gonna fall off, but if he's anything close to a #2 or 3 defenceman that's a pretty decent building block, because obviously Subban isn't making this team anytime soon
  13. I've been arguing this for so long...Imagine where Edmonton would be without that extra 100 pts for McDavid, or Where Toronto would be without those extra 40 Matthews goals... Nothing is guaranteed anymore, but landing Patrick or Hischier would be soooooooo dope!
  14. I was speaking about the media, and people are already counting these kids as second tier, I hope everyone is wrong...I want Nico or Nolan!