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  1. Did the "other guy" let in a shot from centre? If so, that was Cloutier.
  2. BC Place would work... at least there they have a roof and can control the conditions much better. In either case, outdoor games really do ruin the flow and abilities in a game.
  3. Take the game with a grain of salt... it's outdoors in $&!#ty conditions. This whole outdoor thing really needs to end...
  4. I stand by the thought that this is a MUCH different game played on better ice indoors...
  5. Who cares, we still win the group, unless we $&!# the bed against Denmark...
  6. If it goes to OT it's already too late for the US.
  7. I know it's not the right way to look at it, but with the Slovaks beating the US yesterday, all we need is OT to virtually wrap up the group....
  8. Would have been a clean hit but the American turned his back at the last moment. He caused that hit himself....
  9. 2 shots 2 goals.... Ingram is TERRIBLE
  10. Ingram in net reminds me of the Cloutier years.... defence is afraid to give up shots from ANYWHERE.
  11. Gdt Canucks vs Phoenix 6pm

    That was a terrible "powerplay" in the last 4 minutes with the game on the line. Did they even get puck possession in the attacking zone, or did they just gain it, and give it away?
  12. Gdt Canucks vs Phoenix 6pm

    Why the hell is Hamhuis trying to ring that from behind the net when he had FOREVER to put it straight up the ice.... What was Yzerman thinking taking him for team Canada.... He BETTER be the #8
  13. [GDT] LAK - 1/13/14 - 7:30PM

    Praying that Hamhuis is the 8th defenceman that doesn't get a look at the ice in Sochi.... he's been brutal this year.
  14. None of the goals would have happened if Canada gave up 0 shots on goal.... that's not going to happen though. That's why there's a goaltender there, to make saves, which Patterson didn't. Those goals off the faceoff, ESPECAIALLY the 5-hole one are LOW quality shots, that should never go in.
  15. Give me a break. Take off the blinders. Patterson was brutal. His offence put in 4 goals. Patterson should have had 2 of them minimum, and defence can't be blamed for EITHER of those 2.