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  1. Would have been a clean hit but the American turned his back at the last moment. He caused that hit himself....
  2. 2 shots 2 goals.... Ingram is TERRIBLE
  3. Ingram in net reminds me of the Cloutier years.... defence is afraid to give up shots from ANYWHERE.
  4. This starts from the idiot coach down...
  5. 3, maybe 4 poor goals against byBlackfoot . Should have pulled him at 3-3
  6. Time to change our goalie now. Backwood had been bad
  7. Just stating facts. I doubt Swiss will get a point VS USA, but Canada isn't beating Sweden... Not unless they come out as a whole different team from the previous 3 games.
  8. So theoretically, Canada could lose this in a SO, lose to Sweden in Regulation, and USA wins in OT vs Swiss, and Canada COULD finish last...
  9. This is a Canada team of individuals. They can't play as a team, and will be lucky to even get a SHOT at a medal. The way they are playing now, they don't have a hope at the finals.
  10. USA Goalie looked good. They deserved this game
  11. Did their guy not grab the puck behind the net in the last minute? Thought that was a penalty?
  12. That was a terrible "powerplay" in the last 4 minutes with the game on the line. Did they even get puck possession in the attacking zone, or did they just gain it, and give it away?