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  1. he drew 2 penalties and was hung to dry a few times. The whole D looked brutal, not just OJ
  2. OJ wasn't as bad as everyone is saying. By far Holm was far worse with better PP mates and time. Boeser was good, Rodin can stick check better than most, but the defense was atrocious. The break outs were terrible, the zone entry was god awful and there were waaay too many drop passes in the neutral zone. I don't blame the players, the coaching staff has a lot of work to do especially with special teams. Also like wtf is Megna doing taking faceoffs just brutal...
  3. I should have said regular season ready...my bad
  4. Horvat has looked ok at best this game either, but I'm not gonna say anything yet because it's the first game of the preseason, lot's of rust showing out there. Virtanen looks good, Boeser is in a lot the plays, sometimes a little more than he's expecting to be. Marky was great. Baer looks NHL ready, looking shifty. And to be honest Guddy and MDZ look pretty good together.
  5. Anyone else notice his game during the tournament? My colleague and I both were amazed at how the puck followed him around. He has very good hockey IQ. Maybe not the flashiest of players but his last season stats were pretty decent. A +44, having only scored 60 pts. Also in the 6 playoff games he played for Shawinigan he scored 2 goals and had 5 assists. Not extremely great numbers, but he's always in the play. I can see him working his way up the ranks.
  6. I feel like the talent is there, there is just no system in place. Calgary outplayed us as a team, they looked like a determined cohesive unit. We looked sloppy and our stars weren't stars. YPL, Griffin Molino and Brock Boeser look good, like NHL good, no one else though. I think Chatfield steadies our defense depth as well.
  7. There's no way that's Cooke, that's Brad May, Cooke (5'11) would have been 2 inches shorter than Lumme, Lumme and May are the same height. Matt Cook Would have been a call up this year, where as Brad May would have been an NHL regular at this point.
  8. Messier, McCabe, May, Lumme, and Bure?
  9. I could see, 1 maybe 2 rookies cracking the roster this year but over the next 2 years the floodgates will open. I think Boeser, Juolevi and Rodin have the best chances of making the team this year. Boeser could fetch 20 goals this year and Juolevi could get 25 pts. I'd be happy with that for surprises this year. I think Utica might be a force to recon with.
  10. Vanek isn't a small body either at 6'2, 214 lbs. That being said who are we protecting? We don't have a superstar yet, when we have a superstar then you get some size and grit. As for now I'd like to see our boys gel in Utica and be ready for the call ups this year. We will inevitably get hurt so the kids will get their time.
  11. I'd like to see:: Eriksson Horvat Vanek Sedin Sedin Granny Baer Gags Boeser Dors Sutter Gaunce Burmi/ Rodin Del Zotto Tanev Hutton Guddy Stetcher Edler Weircoch Juolevi
  12. I think 75 seems sufficient for this team, I expect them to improve based on the fact we really can't tank for a lottery pick. We'll finish with a better powerplay percentage, and we'll also have a new coach with something to prove...
  13. I think Camp is at Rogers Arena this year if I'm not mistaken and it should take place the week after the young guns tournament in September...don't quote me or aything