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  1. Would have been a clean hit but the American turned his back at the last moment. He caused that hit himself....
  2. 2 shots 2 goals.... Ingram is TERRIBLE
  3. Ingram in net reminds me of the Cloutier years.... defence is afraid to give up shots from ANYWHERE.
  4. Just stating facts. I doubt Swiss will get a point VS USA, but Canada isn't beating Sweden... Not unless they come out as a whole different team from the previous 3 games.
  5. So theoretically, Canada could lose this in a SO, lose to Sweden in Regulation, and USA wins in OT vs Swiss, and Canada COULD finish last...
  6. This is a Canada team of individuals. They can't play as a team, and will be lucky to even get a SHOT at a medal. The way they are playing now, they don't have a hope at the finals.
  7. Did their guy not grab the puck behind the net in the last minute? Thought that was a penalty?
  8. He scored that during a time when the league on AVERAGE was scoring 1 more goal a game than it is now. Source: