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  1. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Can we start Demko? Is it time?
  2. Why is Nillson still in the net? He should have been out after the 1st
  3. What Should the Canucks Do When Guddy is Healthy?

    How has Edler survived the onslaught... The guy takes a million penalties ... I think someone gonna get hurt though
  4. I don't think that we need to trade many pieces this year, I think we have to ride out the next little bit of injuries (like any good team has to at times), and evaluate after the next month. When firing on all cylinders this team looks explosive, but we're not quite competitive yet. Next year we're going to need to make room for my guess is 3 rookies (Gaudette, Petterson, and Juolevi), Should we falter and stumble into a top pick, we're going to have plenty of good pieces. I honestly want to let this season ride out on it's own without making many moves and assess if we could be potential contenders in the next 2-3 years. At this point however, I don't want to be competing for 1st overall picks, Edmonton, Buffalo and Arizona already exist and stay in the dumps for all I care.
  5. 7-4 Nashville in a barn burner
  6. That's some pretty good company
  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    Our backup goalie is leading the NHL in Shutouts...Who'd of thought?
  8. Congratulations Tony Tanti on jersey retirement!

    This is the guy who made me a Canucks fan! Congrats!!!!
  9. PP woes...

    I say we skip the defensemen all together go 5 forwards in and draft Rasmus Dahlin in the summer.
  10. We will play really strong against the better teams in the league and fall apart against average teams, but we will try to stay more competitive throughout the year. We will turn a few heads but will just not have the size or depth to keep up with the elite teams this year. We fall from 7th-10th after Christmas but make a push late in the season but fall short and stay at 10th. But our young guys show up. Stats Horvat: 25 Goals and 66pts, Boeser: 21 goals and 44 pts Granlund: 25 goals and 44 pts Virtanen: 16 goals and 27 pts Eriksson: 28 goals and 48 pts Vanek: 13 goals and 25 pts Henrik: 15 goals and 48 pts Daniel: 19 goals and 51 pts
  11. Good feel story

    gud stoney feel
  12. 5-3 Oilers as for first Goal Brandon Sutter...but it will be called off. I think Hutton will score our first that counts.
  13. Adam Gaudette | C

    Wow... both goals!! Wow!
  14. 10 years of tank nation gets you a lot of 1st overall picks
  15. how Megna has a job and Rodin is waived is beyond me