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  1. I've been arguing this for so long...Imagine where Edmonton would be without that extra 100 pts for McDavid, or Where Toronto would be without those extra 40 Matthews goals... Nothing is guaranteed anymore, but landing Patrick or Hischier would be soooooooo dope!
  2. I was speaking about the media, and people are already counting these kids as second tier, I hope everyone is wrong...I want Nico or Nolan!
  3. This used to be a HUGE event, until the Leafs, and Oiler's got their picks...now no one cares
  4. I'm all for Darryl Sutter... He'll be had on the kids and Brandon will have to play better for his uncle!
  5. Markus Granlund
  6. I think we can't let Rodin walk either, we gotta give this guy a legitimate shot, he was our best player in pre-season and has good potential... if all things went well, we'll be better next year and half decent in 2
  7. Anyone else notice how easily Goldie was getting pushed off the puck, he's got speed and skill, needs to be stronger on his skates. Willie is deploying him perfectly imho.
  8. 6-0 Sharks 28 blocked shots... Markstrom lets in all 6, because we have to call up Bachman.
  9. Even upon leaving he is giving back to us with a decent prospect... Class Act! Good Luck in Ottawa Alex!
  10. {Hypothetically} say we beat the Ducks, which is completely doable... What's your plan of attack for Saturday against the Leafs? Do we A finish every check and try and look to hit one of their star young forwards? Or Do you Want Gudbranson to go after Matt Martin and risk hurting himself while we're down 2 D-men in Edler and Tanev? (Next is Biega on the Depth Chart)
  11. He's slowly becoming my second fav. After Hansen
  12. he's slowly becoming my Second Fav. After Jannik Hansen
  13. I'm liking the Granlund- Eriksson combo. Also Chaput and Megna not too bad for "AHLers"
  14. At least we scored....