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  1. [Confirmed] Willie Desjardin: VAN Head Coach

    lets not get ahead of ourselves, it will be a few years before this team is ready to win championships. I too am happy with the management decisions, i think they are the perfect moves. But its still the players we have on the ice that will be the major factor. After watching LA, Chicago, Ducks, etc, the Canucks are nowhere near this level in work ethic or talent. The Sedins seem to have lost a step, our goaltending is uncertain at this stage, we dont have enough guys that can bury the puck, and now we likely have to trade our hardest working player. I think people are jumping the gun here, and need to give the new management a couple years before high level results are expected.
  2. didnt see the game today, but just wanted to chime in that Im really happy Muni Kawasaki is back. The guy is all good hearted energy. And i feel hes earned some more time with the big club - he was clutch at times last year, and he can really work the count. Hope they can get on the sticks a bit more tomorrow, important to win against the Yankees Wednesday.
  3. I wouldnt deal Bautista either. He doesnt seem to be seeing the ball well lately, but when hes on, hes lethal, and his defense is always good. Plus I wouldnt mess with the Dominican chemistry the team has. The only player i would deal right now is Rasmus. We have enough home run hitters, im liking the speed and small ball that Gose delivers in the 9th spot, assuming he can keep it up. Plus it will free up salary to keep Lind at the end of the year, man can he hit and true blue Jay. Id like to see him get more of a chance against Lefties. Francisco was a good acquisition while Lind was out and has played great. But i like Lawrie at 3rd more, and Francisco is a stike out machine. Im not sure how long theyll be a place for him. Those are small quibbles however, this team has been a lot of fun to watch this year, firing on all cylinders right now. The improved starting pitching has been a nice surprise, as well as, the patience at bat. Lol, every critic predicted they would finish last - its still early, and there will be ups and downs, but im hoping they embarrass the critics. Plus ill admit when im wrong and right. I thought they should get rid of Milky at the end of last year, now im glad they didnt. Its becoming more bovious that he was plagued by injuries last year, and hes hitting great now. Wasnt sure they should keep Gibbons either, but hard to see whats going on in the clubhouse, and you cant argue with this seasons results, so far. I will pat myself on the back for my post at the end of the season last year though, where i said that they were going to have a better year this year, because i could see better chemistry at the end of last year, and you cant expect to slap a bunch a talented players from different places and expect them to perform as a team right away. Again, fingers crossed this continues.
  4. some early concerns, even though they are 4-4. Starting rotation is not good enough, not as strong as the other teams in the AL East. I expect decent years from Buerle and Dickey, as for the others guys its just wait and see. its nice to see Milky and Bautista hit some long balls early, but i think the team relies on the long ball too much for runs. A lot of power hitters, but not enough get on base and move the runners around type of hitting. Maybe Reyes back will make a difference there. If jays start tanking early, replace Gibbons. I dont know how he kept his job after last year. What does management have against Kawasaki, hes a sparkplug, clutch hitter, and fan favorite, hes earned some playing time. Those are my concerns but i still think it will be a better year than last year. The players have had time to find chemistry with each other now. Its also likely that they will be healthier than last year, barring a lot of bad luck. Im glad they upgraded at catcher too. Bullpen is still great.
  5. Music of 2013

    Time for my top 12 albums of 2013: 1. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Push the sky away I surprised myself with how much i enjoyed this. Had never really got into Nick Cave before. But this album clicked from the get-go, and Im still not tired of it. Mellow, meaningful, well crafted, etc 2. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories This album has lived in the car CD player since it was released. Great hooks, as you would expect, and an eclectic mix of moody songs, experimental songs, and dance pop songs. 3. Hayden - Us Alone One the most underrated artists of the last 20 years, here he delivers again. Touching raw folk rock at its best. And hes a master live if you ever get to see him. 4. Bill Callahan - Dream River Had never even heard of him until a month ago, and this album already makes my #4 slot. Great voice, lyrics, and interesting slice of americana. 5. Bear Mountain - XO What a find this was. First album from this Vancouver electronica/pop band. Every song is catchy and hook ridden. 6. Sigur Ros - Kveikur Grew on me with every listen and became regular bed time music. A more edgy effort by Sigur Ros, and still moving. Their best since Takk. 7. Edwyn Collins - Understated Remember the 'A Girl like you' song from the Empire Records Soundtrack? Well he makes albums and hes been doing it for a while. This is one of his best. 8. Ben Lee - Ayahuasca This album got no attention, had trouble even finding a good image. Lee here veers away from his usual straight ahead pop, and infuses world music, instrumentals, and other singers. Interesting and enjoyable. 9. Brendan Canning - You Gots 2 Chill A late year addition for me from this core Broken Social Scene member. A really nice pleasant warm fuzzy collection of acoustic songs. Feels like hes just noodling on his front porch and recorded it, yet it works. 10. Eels - Wonderful, Glorious My first impression was this this album is really spotty and far from one of his best. I still think that. But the songs that i do like, i like so much and listened to so much, and i simply had to give this album a spot. 11. Volcano Choir - Repave Its not as good as Bon Iver, but everything Justin Vernon touches is moving. For a side project, its pretty good. 12. Fuzz - Fuzz Good psychedelic rock.
  6. Music of 2013

    Will contirbute a top ten. Still a few releases to listen to though.
  7. Official Toronto Blue Jays '13 Season Thread

    Good analysis RUPERTKBD Agree with your assessments on catcher, pitchers, and the good outlook for next year. Not so sure about Gibbons though. The right presence can suddenly make everyone gel together, look at what Farrell did in Boston. Gibbons did have to contend with a lot of injuries though, as well as new players, and it takes time for players to work with each other. Im a little mystified that they let Kawasaki go, thats a big wtf? Hes the kind of guy that can bring a team together, and i thought he played really well. Not happy with that. Heard rumours that bautista may be traded as well. Sure his numbers havent been as good the last couple of years primarily due to injuries, but they better get a young and good RBI producer if they do trade him, otherwise i dont see the point.
  8. Music of 2013

    would be for me too, their first 5 albums are brilliant (yield being my favorite). Their last three, including the new one, does very little for me.
  9. Music of 2013

    not true. Ive seen them live several times, and whats so great about them live is you never know what youre going to get, and they reach into their entire back catalogue. They also change their set lists show to show (order and songs). Whatever the case, theres always something for everybody as they put on long shows (usually about 3 hours), and will throw in many deep cuts and many classics.
  10. Music of 2013

    really enjoying the new Bill Callahan - Dream River intimate acoustic americana. solid album
  11. Music of 2013

    I think Lights of Endangered Species is his best solo album to date. Very melodic, consistent, and in imo it maintains the dark melancholic vibe of his past few. However, the new one 'Arrows of desire' is completely missing the mark for me, it tries to be rocking but its lacking melody and the songs are pretty weak.
  12. Official Toronto Blue Jays '13 Season Thread

    Im glad management threw in the towel early and began playing prospects, although they were partly forced into that position by injuries. Sierra looks like hell be a great player for the Jays in the future, and Gose and Goins showed promise as well, especially defensively. Pillar struggled, but give him more time. Im not as pessimistic about next year as you might think. Its a year now after many changes, and i think the chemistry can grow. We definitely have some keepers in the hitting order - Reyes, Bautista, Encarnacion (another great year by him), and Lind, Rasmus, and Lawrie proved that they can be solid starters with their hot stretches - they just have to be more consistent, and these guys gotta find a way to get hot at the same time. Id absolutely sign Rajai Davis too - man, can he generate runs with his speed. Id keep Kawasaki too - he proved clutch as times, and well hes a real fun character. Whos got to go? Arencibia was awful - all year. Cant hit for the life of him, especially when theres men on base. I dont think Thole is the answer either though, he cant hit either. We need a catcher. Milky has got to go too, slow and lazy on the basepaths and weak defensively, no power, and average hitter. Starting pitching is our weakest area. Dickey and Buerle were ok, and theyll be back next year, but we were expecting better than 'ok'. And i dont see that changing much next year. Redmond showed some good potential at the end of the year, i can see him making it in next year. Esmil Rogers was a bit of an enigma, it was either a great game or an awful game from him. Jack Johnson was a disaster. Happ was average. Not worried about the bullpen. Definitely the brightest spot of the year. Some of them were less effective in the last half, but i believe its due to overuse. Janssen was terrific as the closer, only one blown save. Id fire Gibbons. Theres enough talent on the team that you have to see if someone else can bring it all together. It mystified me when reports came out that hed be the Jays manager again next year. Id keep Alex Anthopolous, was this disaster really his fault? He did what he could to build a better team. Id give him one more year, unless he keeps gibbons or trades from my keeper list. Thats my year end report.
  13. Official Toronto Blue Jays '13 Season Thread

    pretty much i agree with you, but id put Cecil and Delabar on the keeper list, why trade our only good pitching for something that might not work out (see this year's additions). Id be willing to trade Lawrie as well i suppose, but we really havent seen enough of him this year to make a good call there. Encarnacion has been our best hitter and RBI man and is by far the #1 keeper in my mind. Really have no solution to our starting pitching woes though. God, have they been awful, and the main reason for the Jays problems. I dont know, draft well? build from within? could be years though. Signing free agents clearly isnt working.
  14. Music of 2013

    been listening to the new release by the Vancouver band Bear Mountain. Good slice of indie pop/electronica. Bear Mountain - XO
  15. Official Toronto Blue Jays '13 Season Thread

    What happened to our good starting pitching? what happened to our hitting (besides Encarnacion being out, which is a big loss)? the only part of the team still clicking is the bullpen